GlobalSpec Machine Tools & Metal Working Online Trade Show and Event Draws More Than 1,900 Attendees

91 percent of engineering, technical and industrial professionals at GlobalSpec virtual event are decision makers

East Greenbush, NY (June 14, 2012) – The “Machine Tools & Metal Working” online trade show and event on June 6 hosted by GlobalSpec drew more than 1,900 participants, with 91 percent of attendees reporting they are decision makers within their organizations. The free virtual conference is now available on demand to give engineers and industrial professionals easy access to educational presentations and industry-leading supplier resources from the live-day event.

GlobalSpec’s “Machine Tools & Metal Working” event provided opportunities to explore the latest developments in metal cutting and forming, CNC programming and controls, and tooling and fixturing. Attendees were able to gain knowledge from leading suppliers on the latest in machine tools and metal working technology. They also had the chance to interact with exhibitors, network with their peers and attend educational sessions to help them design products that are easier and more affordable to produce, offer higher quality and reliability, and reduce end-user costs.

Industrial professionals were able to take advantage of these learning and networking opportunities from the convenience of their desktops, without having to budget for travel expenses or lose time away from the office.

“Like all of our online events, the resources and educational opportunities at the Machine Tools & Metal Working event were tremendous, with attendees chatting directly with suppliers and viewing thousands of pieces of exhibitor and speaker content like white papers, technical articles and product demos,” said Donna Lewis, vice president of e-publishing and e-events for GlobalSpec. “We look forward to hosting another Machine Tools & Metal Working online event next year to deliver high-quality content and robust learning opportunities for industrial professionals and a targeted and engaged audience for our exhibitors.”

Speakers and topics at the event included:

  • Molding in Value and Performance via Powder Metallurgy – The objective of every design effort is to achieve efficient fit, form and function. The chief advantage of powder metallurgy in reaching this goal is derived from its economical and efficient shape-forming capabilities. Appreciating the powder metallurgy process and its shape-forming and mechanical performance capabilities opens the door to wide range of successful component design applications.
    Presented by James R. Dale, Vice President of Member and Industry Relations, Metal Powder Industries Federation
  • Connecting Manufacturing & Design – With the right approach to interoperability, and a communication standard tailored to the environment, the manufacturing technology industry can mirror the success of the information technology industry, where common, open industry standards are used to design hardware and software that enable different manufacturers’ products to work with each other. This presentation explored the ways in which MTConnect, an open, royalty-free communication standard, can bring end-to-end interoperability to the manufacturing environment.
    Presented by Dave Edstrom, President and Chairman of the Board, MTConnect Institute
  • Micro Machining Ultra Precision Dust-Speck-Size Parts and Features – Medical, aerospace, energy, and electronics markets require tinier, less invasive, and/or space-saving micro devices. The tiniest parts in an assembly are often the ones that enable the device's primary function, but are also the components most likely to pose manufacturing, handling, and assembly challenges. These products require customized, integrated, and automated solutions to ensure their success out of the gate. This presentation provided an overview of the advances in micro machining and assembly technology relating to these micro devices.
    Presented by Donna Bibber, Micro Engineering Expert, Micro Engineering Solutions, LLC
  • Waterjet Cutting Systems—Pumps, Pressures and Applications – Building a controller has never been easier – or more confusing. Today’s market offers an almost limitless combination of technology, devices, and products from which to choose. With constantly changing technology, the designer needs to reduce these options to a manageable level.
    Presented by Laird Parry, Senior Applications Engineer, OMAX Corporation, Kent, WA, USA
  • The Green Side of Cryogenic Processing – Metal tempering techniques have long been employed to extend the useful life of tools and parts through the realignment of molecular structures. This presentation explained how using ultra-low temperatures in a computer-controlled process can produce dramatic results in abrasive wear resistance, tensile strength and durability. By extending the life of metal tools and parts, the carbon footprint of any business can be reduced.
    Presented by Peter Paulin, CEO, 300 Below Inc.

Companies exhibiting at this event included: Metal Powder Industries Federation; Alconox, Inc.; Kubotek USA, Inc.; Gesswein Co., Inc.; Jergens, Inc.; Konecranes Inc.; Mi-Tech Metals; and The Federal Group.

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Amber Cooleen
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