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INDUSTRY 4.0: SENSORS AND CLOUD SOFTWARE PROVIDE ANSWERS FOR WORKER SHORTAGE, SAFETY AND INVENTORY MANAGEMENTWhile manufacturing managers were implementing the Industry 4.0 philosophy, COVID-19 hit. The pandemic brought worker and supply chain shortages and accelerated the effort to boost technology in manufacturing. BinMaster sensors and cloud software fit perfectly into Industry 4.0 go... (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - New point level detector for bins and chutes

New BM-25 diaphragm level switch alerts when bins are full (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - 80 GHz Non-Contact Radar is Class II Certified

Threaded 1-1/2” NPT sensor suitable for hazardous locations

The simple-to-install 1-1/2” NPT NCR-80 non-contact radar now offers optional Class II certifications for hazardous locations. This 80 GHz sensor focuses its powerful signal in a narrow 4° beam to penetrate dust and accurately measure solids in silos up to 80 feet tall.

This threaded model of the Bi... (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Weighing in on Silo Level Measurement

How new technology helps you cope. IIoT is transforming inventory management. It was not all that long ago when inventory management was just a level sensor with a 4-20 mA output sending a distance measurement to a PLC in the control room. There was a lot of wiring and not a whole lot of data. Read Full Article (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - CNCR 110 Compact Non-Contact Radar with Bluetooth

The CNCR-110 is a compact non-contact 80 GHz radar sensor for liquid level measurement at distances up to 26 feet. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - IoT Devices to Connect Level Sensors to the Cloud

BinMaster helps you simplify the installation of an inventory management system or transform your existing level sensor system to a Cloud-based program. Programmable, compact devices connect sensors using 4-20 mA, Modbus, or HART outputs to a BinCloud® cloud-based
software solution. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Mini capacitance probe: Point level for liquids

The mini capacitance probes are available in three models: MCP-100, MCP-200 and MCP-300. The models are respectively used in point level measurement for liquids, solids and detection of liquids. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Manage truckloads and inventory QuickViews

Monitor inventory in bins, tanks, or silos and organize it in one place with BinCloud®. Level sensors do away with climbing vessels and manual measurements while the software does away with complicated spreadsheets. BinCloud® is a web-based application that lets you view current inventory levels, place orders, and generate reports. (read more)


The BinCloud® platform is an integrated cloud foundation for data monitoring of inventory contained in bins, tanks, and silos. It enables on-site and remote workers to work via the cloud. Read Full Article
(read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Explore Level Sensing in BinMaster's New Catalog

Learn how level sensors and inventory management software can make your operation more efficient. Get an overview of different level sensor types and view their specifications in this full-color, comprehensive guide. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - AgriView™ automates the way you manage inventory.

Tired of climbing grain bins? Need to know how much headspace in a bin? Short staffed looking for an easier way AgriView automates the way you manage inventory. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Non-Contact Radar - Superior Performance in Solids

The BinMaster NCR-80 is a non-contact radar level sensor designed specifically forsuperior performance in powders and bulk solids. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - BMR-100

Store grain, gravel, plastic or similar bulk solids? Prevent overflow and empty bins with the BMR-100 rotary point level sensor. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Inventory Management Anywhere, Anytime

Want to stop climbing silos? Manage inventory more effectively? Use Vendor managed inventory? Better monitor the supply chain?

BinView® is a Cloud application and SaaS inventory system for on-site or remote inventory monitoring of solids or liquids in tanks, bins, or silos. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - IoT Sensors & Software for Supply Chain Pressures

BinMaster helps you meet supply chain challenges with IoT solution that offer in-stock fast delivery, Cloud monitoring, simple implementation, accurate and prdictive forecasts, and live logistics. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Fail-safe Rotary Point Level Indicator

A MAXimized Rotary Custom-Built for Your Operation

Fail-safe protection is built into every MAXIMA+ rotary ... and it has been since 2008. The MAXIMA+ alerts you to a loss of power, a failure of the motor, or the electronics.
Supervisory circuitry monitors shaft rotation and knows if paddles are not rotating due to a covered condition, mechanical fai... (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - PitView Monitoring for Manure Pits and Lagoons

Measure pits and lagoons, generate reports, and view historical trends without the use of manpower. The PitView® cloud application reduces the risk of a harmful spill or breech of your manure management system. It automates the measuring and reporting of waste levels and allows users to view level information on a phone, tablet, or PC. (read more)


Imagine your job didn’t involve climbing silos, guesswork, or inventory shortages. Instead, each day you stayed safe; inventory was convenient, accurate, and reliable. That’s what level sensors and software can do for your plantboth easily and affordably. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Inventory Software HART Sensor Compatible

Is opening multiple programs or going to a PLC or HMI to get all the data you need to manage silo inventory a hassle? Would it be easier if all your data were in one place for all your level sensors? (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Transform the way you work

Is monitoring inventory in bins, tanks, and silos consuming too much of your time and energy? Stop wasting time going outside, climbing every silo, and writing down the measurements. Learn more (read more)


BinMaster has put forward for industry consideration a range of four sensors that can provide cloud-based connections in accurately
mapping and measuring silo and bin content. (read more)


Is opening multiple programs or going to a PLC or HMI to get all the data you need to manage silo inventory a hassle?

Binventory® is an advanced inventory management software for BinMaster. Monitor the level of solids or liquids in bins, tanks, or silos from one platform. Read Full Article (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Long Range Transceiver

The LoRa LTR-100 transceiver wirelessly connects sensors with a 2 or 4-wire mA output to the BinCloud gateway. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Easily connect up to 15 sensors

Easily connect up to 15 sensors using the HART protocol in a daisy-chain (multidrop) network to the BinCloud gateway with the HCM-100. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - CNCR 230

The CNCR-230 offers an LED display on the sensor housing making level readings accessible from the sensor. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - CNCR 220

The CNCR-220 is a compact 80 GHz radar level sensor with an extended measuring range up to 49 feet. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - CNCR 130

The CNCR-130 sensor is suited for non-contact liquid level measurement at distances up to 49 feet in applications requiring a high level of environmental protection from the elements (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - CNCR 120

The CNCR-120 sensor is suited for non-contact liquid level measurement at distances up to 49 feet in applications requiring a high level of environmental protection. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - A Sensible Guide to Silo Inventory Monitoring

BinMaster presents 6 Considerations for Success, A Sensible Guide to Silo Inventory Monitoring Systems. This guide is designed to give you a basic understanding of the components of a silo inventory system to help you ask informed questions of your vendors. It will also provide insights into some things you might not have thought about to make your plant run even more efficiently. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - New Push-Button Access to Silo Inventory

Get inventory data instantly at the push of a button. The C-100 console mounts at a convenient location in the plant or a loadout. Employees simply walk or drive up to the C-100 and review level data from level sensors from one to 128 silos from a single console. The rugged NEMA 4X enclosure can be mounted indoors or outside. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Capacitance Level Sensors for Inventory Management

Capacitance probes are versatile sensors used for point level detection in bins, tanks, and silos. Get fail-safe operation, quick-set calibration, pro-shield protection, interference-free operation and an adjustable time delay in every probe. PROCAP capacitance probes are simple to use, highly durable, and maintenance free.

BinMaster offers a wide choice of Delrin, Teflon, stainle... (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - 5 Easy Ways to Learn More About Level Sensors

BinMaster makes it easy to learn from a distance. Use these resources to learn more about how to make you plant more efficient using continuous level sensors or point level indicators and inventory management software.

Here are five quick and simple ways to expand your knowledge.

Watch Videos: BinMaster’s youtube channel is loaded with over 30 short videos
... (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Guided Wave Radar for Liquids GWR 3000

Guided wave radar provides highly accurate, continuous level measurement utilizing time domain reflectometry (TDR) for level and interface measurement in vessels and tanks containing liquids. It performs reliably in environments with steam, vapor, foam, condensation, or liquids prone to residual buildup. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - 3DLevelScanner accurately measures ingredients

BinMaster's 3D technology accurately measures food ingredients in silos. It is the only sensor that measures more than a single point on the material surface. Plus, it is the only technology that gives food plants, grain elevators, and ingredient manufacturers a 3D image of what's in the silo. Purchasing and processing will know just how much they have and what they will need to order (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Easy-to-see digital panel meters

Digital Panel Meters

BinMaster’s line of digital panel meters provides easy-to-use, easy-to-see solutions for tank level monitoring and control. Models are available for Modbus and 4-20 mA inputs, and the large, ultra-bright LED displays are offered in single and dual-line configurations to meet your monitoring needs. (read more)


Operations processing powders, fine-grained, or coarse-grained bulk solids can add the VR-90 vibrating rod or VF-95 vibrating fork to their arsenal of point level sensors for hazardous locations. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - SmartBob2 Remote

The SmartBob2 remote is the core component of a proven, reliable level measurement system using cable-based sensoring technology. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Mercury Free Tilt Switch

High Level detection of Powders and Bulk Solids. (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Digital Panel Meter

Bright-Eyed Digital Display for Modbus Level Sensors

Tired of being up close and personal with your data display? Get your data from a distance with the new DPM-100 digital panel meter from BinMaster. Used indoors or outdoors, the vibrantly bright and large red LED display is visible in bright sunlight, fog, dust, or yards away.

The DPM-100 digital panel meter... (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Bigger Bins, Better Measurement

BinMaster's MVL multiple-scanner system significantly increases inventory accuracy in very large bins, tanks and silos. The system takes data from multiple 3DLevelScanners to cover a very wide surface area and accurately measure and map your inventory (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Non-Contact, Dust-Penetrating Sensor

Non-Contact, Dust-Penetrating Sensor for Accurate Volume Measurement

The BinMaster 3DLevelScanner provides continuous, non-contact level measurement using dust penetrating technology to provide unsurpassed bin volume accuracy. Unlike single point devices, it works by measuring multiple points within the bin. This advanced acoustics-based technology is proven to perform in a... (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - 80 GHz Non-Contact Radar with Super-Simple Install

1-1/2" NPT makes mounting easy and economical

If you need an extremely reliable and accurate level sensor and have an existing 1-1/2" opening for mounting, this new model of the NCR-80 non-contact radar may be just the right solution for you (read more)


Wireless Sensors and Software Simplify Feed Inventory

Swine and poultry operations have a new solution to eliminate complex spreadsheets and climbing bins. Battery-powered, wireless sensors are combined with intuitive, simple software to automatically measure feed inventory. FeedView delivers timely data to a smartphone, tablet, or PC – transforming the way farms schedule fe... (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - Non-Contact Radar For Solids Level Measurement

Get the powerful 80 GHz radar level sensor you need along with the options to help reduce costs and simplify installation. BinMaster - with its vertically integrated machine shop and in-house engineering - ensures you get a complete solution at a budget that won't break the bank.

Mounting made simpler:
- 0° and a 30° mounting plates for sla... (read more)

BinMaster, Inc. - 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Learn 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Supply Chain (read more)