Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. has promoted these products / services:

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. - THB-Rated AC Filter Capacitors for Harsh Environ.

Designed for harsh environments, the ALH series of AC-rated filter capacitors offer 50% greater life than competitive 85/85 THB-rated film capacitors. (read more)

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. - Hybrid LIC Supercapacitors Deliver up to 220 Farad

VMF/VPF Hybrid LIC Supercapacitors offer greater energy density, low self-discharge rate, and ultra-fast charging. (read more)

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. - Flat Electrolytic Capacitors withstand 150 °C

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. (CDE) has expanded its line of high performance flat electrolytic capacitors with the NHR Series. Able to withstand operating temperatures from -55 °C to 150 °C, NHR capacitors are constructed with rectangular stainless-steel cases and laser-welded covers and have near-hermetic seals to prevent dry-out. (read more)

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. - Thinnest Ultra-low-profile electrolytic at 2.2 mm

The ULP Series of Ultra-Low-Profile aluminum electrolytic capacitors is a real “game-changer” for engineers designing compact electronic devices. Designed specifically for applications requiring bulk capacitance and the lowest board profiles, type ULP offers considerably higher energy density than arrays of surface mount capacitors. (read more)

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. - RF Mica Capacitor S Parameter Tool for 1kHz-4GHz

Cornell Dubilier’s RF Mica Modeler provides an interactive console to assist the electrical design engineer in selecting the best mica capacitor within a capacitance range of 0.5 to 91,000 pF and voltage range of 100 volts to 4,000 volts, targeting applications in the frequency range of 1 kHz to 4 GHz. (read more)

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. - Type RA Film Capacitors Meet 85% RH Conditions

Cornell Dubilier announces availability of its Type RA multilayered film capacitors for 125°C operation. Type RA capacitors are constructed using stacked metallized polyester protected with an impregnated sealant, which eliminates the need for an external case. (read more)

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. - Capacitors for Inverter Applications

CDE has the breadth and depth of products to meet the needs of state-of-the-art inverter technology. Including DC Link electrolytic and film capacitors, IGBT snubbers; AC output harmonic filter capacitors. (read more)

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. - Very Low-Profile Aluminum Electrolytics

8.2mm THA (85 °C) and 9mm THAS (105 °C) Series. Comparable in height to V-chip electrolytics, yet offer highest-energy density in low-profile aluminum electrolytics. One THA/THAS capacitor replaces many electrolytics or tantalums. (read more)

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. - HID Lighting Capacitors - Type SF

For better performance in HID Lighting and HV Ballasts, Type SF oval and round oil filled metallized polypropylene lighting capacitors are built for operating in the high temperature environments for high intensity discharge (HID) lighting and other high voltage ballast applications. (read more)

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. - DC Rated Oil Filled Capacitors

As one of the few remaining manufacturers of DC rated oil filled capacitors, we continue to design robust paper and film combination dielectrics for high performance power conversion and power supply applications. This includes a wide range of oil impregnated DC rated capacitors for filtering, pulse and snubber applications. (read more)

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. - Film Capacitors for AC Filtering With High Ripple

Cornell Dubilier announces the availability of its newest Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitors for UPS, AC power supplies and general AC filtering applications. The 951C and 953B Series offer strong performance for filtering in applications where high ripple currents are encountered and benign end-of-life failure mode is essential. (read more)

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. - DC Link Capacitors for Large Inverter Systems

Cornell Dubilier has announced a new series of DC link polypropylene film capacitor modules aimed at high-power inverters. The MDL series offers capacitance values ranging from 600 µF to 4,200 µF, with applied voltages of 900 Vdc to 1,300 Vdc. (read more)