FORREST Technical Coatings has promoted these products / services:

FORREST Technical Coatings - Log Home Finish

FORREST'S LOG FINISHER uses a blend of oils and wood preservatives to restore the original natural color to aged logs. With a durable finish, your log home will be protected from drying and weathering while the distinctive grain and definition of wood grain is well-preserved. A log home essential maintenance product! (read more)

FORREST Technical Coatings - RESTORE-X® Deck Restoration

RESTORE-X® Wood Restoration Products can make your job easy and increase your satisfaction. RESTORE-X® products are biodegradable, odorless, and non-flammable. They are also water based for easy clean-up and specially formulated for your safety. (read more)

FORREST Technical Coatings - Metal Finishes

FORREST Technical Coatings manufacture primers and topcoats for OEM, General Industrial and Industrial Maintenance applications. These products include solvent and waterbase product lines, powder coatings, VOC and A.I.M. compliant coatings. (read more)

FORREST Technical Coatings - Quixnamel+ Primer and TopCoat System

The Quixnamel+ 716P Series Primer with the 714E Series Top Coat delivers a high gloss finish. Low VOC coating for metal substrate (industrial equipment or machinery), the 716P Primer to prevents corrosion. Top coat with the 714E Quixnamel + for a high gloss finish to survive tough conditions. Forrest provides color matched aerosols for both systems to make on-site maintenance a snap. (read more)

FORREST Technical Coatings - High Performance Industrial Liquid Coatings

We are a pro-active, ecologically responsible, manufacturing company, leading in high performance coatings for use on wood, metal, plastics, and other substrates . . . Forrest Technical Coatings is backed by tremendous technical support. (read more)

FORREST Technical Coatings - Epoxy Floor Coatings

Two-part epoxies have many uses from coating to bonding surfaces such as, wood, metal, concrete, tile, and much more. Epoxy coatings offer very good water and chemical resistance, light stability, and durability when applied correctly. We have an epoxy for your project. (read more)

FORREST Technical Coatings - Firmfoot Epoxy w/ Grit

Get slip resistance for almost any surface with this easy to use one-part epoxy coating with proprietary grit. Use for foot traffic areas such as steps, walkways, or ramps. You can coat wood, metal, fiberglass or concrete to prevent slips on wet surfaces. Bulk product for roll-on is available in quart, gallon and 5 gallon containers. Easy-to-use aerosol coating works great for small jobs. (read more)

FORREST Technical Coatings - FORREST Technical Coatings

FORREST Technical Coatings is the new name for Forrest Paint Co. See President Mark Forrest's statement for more about this evolution of a company that has delivered solutions for more than 40 years. (read more)

FORREST Technical Coatings - Low VOC High Temp Coating

Creating the balance of chemistry for performance and environmental compliance was driven by our customers’ requirements. The Stove Bright High Temp Low VOC – Satin Black [262H291] is a 3.5 VOC compliant coating with peak temperature tolerance to 1200°F (649°C). We offer a variety of heat resistant coatings that meet or exceed environmental regulations. (read more)

FORREST Technical Coatings - Transportation Gray 6334 Powder Coating

The Transportation Gray 6334 is a full gloss, smooth finish in a medium gray color. This formulation was originally manufactured to the specifications provided by an OEM for use on electrical cabinets inside of train compartments. (read more)

FORREST Technical Coatings - Coatings for Magnetic Shielding & Heat Resistance

Forrest Technical Coatings has produced coatings for Electronics Industry with specifications for magnetic shielding and heat resistance. We take pride in developing formulations based upon your requirements, delivering the best match in coating performance with value. (read more)

FORREST Technical Coatings - Stove Bright® High Temperature Coatings

Stove Bright® high temperature coatings have been developed to provide the highest quality coating for use in applications that require heat resistance up to 1200°F (650°C). These coating formulations continue to exceed industry demands for improvements in rust protection, chemical resistance, low smoke and other performance characteristics. (read more)

FORREST Technical Coatings - Exterior High Heat Coatings: 251H Series

Reduce the cost to maintain your exterior silencer and exhaust systems with the zinc rich 251HSeries Coating from FORREST Technical Coatings. It is a direct to metal self-priming single coat solution for exterior silencers, stacks, incinerators and industrial exhaust systems. The fast drying chemistry and high coverage rate at the target thickness of 2.5 mils yields a low applied cost. (read more)

FORREST Technical Coatings - Exhaust/Muffler Powder Coating

For a high temperature powder coating with the chemistry to perform to the stringent standards and conditions for use on mufflers, FORREST Technical Coatings 2199 Muffler Black is the best choice. Delivered as a powder coating solution to ATV, snowmobile, and other manufacturers this product is the perfect choice for any vehicle exhaust. (read more)

FORREST Technical Coatings - Powder Coatings

Our Powder technical department includes three chemists who bring over 50 years experience in powder coatings. Our unique experience in both high-temperature paints and wood finishes has enabled us to develop cutting edge powder technology for those applications. (read more)

FORREST Technical Coatings - High Temp Baking Enamel - Hard Finish

Stove Bright® High Temperature Baking Enamel provides heat resistance combined with a hard durable finish for many applications. This formulation provides lower VOC while delivering the performance for a variety of commercial applications. (read more)

FORREST Technical Coatings - 600F High Gloss Powder Coat

FORREST Technical Coatings breaks through the heat barrier with a High Gloss (85+ @ 60°) Black powder coating that can withstand peak temperatures above 600°F. This proven hard smooth coating works perfectly for BBQ, smokers, or grills can also be used on euipment. The coating is backed by our technical support and can be shipped to countries around the world. (read more)