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Charles Ross & Son Company - Highly Engineered Multi-Agitator Mixing Systems

ROSS VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixers are proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S. to optimize the processing of medium to high-viscosity products. These versatile mixers exhibit outstanding performance and deliver exceptional efficiency across a wide range of applications with viscosities ranging up to several hundred thousand centipoise such as pastes, gels, slurries, and suspensions. (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - ROSS Mixers for 3D Printing Technology

The 3D printing industry has revolutionized the way we design and manufacture a wide range of products – from aerospace components and tooling parts, dental and medical devices, batteries, toys, wearables, food, and even housing structures. In this article, we refer to “3D printing” and the broader term “additive manufacturing” interchangeably. Additive manu... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Mixing Systems for Ultra-High Viscosity Materials

The ROSS line of Double Planetary Mixers, which come in a wide range of configurations and sizes ranging from ½ pint to 750 gallons, are dependable workhorses for mixing thick, sticky, or putty-like materials. (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Three Roll Mills for high viscosity dispersions

ROSS Three Roll Mills, used for high viscosity dispersions in many industries, feature true heavy-duty construction, precision workmanship and ANSI 2017-compliant controls package. (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Versatile low shear blending and drying

The ROSS Vertical Blender is designed for reliable and gentle mixing of friable solids, abrasive materials, and shear-sensitive products. It consists of a low-speed auger that orbits the periphery of a conical vessel while gently lifting material upward. The thorough agitation allows product from the top portions of the batch to cascade to the bottom while blending with material being dr... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - ROSS Mixers restored to like-new condition

The long-lasting quality and efficiency of a ROSS reconditioned mixer is comparable, if not equal, to brand new equipment when properly restored to as-new working condition by the ROSS OEM team of expert engineers and mechanics. The cost savings and faster shipping times allow companies to reach the profitable stage sooner without sacrificing value or reliability. Reconditioned machines... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - 3000-gallon Storage Vessels

ROSS, a 180-year-old manufacturer of industrial mixing equipment, has grown into one of North America's most well equipped and respected custom fabricators of storage tanks, pressure vessels and reactors. The pictured US-made 3000-gallon custom-fabricated manufacturing vessels are built and stamped according to ASME Section VIII Div 1, constructed from type 304L stainless steel, and desi... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Batch High Shear Mixers for fine dispersions

ROSS Batch High Shear Mixers equipped with the Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) Technology deliver powders in an efficient manner for quick wet-out and complete dispersion into low-viscosity liquids.

In a conventional rotor/stator mixer, materials are continually drawn from below the mixing head and then expelled at high velocity through the stator openings. A SLIM mixer as... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Ultra-High Shear Mixer for sanitary applications

The ROSS X-Series Inline Ultra-High Shear Mixer is designed for efficient high-throughput emulsification, dispersion, and homogenization. Available in both sanitary and industrial configurations, this versatile machine produces quality dispersions, suspensions and emulsions in a variety of industries including food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical, adhesive and composites manufacturing. (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - ROSS – New Multi-Shaft Video

ROSS has launched a new video featuring the company's line of robust and versatile Multi-Shaft Mixers. The video highlights the adaptability of Ross Dual-Shaft Mixers and Triple-Shaft Mixers, the variety of processing capabilities, and diversity of industries served. Available in laboratory, pilot scale and full production capacities, ROSS Multi-Shaft Mixers provide a flexible range of s... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Multi-viscosity mixing in a Triple-Shaft Mixer

Technology Brief

This bulletin provides a step-by-step look at a typical multi-shaft mixer application which demonstrates the system's processing flexibility in terms of mixing, heating, cooling and deaerating batch material at different viscosity stages.

Mixer flexibility in terms of viscosity range

Multi-shaft mixers comprised of two or more independently-driven

(read more)
Charles Ross & Son Company - How to upgrade your high speed disperser

Increased demand, product improvements, change in raw material supplier, custom orders and many other situations can cause mixing processes to outgrow the original equipment. This bulletin offers some insights into the operation of high speed dispersers and how to address specific areas of improvement using alternative mixing solutions. (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Convenient powder induction in large mixing tanks

ROSS VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixers with Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) Technology enable fast and efficient large-scale powder dispersion into low-viscosity liquids including resins, oils, melted waxes, emulsions, and aqueous solutions. The pictured VersaMix Model VM-600 is a 600-gal capacity dual-shaft mixer designed for deep vacuum levels. Featuring a High Shear Mixer with SLIM... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Recommended Mixing Equipment for Food Emulsions

Application Summary

Mixing is a critical step in the production of high-quality, stable food emulsions. Besides formulating with the right ingredients and ensuring proper storage, imparting sufficient shear to the product during the mixing process helps prevent premature phase separation which may manifest as creaming, flocculation or coalescence.

Several mixing technologie... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Large-scale vacuum drying in a Vertical Blender

Vertical Blender/Dryers feature a slow-turning auger screw orbiting a vacuum-rated conical vessel. As it turns, the screw gently lifts material upward and towards the center of the batch. At the same time, product from the top cascades back to the bottom while mixing with materials being moved upward by the orbiting screw. During the drying cycle, hot water, oil or steam is recirculated... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Pressure Feed Vessels for Ribbon Blenders

ROSS Ribbon Blenders custom-built for multi-phase mixing now come with an optional pressure feed vessel. Wherein minor liquid ingredients must be thoroughly blended into powder or other solids, a pressure feed vessel enables 100% discharge of the liquid component through a spray bar and into the blending zone, ensuring even mixing and consistent batches.

In lieu of manually pourin... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - High-throughput Ultra High Shear Mixer

The ROSS Inline Ultra High Shear Mixer 700 Series is designed for challenging shear requirements, a more efficient alternative to colloid mills which generally suffer from low throughput. Depending on the application, it can replace high pressure homogenization; or serve as a pre-mixer to high-pressure homogenizers to mitigate clogging and inconsistent feed quality issues. To meet the sp... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Heavy-duty vertical kneading and mixing

The ROSS Double Planetary Mixer is widely used for high-precision mixing, granulation and vacuum drying, but remains the industry authority for rugged applications requiring enormous torque. Patented High Viscosity “HV” Blades work in tandem to knead and mix from a vertical orientation, augmented by large shafts and generous bearing spreads -- an ideal combination for tough-t... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - ROSS Vertical Vacuum Dryers

ROSS offers sanitary Vertical Blenders engineered for rapid homogenization and drying of delicate applications under vacuum. The design avoids the destructive effects of heat on unstable ingredients, it promotes vaporization at lower temperatures during gentle agitation while preventing oxidation. Sanitary aspects of the machine including the cantilevered screw without bottom support eli... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Mixing Equipment for Sunscreen and Sun Tan Lotions

Mixing is a critical step in the production of sunscreen, largely because proper dispersion of the active ingredients and additives directly impacts the end product's efficacy and stability.

This bulletin describes several high shear mixing technologies utilized in the manufacture of sunscreen and sun tan lotions. Mixer selection is based on a number of factors, primarily viscosit... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Mixing Equipment for Pigment Dispersions

Pigment dispersions are typically prepared in a two-step process: (1) powder wet-out in a batching tank and (2) one or more passes through a mill to achieve the desired fineness of grind.

The costly and time-consuming milling step is often a production bottleneck which in the past has forced manufacturers to add more milling equipment to handle multiple passes or simply keep up wi... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Tips for liquid addition in a ribbon blender

Mixing wet and dry ingredients in a ribbon blender requires an efficient and consistent method of raw material addition. This method depends on several factors including the properties of each liquid and solid component, how they interact, as well as the amount of fluid that needs to be added. This bulletin presents some useful techniques that may apply to your particular process.

Ve (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Recommended Mixing Equipment for Dental Composites

Dental composites are synthetic polymers filled with reinforcing glass and/or ceramic particles.

A typical mixing procedure starts with blending two or more monomers often of significantly different viscosities. Various particle size fillers are then added to the liquid binder and mixed under vacuum until a homogenous paste is obtained. High amounts of fillers render most dental c... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - What to look for in a sanitary ribbon blender

Subtle differences in ribbon blender design and construction can significantly impact mixing performance and reliability. Especially in sanitary applications, certain blender features must not be overlooked in the specification process. (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Powerful High Viscosity Mixing Lab or Production

The Double Planetary Mixer includes two blades that rotate on their own axes, while they orbit the mix vessel on a common axis. The blades continuously advance along the periphery of the vessel, removing material from the vessel wall and transporting it to the interior. After one revolution the blades have passed through the entire vessel, after three revolutions most materials have been... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Saw-tooth Dispersers vs. Rotor/stator Mixers

The saw-tooth disperser and rotor/stator mixer are two of the most widely used high speed mixers yet many are unaware of the differences in their utility and operating capacities. Knowing the unique attributes of these devices is important in mixer selection and process optimization.

High speed mixing is often required when incorporating solids into liquid especially when the powd... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Maximize mixing efficiency with a Planetary Mixer

High viscosity industrial mixtures, regardless of their end use or material composition, are largely prepared through planetary mixing. Finished products and intermediates in the form of pastes or gels, dough-like compounds and other semi-solids formulations share this common processing approach. Within this category, the classic Double Planetary Mixer (DPM) is arguably the most popularl... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Portable explosion-proof Inline High Shear Mixers

ROSS manufactures Inline High Shear Mixers for versatile usage in a wide range of dispersion, emulsification and homogenization requirements. Completely portable explosion-proof models are available, and can be supplied with a NEMA 7/9 operator station pre-wired and mounted to the mobile mixer cart. Controls can be customized to include a viewing window for process variables and intrinsi... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Triple Shaft Mixers for Hygienic Processes

ROSS Triple Shaft Mixers are easily adapted to suit a variety of challenging viscous applications requiring hygienic and sanitary handling. Powder wet-out and dispersion, temperature control, emulsification, homogenization and degassing are accomplished all in one vessel to produce creams, gels and pastes in a highly repeatable and clean mixing process.

Featuring electropolished a... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Heat Dry Blend - Minor and Micro Ingredients

Blend free-flowing solids in a highly repeatable process. Ingredients are thoroughly distributed throughout your batch more gently than in typical V-shaped geometry mixers without damaging fragile or sensitive components. (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Delivering consistency in food products CASE STUDY

Say “Heinz,” and everyone thinks of ketchup. Read this case study on ways the Heinz innovation team finds novel use for a familiar mixing technology (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Best Chocolate on the Planet(ary)

A major global confectionary company approached ROSS to improve their process of manufacturing a chocolate product. They were using a kitchen-style single planetary mixer that was unable to handle the high viscosity peaks that occur during mixing. The material spikes to over 1 million centipoise and finishes around 20,000 cps. (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Vacuum-rated Double Cone Tumble Blenders

The ROSS Double Cone Tumble Blender (Model DCB) is designed for large-scale yet intimate blending of free-flowing solids in a full suite of laboratory, pilot and production sizes. In a highly repeatable process, minor and micro ingredients are thoroughly distributed throughout the batch more gently than in the more common V-shaped geometry without damaging fragile or sensitive components... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - ROSS Trial Rental Program

The ROSS Trial Rental Program gives process managers a powerful tool for optimizing a process before committing to a large capital purchase. If you need mixing capacity to develop a new process or to verify a new production technique, for a week, a month or a year, or longer, we can help! (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Pesticide Production in a Ross Ribbon Blender

A manufacturer of pest control products was previously batching a granular pesticide for insect larvae in small quantities using a table-top kitchen mixer. As the product line grew, it became necessary to move the process to a large-scale blender. The company visited the Ross Test & Development Center to see if a Ribbon Blender can produce a uniform blend of the granules, liquid and... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Dual Shaft Mixer designed for increased shear

ROSS incorporates a high shear rotor/stator into a Dual-Shaft Mixer designed for more intense shearing and homogenization requirements. Instead of a conventional high speed disperser blade, the rotor and slotted stator mixing head, also often called a homogenizer, affords more advanced deagglomeration and emulsification capabilities. Complementing the high shear mixer, a two-wing anchor... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Food to Pharma 1 - 500 cu.ft. Ribbon Blenders

Engineered to exacting standards for a wide array of applications Ross Ribbon Blenders can meet virtually any blending challenge, on any scale. And we can often deliver immediately from stock. Plus Ross Ribbon Blenders also have the BEST prices anywhere. Complete control packages available (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - High Shear Mixer for Lab Applications

The laboratory Batch High Shear Mixer design consists of a single stage four-blade rotor that turns at high speed within a stationary stator. As the rotating blades pass each opening in the stator, they mechanically shear particles and droplets, and expel material at high velocity into the surrounding mix, creating intense hydraulic shear. (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Sanitary ribbon blender with ergonomic bag unloading station

ROSS engineers custom blending systems incorporating ergonomic material handling accessories, including bag dump workstations. (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Ribbon Blenders: A Best Practices Guide

This white paper presents some basic best practices for efficient processing in a Ribbon Blender. The ideas discussed here are recommendations based on practical and technical experience gained by Ross over several decades as a leading supplier of Ribbon Blenders to the process industries worldwide. (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Chemical Industry Mixing Challenges

Considerations for choosing the right equipment Efficiency, consistency, and repeatability. These are qualities the chemical industry strives for in its mixing operations. However, finding the right mixing equipment, and the right mixer manufacturer, for your unique products and operations can be challenging. This article will guide you through what to consider (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Laboratory Mixers and Blenders

For over 160 years Ross Laboratory Mixers and Blenders have been used in the process Industries to manufacture food - adhesive & sealant - green technologies - - battery - ceramic & metal - chemical - coating - cosmetic & personal care products - pharmaceutical - plastics and more. Our Laboratory mixers, blenders, dryers and dispersers are recognized worldwide as the s... (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Dry Blenders

Ross Ribbon Blenders are stocked for fast shipment & priced 30% below other manufacturers. (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Custom Static Mixers

Ross SysCon manufactures custom Static Mixers to meet your specifications. (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Ross Dual-Shaft Mixers

Ross Dual-Shaft Mixers are ideal for processing pastes, gels, suspensions, slurries and other viscous formulations. Composed of two independently-driven agitators working in tandem, this system is designed for heavy-duty mixing with the capability of fine-tuning shear levels and flow patterns. (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Ribbon Blenders for Industrial or Sanitary Apps

All units are direct driven by an inverter-ready gearmotor, an integral design superior to belt- and chain-driven blenders that suffer from losses in horsepower and efficiency through slippage. Variable frequency drives (VFD's) are usually supplied with Ross Ribbon Blenders for convenient soft start and agitator speed control. (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - Double Planetary Mixer/Follower Plate Discharge

Charles Ross & Son Company recently completed a new design variation of the Double Planetary Mixer and Follower Plate Discharge System. (read more)

Charles Ross & Son Company - New Model PowerMix Design Offered by Ross

Ross now offers a new design of the PowerMix (Planetary Disperser) for the mixing of viscous mixtures requiring a combination of slow and high-speed agitation. (read more)