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DeZURIK, Inc. - Valve Solutions Guide

DeZURIK offers a wide variety of valve styles to meet application requirements in water treatment, sewage treatment, water distribution, pulp and paper, oil and gas downstream, petrochemical, mining, power, hydropower dams, and other process industries. Convenient selection charts help users quickly find the best-performing and most economical valve styles for their application. (read more)

DeZURIK, Inc. -  V-PORT BALL VALVE Drop-in-Place Seat

DeZURIK VPB V-Port Ball Valves have the simplest maintenance procedures among control valves available!

Self-aligning ball and seat (with no threaded trim components) reduces lengthy setup time during repair and reassembly. (read more)

DeZURIK, Inc. - Swing check valve prevents slam and water hammer

APCO Swing Check Valves (CVS-6000/6000A, CVS-250/250A and CVS-EDV) are used to prevent the back flow of fluid by closing before flow reversal, thereby preventing slam and water hammer. APCO Swing Check Valves have been successfully installed in clean and dirty applications including sewage treatment, water treatment, water distribution, industrial water and wastewater services. (read more)


A new Extended Flange Body design of DeZURIK’s successful KUL Urethane Lined Knife Gate Valve is now available. The KUL-EF Extended Flange is a direct dimensional replacement to the long-body style slurry push-through valves, but with the distinct advantage of not discharging any material during cycling. (read more)

DeZURIK, Inc. - APCO SmartCHECK Pump Control Valve from DeZURIK

APCO SmartCHECK Pump Control Valves, manufactured by DeZURIK, is a single valve that controls pressure surges during normal pump startup and shutdown, and closes positively upon power. (read more)

DeZURIK, Inc. - DeZURIK Butterfly Valves for Tough Applications

DeZURIK butterfly valves for outstanding performance in a variety of applications. (read more)

DeZURIK, Inc. - DeZURIK Plug Valves

DeZURIK has extensive experience manufacturing quality plug valves for over 90 years! (read more)