Cooner Wire Company has promoted these products/services:

Cooner Wire Company - Hookup Wire

Extra flexible Insulated Wire is constructed from finely stranded copper wire, stainless steel wire, resistance wire and other alloy wires (read more)

Cooner Wire Company - Medical Cables

For over half a century, leaders in medical technology continue to choose Cooner Wire as a vital link. (read more)

Cooner Wire Company - Custom Cables

Cooner Wire maintains the world's largest inventory of flexible wire and custom cables available "off the shelf" and the ability to produce custom cable solutions that meet today's most challenging requirements. (read more)

Cooner Wire Company - Mini Coax

Cooner Wire's series of mini coax cables provide a flexible wire alternative to standard RG type coaxial cables. These miniature coaxial cable constructions utilize super flexible wire and are available off the shelf in sizes ranging from 42 AWG mini coax to 26 AWG mini coax. (read more)

Cooner Wire Company - Litz Wire

Cooner Wire has eight different types of litz wire in both round and rectangular constructions. (read more)


Cooner Wire provides two series of ultra flexible, ultra miniature medical wire and cable. These unusual wires and cables offer minimum diameters with maximum flexibility and flex life. Single conductor wires are insulated with clear non-hydroscopic fluoropolymer (withstanding 150 V.D.C at 20°C, useful from -80° to 200°C), extruded over multi-stranded, oxygen free copper or s... (read more)

Cooner Wire Company - Flexible Wire Rope

Cooner Wire’s flexible wire rope achieves maximum flexibility and a long flex life by using the highest amount of stranded wire equal to the circular mil area of any AWG size (read more)

Cooner Wire Company - Braided Wire

Flexible flat braided ground strap or flexible tubular braided wire meet AA 59569 (formerly QQB575) and are available in tinned copper, silver plated copper and bare copper constructions. (read more)

Cooner Wire Company - Extra flexible instrumentation wire


Extra flexible instrumentation wire is available “off the shelf” from Cooner Wire in a variety of materials, colors and constructions. Our specialty wire and cable inventory offers a vast array of flexible wire, shielded cable, miniature cable, medical cable, silicone cable, pvc cable, high temperature cable, flexible control cable and instrumentation w... (read more)

Cooner Wire Company - Micro Coaxial Cables

Ultra-flexible, micro-miniature stranded silver-plated conductor insulated with teflon (FEP) and covered with an extra-flexible, silver-plated copper braided shield. Teflon (FEP), polyvinylchloride (PVC) or silicone rubber jackets may be extruded overall. (read more)