Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation has promoted these products:

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Energy Monitoring Solutions

Know how much power you use, what your major loads are, when you use electric power the most, how much you pay for it, and the quality of the power you use. Energy Monitoring hardware & software to improve equipment productivity and life. SEE VIDEO ON SAVING ENERGY (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Allen-Bradley NEMA Combination Starters

The Allen-Bradley Bulletin 507 and Bulletin 513 NEMA combination starters have the highest fault rating in the industry – a 65,000 amp, short-circuit current rating – and are UL listed and CSA certified. The starters are designed to contain explosions, and help protect operator safety and vital components, helping to prevent potential produ... (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5380 Controller

The new Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5380 controller from Rockwell Automation provides more precision, connectivity and up to 20 percent more application capacity than previous CompactLogix versions. The controller is ideal for high-speed packaging applications where fast response times are critical to keep production running smoothly. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Allen-Bradley Bulletin 140M-D8V Circuit Breaker

The Allen-Bradley® Bulletin 140M-D8V™ motor-protection circuit breakers are suitable for use at the output of VFDs in multimotor installations. They provide individual overload protection in multiple motor applications as required by NEC. The circuit breakers can be used at the output of VFD. Output frequency of VFD must be limited to 400 hertz or less to prevent thermal degrad... (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755T Drives

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755T drives provide harmonic mitigation, regeneration and common bus system configurations. The drives’ TotalFORCE technology delivers precise, adaptive control of velocity, torque and position for electric motors. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Connected Components Building Blocks

CCBB from Rockwell Automation help provide you with the information you need to quickly and easily implement common control tasks in your machine design. CCBB include pre-written blocks of application code for the PLC that can be modified to help meet the precise needs of a given machine, pre-written HMI programs to make setting up the operator interface easier. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Accurately Monitor Power Anywhere in Your Facility

PowerPad™ Portable PowerMonitor™ units let you monitor power anywhere in your facility with superior functionality and accuracy. Our lightweight portable unit is self-contained and includes the powermonitor, current transformers and cables, manuals, and software (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Allen-Bradley Guardmaster 440C-CR30 safety relay

The Allen-Bradley Guardmaster 440C-CR30 safety relay helps machine builders easily implement safety functions while improving productivity. The relay meets PLe, SIL 3 per EN ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62061. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 527 AC Drive

The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 527 AC drive from Rockwell Automation is the first AC drive designed to work exclusively with a Logix-based PAC. The drive leverages the controller capabilities and uses one software package – Rockwell Software Studio 5000 Logix Designer – to help simplify machine development and operation. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - New On-Machine Motor Controller

Machine builders can now offer customers a compact distributed motor controller that easily installs on the machine without an enclosure, quickly connecting to enterprise networks. Allen-Bradley ArmorStart LT distributed motor controllers are ideal for coordinating conveyor motor systems used in material handling and packaging applications and other types of w... (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Flexible, Modular Electronic Overload Relay

The Allen-Bradley E300 electronic overload relay from Rockwell Automation integrates communications, patented current-measurement technology, and time-saving I/O options for more productive motor monitoring and protection. The native dual-port EtherNet/IP option simplifies network wiring,and the modular design enables users to tailor the relay for their sensing, control and communication... (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Machine Builders - Save Time & Money

As a machine builder, are you looking to save money on acquisition costs and machine assembly time? The next generation of micro programmable logic controllers (PLCs) from Rockwell Automation is your answer. The Allen-Bradley Micro800 PLC family, together with the Connected Components Workbench software, sets a new global standard for convenience and ease of use. SEE VIDEO (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Allen-Bradley Stratix 2500 Lightly Managed Switch 

The Allen-Bradley Stratix 2500 lightly managed switch from Rockwell Automation provides the security, resiliency, segmentation and bandwidth-optimization benefits of a managed switch without the need for extensive configuration. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Allen-Bradley® GuardLogix® Panel Solution

Protect people, productivity and environment. GuardLogix Panel helps address global safety standards and regulations. The panel uses a standard ControlLogix processor for true integrated control that provides SIL 3 safety capability. This pre-configured hardware solution helps reduce your engineering, labor and installation costs, reducing your procurement and startup time. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - IEC Starters

Our IEC Starters deliver performance, flexibility and simple solutions for your application needs. Our compact designs are ideal for applications where space is a premium while still meeting global certifications. See the reversing and non-reversing starters in robust enclosures (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Economical Advanced Soft Starter

An economical alternative to drives & more advanced control than across-the-line starters. Designed for customer flexibility, SMC-50 controller combines advanced monitoring & protection features, multiple start/stop options & expandable control inputs/outputs. These features help increase efficiency, reduce downtime & improve control. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Powerful Performance Flexible Control

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 AC drives help machine builders/end users simplify equipment design/operation, speed installation and configuration. Modular design, power ranges from 0.5-30 horsepower or 0.4-22 kilowatt at 100-600 volt input. With a variety of motor control options, communications, energy savings & safety features PowerFlex 525 serves a wide array of applications (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Machine Building & Automation Systems Made Easier

Ideal for machine builders & OEMs who produce stand alone machines, Connected Components Workbench™ software enables you to configure systems and program multiple devices with one application. As part of the Rockwell Automation Connected Components portfolio, the software saves you time, maximizes your efficiency and lowers your costs. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Capture-Analyze-Store-Share Criticial Energy Data

With FactoryTalk EnergyMetrix, you can capture, analyze, store and share energy data with key stakeholders using a standard web browser. This makes it simple to distribute the knowledge necessary to optimize energy consumption, manage power quality, correlate energy usage, determine cost to production, negotiate energy rates and improve efficiency. SEE THE VIDEO DEMO (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Low Voltage AC Drives reduce set up time

PowerFlex drives ease programming & configuration reducing set-up time & training. PowerFlex Component-class AC drives deliver a cost-effective solution for standalone machine level control applications & simple system integration. PowerFlex Architecture-class AC drives provide a broad set of features & application-specific parameters, ideal for high-performance ap... (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Distributed Motor Control Improves Productivity

Ideally suited for On-Machine™conveyor, material handling & packaging applications, with this family of controllers, you pay only for what you need without sacrificing performance. The rugged ArmorStart LT Distributed Motor Controllers reduce labor costs and delight end users with excellent diagnostics (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Bulletin 42KD Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

The Allen-Bradley Bulletin 42KD miniature photoelectric sensor is high-performing, reliable and easy to install in confined spaces. It is available in polarized retroreflective, and fixed or adjustable background suppression-sensing modes. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Photoelectric sensors - rugged, high performance

When your application requires the durability and performance of a full-featured photoelectric sensor but distances are shorter and space is tight, take a 90° turn to RightSight photoelectric sensors. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Safety Light Curtains

The Allen-Bradley Guardmaster GuardShield safety light curtain is an economical, fully featured, Type 4 safety light curtain in a uniquely styled housing. GuardShield safety light curtains are general purpose presence sensing devices designed for use on hazardous machinery providing point of operation, as well as perimeter and access guarding. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - DeviceLogix Technology for Industrial Applications

The need for highly flexible and adaptable smart devices is growing. Users can implement smart devices for better decision-making with DeviceLogix component technology, gaining higher-performance and lower-cost distributed control. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Monitor Energy Use & Reduce Costs

This Whiteboard Video describes how to monitor how much power you use, what your major loads are,when your usage is highest, how much you pay for energy, and quality of the power you use. You’ll learn ways to boost equipment productivity/ life, reduce power use/costs, increasing company profits. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Economical AC Drive with Just Enough Control

Inspired by global drive user input, Rockwell Automation engineers designed the new, economical PowerFlex 523 AC drive with flexible features that help users be more competitive. Ideal for builders of simple, stand-alone machines, the PowerFlex 523 AC drive balances user needs for “just enough” control with a design that lowers total costs to design, develop and deliver machi... (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - New Circuit Breakers from Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation offers a new global line of circuit breakers and motor protection devices. From miniature circuit breakers to molded case circuit breakers and motor protection circuit breakers, these components are accompanied by a full range of accessories and operating options to satisfy a range of installation needs. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Simple Solution for all your Sensing Applications

VisiSight™ Sensors offer a small rectangular package with visible light beam for ease of alignment and industry standard mounting holes spacing of 25.4 mm. Each model offers PNP or NPN and light operate or dark operate outputs and Teach Pushbutton for sensitivity selection. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - High Frequency RFID for Industrial Applications

Improve production efficiency, reduce errors and store data Industrial Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems are a rugged and reliable way to track and document products as they move through the manufacturing process. Unlike the bar code systems used for similar, less demanding applications, industrial RFID systems are designed to withstand harsh environments. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - IEC Rotary Disconnect Switches

Ideal for applications in Food Processing, Electrical Machinery and Material Handling Operations these disconnect switches combine premier performance, a compact footprint, and improved functionality. The non-fusible styles permit use of your own fuse blocks while the fusible style incorporate integral fuse carriers. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Free Design & Programming Tools

To help small-machine builders reduce design times and costs, Rockwell Automation enhanced its free Connected Components Accelerator Toolkit and Connected Components Workbench software tools. (read more)

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation - Economical Compact Distributed Motor Controllers

The ArmorStart family of distributed motor controllers is ideal for conveyor and material handling applications, capturing your need for controlling both light and heavy industrial solutions. See the new models with DeviceNet technology (read more)

News articles and press releases for Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation:


Latest release includes modern user interface and productivity-enhancing features across all applications


Event will feature an innovation competition to explore how new technologies can help improve mining


Improved enterprise connectivity doubles labor productivity annually, boosts on-time delivery 19 percent


Updated thin client software gives workers better access to production information with improved visualization and mobility


FactoryTalk View software updates offer better information access, mobile support and software integration


The Ethisphere Institute, a global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices, named Rockwell Automation as a 2018 World’s Most Ethical Company.


Rockwell Automation expands family of smart motor controllers


Independent cart technology can boost productivity over traditional mechanical systems


System uses independent cart technology to improve productivity in medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing


PanelView 5310 graphic terminals provide right-sized HMI solution for machine and equipment builders


Industrial automation customers can improve the data gathered from their machines with a new line of proximity sensors.


Blake Moret to deliver keynote on IIoT-enabled production in power generation


Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK) has acquired Odos Imaging, a Scottish technology company that provides three-dimensional, time-of-flight sensing systems for industrial imaging applications.


New members offer proven machine safety expertise and guidance for industrial companies


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has increased the availability of information throughout the enterprise by orchestrating data from multiple sources and applying machine-learning applications.


Rockwell Automation has announced automotive manufacturer Honda of Canada Manufacturing and U.K.-based equipment builder A.M.P Rose as the winners of its fifth annual Manufacturing Safety Excellence Awards.


Rockwell Automation machine safety portfolio helps simplify machine designs, reduce installation costs and ease compliance


Expanding services from Rockwell Automation help build and draw benefits from connected operations


Rockwell Automation welcomes thousands to annual Automation Fair event dedicated to industrial automation and information


Novel AI learns specific applications and alerts operators to errors, solutions


Rockwell Automation is working with Encana, a leading North American energy producer, as the main automation contractor (MAC) while the energy company builds three new gas-processing plants in the Montney region of Canada.


Rockwell Automation enhances modern DCS to help companies capture more value from digital transformation


Rockwell Automation Earns 100 percent on Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 16th Annual Scorecard on LGBTQ Workplace Equality.


Single-control solution from Rockwell Automation improves well pad functionality


Rockwell Automation is recognized for its commitment to accelerating more women into leadership and board positions


Chris Nardecchia has joined Rockwell Automation as senior vice president, information technology and chief information officer


Manufacturers have new ways to orchestrate and consume industrial data


Investment in The Hive, a Silicon Valley innovation fund and co-creation studio, allows access to an ecosystem of innovators and technology startups with a focus on applications of AI to industrial automation.


Rockwell Automation compute offerings scale from device to enterprise to solve analytical challenges at all levels


New training and certification program helps prepare students for jobs in advanced manufacturing


New Rockwell Automation service bundles networking products and remote-monitoring support into one contract


Automation Fair event to be held Nov. 15 and 16 at George R. Brown Convention Center


Company showcases new scalable compute offerings in the Microsoft booth at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona


Additional resources support ecosystem of automation solutions, products and technology


Company to demonstrate integrated process control technology to help improve operational efficiency


On-site presentations to showcase how machine builders and their customers can benefit from innovative technology


New services from Rockwell Automation alert operators of potential security threats


Medium-voltage drives offer sensorless vector control and new output-voltage ratings


Automotive components company achieves cost savings by reducing inventory


VersaView 5000 portfolio provides modern visualization solution for smart manufacturing


Companies Have Shared Examples of Nearly 200 Actions That They Are Taking


Great Lakes Brewing Company (GLBC) recently tapped into new manufacturing analytics technology that helps scale production without sacrificing product quality.


Rockwell Automation introduces light curtains with patented transceiver technology


Capabilities improve user experience, add warehouse application


Offerings empower plant-floor workforce, support teams for quicker troubleshooting


Online assessment tool can help machine builders optimize and differentiate machine designs


Presentation to focus on business benefits of using safety and operational data to help improve compliance and performance


Training on the latest techniques and technologies for a Connected Enterprise


Global IoT platform will help improve efficiency and profitability for mining and aggregates customers


Blake Moret shares insights on IoT and Industrial Productivity at Cisco’s 2017 Internet of Things World Forum


New industrial network switch from Rockwell Automation closes gap between unmanaged and managed switches


Nominations for annual Manufacturing Safety Excellence Awards due Aug. 18, 2017


Rockwell Automation introduces the most advanced cable-pull E-stop in the industry


Winner rates highly in four out of five categories, tops one and wins overall competition


Leader in industrial automation outlines four key areas for managing industrial risk


AISTech presentations to focus on modernizing safety systems and machine safety amid evolving workforce


New option module allows users to leverage one IP address for both safety and control functions, reducing the number of ports required


Digital technology designed to help oil and gas producers maximize operations performance, reduce downtime and optimize production


The company confirmed their commitment to supporting programs and policies that will create new, high-paying manufacturing jobs for U.S. workers.


Additional resources expand ecosystem of automation solutions, products and system integration


Kinetix VPC servo motor helps improve productivity and efficiency in continuous-duty applications


Company to showcase technologies and solutions within Microsoft, Cisco, Endress+Hauser and ODVA booths


Best Future Machine Award winners to be announced May 4


The Ethisphere Institute has named Rockwell Automation to the distinguished list of companies that influence and drive positive change, and improve ethical leadership and corporate behavior.


Rockwell Automation CEO Blake Moret commits to accelerate diversity, inclusion and gender equality


Rockwell Automation CEO Blake Moret commits to accelerate diversity, inclusion and gender equality


Rockwell Automation releases FactoryTalk View v9.0 software to improve insight into plant processes


Anomaly-detection software safely monitors for threats at deepest level of industrial network protocols


Independent moving cart technology can increase productivity and reduce changeover times compared to belt-and-chain motion systems


Prestigious Catalyst Award highlights culture change embedded throughout the company


Leader in industrial automation outlines three key steps for building a comprehensive industrial security program


Goris succeeds Theodore Crandall, who has been appointed senior vice president, Control Products & Solutions (CP&S), replacing Ken Champa, who will retire later in 2017.


Scalable, end-to-end platform easily integrates into existing production processes, improving data visibility across The Connected Enterprise


Software and services now offer predictive maintenance


Bulletin 1719 Ex I/O platform from Rockwell Automation connects intrinsically safe field devices to the enterprise


Rockwell Automation Earns 100 Percent on Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 14th Annual Scorecard on LGBTQ Workplace Equality


Pavilion8 tool reduces design and execution time of step tests by up to 30 percent


Rockwell Automation adds seven new members from around the world.


Company to showcase methods for achieving higher levels of reliability while reducing operational costs


App removes friction for industrial companies to boost productivity of workers


New Rockwell Automation toolkit eases safety compliance process and reduces costs


Company announces four-year, $12M commitment to FIRST® to address critical need to inspire and train for today’s industrial careers


Winners of Manufacturing Safety Excellence Awards show business value of safety


Simplified approach to analytics converting data into decisions


Rockwell Automation drive solutions offer harmonic mitigation, regeneration and modularity


Rockwell Automation hosts thousands at 25th Automation Fair event in Atlanta


Latest features save design time and help enhance security


Modern batch software from Rockwell Automation now improves batch responsiveness, scalability and productivity, and supports mobile devices


Collaboration between equipment builders and manufacturers boosts performance


SWE awards Rockwell Automation Insider Risk Team for diversity and impact on engineering and technology profession


New offerings help companies optimize production with intelligence


Industry specialists in global packaging and processing to discuss innovative, scalable automation technology


Bulletin 140G molded-case circuit breakers react up to three times faster to minimize downtime


Stratix 5950 appliance extends IT security technology to the plant floor


New and expanded applications from Rockwell Automation help reduce the cost and time-to-value of a manufacturing execution system (MES).


New resources expand proven automation solutions, products and system integration


Leading systems integrator MAVERICK Technologies acquired to expand domain knowledge and help deliver innovative control and information solutions


New solution offers real-time interface to batch control for mobile-enabled workforce


Company to demonstrate technology solutions to help improve operational efficiency


“Connected Mine” technology illustrates mobility and networking solutions to connect people, processes and technology


Learn how to implement smart manufacturing and build a Connected Enterprise at the annual event hosted by Rockwell Automation.


Automation Control Products (ACP) is a leading provider in centralized thin client, remote desktop and server management software.


Connectivity and information sharing can improve business performance and reduce risk


Powertrain, integrated safety and motion, and remote monitoring from Rockwell Automation will be showcased in Booth E-4357


Sensor data gathered with ArmorBlock IO-Link master improves decision-making


Modern batch solution offers enhanced integration with controller for better responsiveness and flexibility in process control applications


Three new members have joined in the first half of 2016, bringing the total number to 26.


Rockwell Automation is now accepting nominations for its fourth annual Manufacturing Safety Excellence Awards. The awards celebrate the world’s safest manufacturing companies – those that make safety a core business value.


Rockwell Automation has revealed the selection committee and prize for the new, global Best Future Machine Award.


Company guides organizations with five key steps for protecting productivity and safety as workers retire and new technologies redefine roles


Free, short-circuit current rating tool offers new options for motor-control components


Automated network scan helps manage growth of a Connected Enterprise


Manufacturing and production professionals to learn about techniques and technology to maximize their operations


Increased capacity and new features help future-proof systems for The Connected Enterprise


Two-day educational events bring automation professionals together to learn about manufacturing solutions through technical sessions and hands-on labs


Industry leaders join forces to improve and scale security monitoring and management from the enterprise, to the IDMZ, and now down to the cell/area zone


Featured automation technology designed to help oil and gas producers increase visibility and access to enterprisewide operations


Rockwell Automation (NYSE:ROK) announced today that its board of directors has elected Blake D. Moret, a 30-year veteran of the Company, as president and chief executive officer, effective July 1, 2016.


Investment in independent cart technology strengthens offering for packaging, automotive and medical device manufacturers


Rockwell Automation supplied first fully automated and networked EtherNet/IP-based control system for a new maltings plant in Alrode, South Africa.


The new award will highlight and reward outstanding machine technology, and celebrate creativity and innovation within packaging industry.


The agreement with BHP Billiton, the world’s largest diversified mining company, is for the installation of an enterprise historian, a production intelligence platform, at the company’s iron ore operations in Australia.


The Compact GuardLogix 5370 controller provides integrated safety and motion on a single EtherNet/IP network.


Ethisphere recognizes companies who align principle with action, work tirelessly to make trust part of their corporate DNA, and in doing so, shape future industry standards by introducing tomorrow’s best practices today.


The agreement designates the industrial automation and information company as the preferred provider to all the Michelin Group’s factories worldwide.


This acquisition will complement Rockwell Automation’s iTRAK to create the broadest portfolio of independent cart solutions in this emerging technology area.


Collaboration brings more training choice and flexibility to IT/OT professionals


Asset and plant optimization service helps minimize mean time to restore on critical assets by up to 8 percent


Toolkit offers users technical guidance to improve consistency in batch applications


New mobile interface provides frictionless access to Logix-based data


Expanded high-performance portfolio helps reduce system complexity, enhance operational productivity and shorten development time for smart machines


Rockwell Automation and its PartnerNetwork members showcase benefits of The Connected Enterprise


Industrial IoT drives need for integrated solutions throughout The Connected Enterprise


PlantPAx modern DCS integrates new enabling technologies to improve automation productivity and enhance plantwide process control


Increased capacity and new features help future-proof systems for The Connected Enterprise


Developments illustrate how The Connected Enterprise will deliver the next wave of manufacturing productivity


Latest software release helps reduce time-to-market, costs and risk by integrating multiple functions into one environment


Controller-embedded MPC can help drive improvements in quality, throughput, yield and energy efficiency


Communication between operator and sensors means more useful information for decision-making


The company recognized The Clorox Company, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Kimberly-Clark Corporation and Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC) for their leadership in applying a holistic approach to safety maturity across their organizations.


New services can optimize IT asset management, reduce downtime and inventory costs


Eleven new or expanding members offer best-in-class products and expertise


Innovative drive system offers safety compliance, reduced system complexity, enhanced performance and energy savings


Designing an industrial demilitarized zone with the right assets helps enable secure data-sharing from plantwide network to enterprise network


With a 19-inch rack-mount design, the Stratix 5410 switch gives end users a centralized point of network distribution and increased port density.


Smart machines that thrive in connected manufacturing environments are highlighted at the Center for Trends and Technology booth.


“Deploying Identity Services within a Converged Plantwide Ethernet Architecture,” introduces an approach to security policy enforcement that tightly controls access by anyone inside the plant, whether trying to connect via wired or wireless devices.


Machine builders that traditionally have used separate servo drives to meet high axis-count and power requirements for large custom machines can now consolidate to a single platform with the new Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5700 servo drive.


Attendees in Chicago will learn how to accelerate industrial performance via the Connected Enterprise at annual event hosted by Rockwell Automation


"Deploying Network Address Translation within a Converged Plantwide Ethernet Architecture” provides guidance and validated architecture designs to help engineers deploy NAT for one machine or skid, or for an entire cell or area zone in a plant.


Single terminal can reduce need for multiple HMIs or replace PC-based HMI for centralized information-monitoring


Citing its ability to develop innovative solutions and provide extensive support to commission new factory lines, Nestlé USA awarded Rockwell Automation this award for technical procurement – maintenance, repair and operations (MRO).


The new system is ideally suited for industry applications with more restrictive physical space requirements, such as subsea control platforms. It is one of the first process safety systems designed for use in these highly demanding applications.


New validated designs offer ways for OT and IT to deploy a converged plantwide Ethernet


The awards celebrate the world’s safest manufacturing companies – those that make workplace safety a core business value by building a comprehensive program based on three key pillars.


The mobile terminal gives plant and industrial personnel the freedom to take a machine’s human-machine interface (HMI) with them to make real-time adjustments to out-of-view applications.


New training and certification build skills needed to design, manage and operate unified industrial networks


Software now delivers a more user-friendly configuration environment, step-by-step prompts, warning diagnostics and flexible work flows to simplify building, maintaining and adjusting highly complex process models.


Machine builders are constantly looking for ways to improve their machines while reducing costs and complexity. The new Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 527 AC drive from Rockwell Automation can help them achieve those important goals.


Pre-engineered, prepackaged safety instrumented system is designed for applications up to 100 I/O points.


This release from Rockwell Automation allows operators using Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and CompactLogix controllers to easily collect data from controllers and devices connected via the Ethernet network.


Rockwell Automation has introduced its new holistic serialization solution to help manufacturers comply with counterfeit medication regulations. The offering can strengthen supply chains and produce a number of business benefits beyond compliance.


Medical device manufacturers that combine discrete and batch processes can now use Rockwell Software PharmaSuite MES software as their sole track-and-trace platform, achieving tracking capabilities down to the smallest saleable unit.


Rockwell Automation has expanded its Allen-Bradley Stratix family of industrial switches with the Allen-Bradley Stratix 5400 switch, an all-gigabit option that helps manufacturers achieve higher network speeds for increasingly high bandwidth applications.


Rockwell Automation has introduced a HART-enabled Allen-Bradley FLEX I/O-XT module, an industrially hardened I/O platform that helps OEMs and end users reduce wiring, installation time and enclosure costs.


System integrators can now develop re-usable plug-ins to connect the software to unlimited third-party devices. For manufacturers, this connectivity expands monitoring, backup and recovery capabilities for their critical automation-related assets.


Rockwell Automation reduces boot-up time and increases installation flexibility with the new space-saving Allen-Bradley PanelView 800 family of graphic terminals.


Rockwell Automation has been named as one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” for the seventh time by the Ethisphere Institute, a recognition that honors companies continuously improving ethical leadership and corporate behavior.


Nine companies have been named OEM Partners in the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork program, in recognition of their innovative solutions and industry expertise.


Through Encompass Product Partners, manufacturers can locate complementary products that best solve application challenges. These products are critical components or connectivity solutions that extend and enhance Rockwell Automation installations.


The Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 7 Standard graphic terminal gives machine builders new options in the size, functionality and connectivity of their graphic terminals.


Ripon Cogeneration achieved unprecedented plant performance by replacing its obsolete distributed control system (DCS) with the PlantPAx process automation system from Rockwell Automation.


Rockwell Automation has rebuilt Motion Analyzer software as a Web tool. The tool offers new user-friendly features and a vastly expanded product catalog to help engineers more easily specify, design and validate complete motion control systems.


The Machinery Safety System Integrator program from Rockwell Automation recognizes integrators with demonstrated expertise.


Rockwell Automation and Cisco announced the release of a white paper and design and implementation guide titled, “Deploying 802.11 Wireless LAN Technology within a Converged Plantwide Ethernet Architecture.”


Manufacturers can now use any digital device to easily access optimized performance metrics and data analytics from plant floors and machines, thanks to new capabilities embedded in the FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI v6.0 software from Rockwell Automation.


More than 9,000 attendees from around the globe attended day one of the annual event, hosted by Rockwell Automation and the members of its PartnerNetwork program.


With the Rockwell Software Studio 5000 Logix Designer v24 software from Rockwell Automation, engineers have new design capabilities that can dramatically increase automation productivity, improve start-up time and reduce costs.


Rockwell Automation has added new virtualization, batch management and integrated motor control capabilities to its PlantPAx process automation system.


Rockwell Automation and AT&T are collaborating to improve remote asset utilization and connected machine management.


The latest release of FactoryTalk Batch software from Rockwell Automation eases the process of modifying and creating new recipes by managing the approval process for changes and automatically tracking the genealogy of recipes.


The Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5500 servo drive with integrated safety allows machine builders to take advantage of a single EtherNet/IP network and common design environment with Rockwell Software Studio 5000 Logix Designer software.


The new Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1494U visible-blade disconnect switch provides capabilities for applications with 30, 60 and 100 amps. Rockwell Automation will be rounding out the Bulletin 1494U line in the next year, with ratings up to 600 amps.


A new safe torque off option within the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 7000 medium-voltage drive from Rockwell Automation helps industrial manufacturers and equipment builders simplify their functional safety design.


Rockwell Automation announced it has purchased the assets of ESC Services, Inc., a global hazardous energy control provider of lockout-tagout services and solutions.


Winners of the Manufacturing Safety Excellence Awards demonstrate value of safety programs beyond compliance.


Manufacturers can monitor and protect machinery at a lower total cost of ownership with the Allen-Bradley Dynamix 1444 Series monitors from Rockwell Automation.


The annual automation industry event is expected to bring together thousands of manufacturers, industrial operators, analysts and global media to the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, from Nov. 17 to 20.


Keith D. Nosbusch (Chairman and CEO), will address how industry is at a major inflection point, driven by the convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT), and enhanced by the industrial “Internet of Things.”


The two companies have expanded their initial collaboration, started four years ago, in the CNC and Logix programmable automation controller (Logix PAC) environments with further integration of robotics, ROBOMACHINEs and enterprise software products.


Rockwell Automation launched the Allen-Bradley ArmorStratix 5700, its first on-machine switch. The managed industrial Ethernet switch can be mounted directly on a machine, reducing the size and cost of a control cabinet.


Engineers designing machinery safety systems can now more easily collaborate across multiple languages using the Safety Automation Builder software tool from Rockwell Automation.


To make accessing critical production data easier within the manufacturing enterprise, Rockwell Automation is launching the Allen-Bradley Stratix 5100 wireless access point (WAP) featuring a work group bridge.


The Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork program has expanded, adding 11 new partner companies who have demonstrated a commitment to helping customers maximize their automation investment.


Machine builders can now easily implement required safety functions while improving productivity with the Allen-Bradley Guardmaster 440C-CR30 safety relay from Rockwell Automation.


Industrial automation customers worldwide can now reap the business efficiencies of standardizing on the new global line of molded-case circuit breakers, and control-circuit and load-protection devices from Rockwell Automation.


The extended Allen-Bradley Micro800 PLC family now offers more features and options to allow machine builders the scalability required for more cost-effective machine control.


The Allen-Bradley Armor GuardLogix programmable automation controller offers multidisciplined control and can now be installed directly on a machine.


The Allen-Bradley Stratix 5900 services router is the first in the Rockwell Automation product portfolio to deliver VPN and firewall capabilities simultaneously.


The Allen-Bradley Stratix family of industrial switches and routers now includes a services router, Network Address Translation, Power over Ethernet and expanded fiber capabilities.


The flexible, modular Allen-Bradley E300 electronic overload relay offers eased installation and maintenance, and more productive motor monitoring and protection.