Festo Corporation has promoted these products / services:

Festo Corporation - MS2, Compressed air filter regulator valve

The MS2 Regulators and Filter/Regulators are high flow, very compact and ultra-light enabling up-close air management capability. (read more)

Festo Corporation - EGSL Series Electric Slide

Whenever there is a need for precise pushing motion or handling of work pieces, the electric slide series EGSL from Festo is the right choice for pick and place systems or planar surface and 3D gantries. (read more)

Festo Corporation - VZXF – a Heavy Duty Angle-Seat Valve

The VZXF is one of a number of new Festo process solutions that now gives customers a one-stop-shop for Festo high productivity and quality automated systems. Festo’s process offerings also include ball, butterfly, and gate valves, and associated automated controls. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Bellows Grippers for light assembly/Electronics

Festo Corporation - DHEB series bellows grippers provide a safe and gentle means of handling fragile work pieces for electronic and light assembly applications. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Electric Cylinder ESBF...Heavy Duty

Festo Corp - NEW, ESBF cylinder is capable of generating almost two tons (17,000 N) of feed force, making it possible to use in place of a hydraulic cylinder. The ESBF extends the range of Festo elctric cylinders beyond its DNCE electric cylinder range & provides a significant increase in maximum possible feed forces and speeds. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Bus Node... EtherNet/IP Communications

Festo Corporation - CPX-FB36, which is the next generation replacement for the Festo CPX-FB32 communication node, is ideal for production and process automation environments requiring diagnostics from the operational and master controller level on down to the field level. (read more)

Festo Corporation - DSBC Pneumatic Family of Cylinders

The new standard cylinder DSBC with the self-adjusting pneumatic end-position cushioning adapts optimally to changes in loads and speed. You save time and increase flexibility, and your process reliability grows. Its many variants, adaptation to ambient conditions and individual design allow it to be used flexibly. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Innovative EXCM, a Mini-H Gantry Handling System

Small XY planar surface gantry with rectangular working space offering extensive functionality with a highly compact design (read more)

Festo Corporation - VTOC Pilot Gas Valve Manifold

The VTOC valve manifold can be ordered in a wide range of configurations to accommodate gas box space limitations. Festo says these units are the highest density/smallest footprint pilot gas valve manifolds in the world. (read more)

Festo Corporation -  Pneumatic Valve Terminal VTUG

Festo Corp. - NEW compact, low-cost VTUG pneumatic valve terminal from Festo offers flexibility in the choice of control options, including simplified field bus connectivity and many other performance benefits. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Handling Guide Online

Project engineering of handling systems can be quite laborious: even for simple systems such as linear gantries. Festo has now developed an engineering tool with which you can obtain the right handling system quickly and easily: with the Handling Guide Online you can reach your goal in only three steps. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Semi-rotary drive, DRVS

The DRVS provides powerful rotation in a compact and lightweight package. The innovative SRBS sensing module is simple to install and enables fast and reliable teaching of the switching points. The housing and output shafts are sealed to protect from contamination in harsh environments. (read more)

Festo Corporation - VZWD Directly Operated Solenoid Valve

The VZWD is one of a number of new Festo process solutions that now gives customers a one-stop-shop for Festo high productivity and quality automated systems. Festo's process offerings also include ball, butterfly, and gate valves, and associated automated controls. (read more)

Festo Corporation - VZWF A Force Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve

The VZWF is one of a number of new Festo process solutions that now gives customers a one-stop-shop for Festo high productivity and quality automated systems. Festo's process offerings also include ball, butterfly, and gate valves, and associated automated controls. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Motor controller CMMP-AS-M3

The CMMP-AS- Preimum Servo Drive etends the existing line of preimium drives with improved performance including increased current-loop bandiwdth for smoother motions, more accurate motion profiles, incrased inertia rateios of 20 to 1, and higher accelerations and decelerations. (read more)

Festo Corporation - DGC-K Rodless Pneumatic Drive

Festo Corporation - Designed for simple drive functions where installation space is limited, the DGC-K also features an internal guide for simple drive functions in small installation spaces. When specified with the optional NSF-H1 food grade lubricant, the DGC-K pneumatic drive is ideal for food and beverage packaging applications. (read more)

Festo Corporation - ELGA-TB-G Electric Toothed Belt Axis

The electric toothed belt axis ELGA-TB-G from Festo enables design engineers to dispense with time-consuming in-house solutions and concentrate fully on their core activities. This speeds up the design process, and saves time and money. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Proximity Sensor Module - SMT-/SME-10M

Festo proximity sensors SMT-/SME-10M are applicable to a wide range of drive units and offer a new dimension of reliability and cost effectiveness. The long cylinder-style sensors detect the position of magnets fitted to pneumatic drives. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Solid-State Cylinder Switch SMT-8M-A

The SMT-8M-A delivers high reliability in many cylinder switch applications. (read more)

Festo Corporation - VZWP Servo Controlled Solenoid Valve

The VZWP is one of a number of new Festo process solutions that now gives customers a one-stop-shop for Festo high productivity and quality automated systems. Festo's process offerings also include ball, butterfly, and gate valves, and associated automated controls. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Parallel gripper DHPS / Three-point gripper DHDS

New compact standard grippers: without interfering edges for minimum space requirement (read more)

Festo Corporation - NPQP Polypropylene Push-Pull Pneumatic Fittings

When functionality and economics are important criteria in applications exposed to harsh cleaning detergents or in aggressive environments, the NPQP fitting series delivers a viable solution. These fittings are suitable to connect with flexible plastic tubing for a variety of pneumatic applications in such industries as food and beverage, packaging, bio-pharmaceutical, and process. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Compressed-air prep unit

The MS9 with 1-in. ports is the latest addition to the MS Series of air-preparation components. The modular units include pressure regulators, on/off and soft-start valves, filters, dryers, and lubricators, as well as modules with integrated sensors for remote adjustability and monitoring. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Valve series VS: The new generation

The VS is distinguished by its outstanding price/performance ratio, exceptional diversity, modern design, as well as robust and durable quality. Valves today require no limits with regard to performance data, proven technologies and materials, with a comprehensive range of accessories, numerous mounting options and easy operations (read more)

Festo Corporation - Solenoid valve VUVG

The VUVG is setting a new benchmark for solenoid valves. It makes applications easier and less expensive. Its small footprint with its high flow rate to small size ratio makes it the best in its class. And of course it is easy to order, install and commission. In other words, you couldn't choose a better valve. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Festo FAST App - Available When You Need

Introducing the Festo FAST Mobile App! The new app gives you quick and easy access to our FAST catalog, featuring a complete line of automation components. Create your own wish list for future purchases. The Mobile App is also your on-the-go solution for tracking and managing product orders. Download the app today! (read more)

Festo Corporation - Optimized Motion Series - Simpler and Easier

Optimized Motion Series is a low-cost system with optimized performance. A package that makes moving and positioning easier than ever. It comprises a mechanical system with permanently mounted motor and drive system (motor controller) with integrated web browser technology and matching connecting cables. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Ball Valve Assemblies Deliver Many Benefits

Festo now offers an entire range of ball valves, Namur solenoids, actuators, positioners, and sensors assembled and ready to install. (read more)

Festo Corporation - MPA-C Clean-Design Valve Terminal

This new valve terminal features an IP69K rating, NSF-H1 lubricant, fieldbus/Ethernet connectivity, and large cross section for pressurization and exhausting. (read more)

Festo Corporation -  Valve Terminal MPA-L

Festo Corporation - One CTEU with an adapter can control two valve terminals at the same time... regardless of valve size for even greater flexibility and savings. (read more)

Festo Corporation - ExoHand Assistance System

Festo, a worldwide provider of automation technology, is meeting the challenge of an aging population with an assistance system that creates a more humane working environment in production and extends people's scope of action. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Festo Didactic for Skill Development & Consulting

Festo Didactic is a global leader in basic and further training in industry. As a provider of skills development for manufacturing and process automation, the services we offer range from educational equipment for training facilities to training and advice for industrial production companies. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Festo Corporation:


Fast access to information and innovative configuration tools make pneumatic component acquisition quicker and easier.


This new online tool streamlines the selection and ordering of manual and automated ball valves.


Festo Introduces a Piezo-Based Control Valve for Ventilators and Portable Oxygen Devices


This AI algorithm signals personnel to replace failing pneumatic clamps before problems and costly shutdowns occur.


Festo and Fraunhofer win one of the three top prizes in the Give a Breath Challenge for developing the app.


The North American show includes interactive booths in both English and Spanish, presentations, and Festo employees on hand from all three countries.


Decentralized systems from Mikron ensure supply in times of a pandemic. Festo is a key development partner.


Smartenance is a vendor-neutral tool for improving operations through more efficient maintenance management.


Customers of Shepherd Controls can access the full line of Festo industrial and process automation solutions.


Festo also continues supplying industrial automation products to businesses in the US, Mexico, and Canada.


The unit’s piezo-based technology limits the size of abrasion-causing particles to about 0.1 µm.


This new multi-channel valve controller raises micro-dispensing to a high level of performance and ease of use


Direct Pneumatics offers 35,000+ new and hard-to-find products and makes it easy for customers to purchase them.


The company’s automation options increase throughput and lower labor requirements in the protein industry.


The Festo Technology Engineering Center becomes a new hub for developing performance life science products.


Magswitch switchable magnets improve the productivity and quality of stamping, welding, and pick-and-place operations.


Simplified Motion cost effectively applies electrics to basic motion. CPX-AP-I improves the performance of mixed valve terminal and I/O systems. Festo Booth #721


CPX-AP-I Remote I/O enables faster scan rates and higher performance of mixed valve terminals and I/O systems.


These new actuators cost effectively apply electrics for basic motion while IO-Link functionality enables IIoT communication.


Coast Pneumatics carries the complete range of Festo products and incorporates Festo products in subassemblies and panels.


Festo supplies pneumatics and electrics that meet FSMA standards for safe quality food processing and packaging


At Pack Expo, Festo demonstrates how to bring packaging machines to market faster with less engineering cost


These mini slides offer small footprint, high feed force, precision operation, and ease of installation.


Festo advances high-speed liquid-transfer systems with its new bulk-dispensing head. (Festo Booth #4021)


With Festo pneumatic and electric automation solutions playing a significant role, SunSource forecasts significant growth across its business segments.


The new website enables access to products, tools, and orders more efficiently.


At its new center in Billerica, Mass., Festo technologists are developing fluid handling systems for increasing the speed and accuracy of automated screening and sequencing laboratory equipment.


OEMs and processors benefit from having a single source manufacturer of pneumatic valves, actuators, and air-prep systems that meet FSMA standards for food safety.


Festo Ethernet/IP module now links valve terminal diagnostics with FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices (Shelby) and previews a cloud gateway featuring preconfigured dashboards.


Power/mation’s customers in Minnesota and the Dakotas are introduced first to Festo pneumatic automation solutions.


Heitek will distribute components and provide value-added services for the full line of Festo pneumatic and electric automation products.


Fabco-Air’s automation components complement Festo solutions and expand the company’s North American portfolio of products.


These electric axes can be combined into space-saving handling applications that fit seamlessly into assembly, testing, inspection, small parts handling, and desk top systems. (Festo IMTS Booth # 134357, East Building Level 3)


Industry 4.0 technology enables OEMs to bring machines to market faster and give their solutions greater modularity and flexibility. (Festo IMTS Booth # 134357, East Building Level 3)


The culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within Silicon Valley led Festo to locate its first North American Experience Center in Santa Clara.


? Reconfigurable and modular Industry 4.0 systems like the Festo Motion Terminal support today’s shorter product lifecycle and small-lot-size production, and, through cloud-based predictive analytics, reduce risk of system failure. Festo Booth #1311


The natural models for these three new bionic robots are the flic-flac spider, cuttlefish, and flying fox, which is among the world’s largest bats.


A single cyber-physical pneumatic terminal replaces 50 different hardware components


The Festo exhibit also features components for automating dispensing and conveying in clean or harsh environments.


- Attendees interact with Industry 4.0 systems via augmented reality technology - App-based functionality gives biotech, pharma, and cosmetic manufacturers flexibility and the power to adapt to market changes


Through Successful Partnership with City of Mason, Global Leading Automation Technology Provider Will Almost Triple Existing Facility


- Utilizing an online tool, OEMs design a gantry system and receive their exact CAD model in a matter of minutes


Booth #637 - Four lab equipment suppliers feature “Festo Inside” - Superconductor technology for frictionless sample handling, including contactless transfer through cleanrooms - Modular automation platforms demoed


Novel automated vial capping/de-capping option for the PerkinElmer JANUS Automated Workstation to be displayed at Festo Booth # 2661


These new gauges with adjustable red-and-green-zone dial faces standardize the visual cues for compressed air systems and offer maximum visibility of red zone pressure or vacuum conditions.


Festo will close its Appleton, WI, center and move custom assembly and kitting services to a larger facility in Mason, Ohio.


The Festo CTEU-EP universal EtherNet/IP interface module now includes connectivity to third party IO-Link devices as well as Festo valve terminals.


The intelligent energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M from Festo automatically monitors and optimizes the compressed air consumption of production equipment and can alert plant personnel to system leaks.


The Festo EXCM series delivers two- or three-axis Cartesian motion for benchtop assembly machines and medical laboratory devices


Festo products ensure consistency, quality, and cleanliness batch to batch. (Festo BrewExpo Booth #2948)


Festo showcases new process automation solutions, clean valve terminals that can be machine mounted, corrosion resistant actuators, and air quality and energy efficiency solutions. (Festo ProFood Tech Booth # 1611)


Festo continues to expand product stocking capabilities and application expertise closer to customers with its new Regional Service Center in Mason, Ohio, and by adding quality distributors such as AWC


Festo continues to expand product stocking capabilities and application expertise closer to customers with its new Regional Service Center in Mason, Ohio, and by adding quality distributors such as BG Technologies


Festo continues to expand product stocking capabilities and application expertise closer to customers with its new Regional Service Center in Mason, Ohio, and by adding excellent distributors such as Wolf Solutions


The revolutionary Siemens/Festo Multi-Carrier transport system that enables mass customization is on display within the Siemens pavilion.


With the introduction of this new sanitary valve family, Festo becomes the only global single-source supplier for control-cabinet-to-pipe automation for utility processes. (Festo Interphex Booth #1834)


The Festo exhibit features laboratory solutions from five independent manufacturers. Each manufacturer gained cost and market advantages from a Festo technology partnership. (Festo SLAS Booth #313)


Automated ball valves are the first in a new generation of process valve solutions from Festo.


The Festo “Motion with a Purpose” exhibit features solutions that enhance flexibility and shorten time to market. (Festo Pack Expo Booth # N-5347)


This new DRVS pneumatic drive features a sealed housing to keep dust and debris out of the bushings, while the matched SRBS position sensor is unlike anything in a semi-rotary drive application in terms of fast set up and more.


The new Festo CTEU-EP universal EtherNet/IP interface module improves the quality, performance, and diagnostics of OEM pneumatic systems at a fraction of the cost of previous generation solutions.


Festo exhibits a benchtop Cartesian robot with innovative microfluidic dosing head and other active demonstrations and static displays of clinical automation.


Festo will showcase productivity solutions, Handling Guide Online, Optimized Motion System, CTEU fieldbus module, and Mobile FAST App. Visitors to the Festo booth will have the opportunity of requesting a sample of the VUVG universal solenoid valve.


The Optimized Motion Series is the third OEM productivity enhancing solution launched by Festo in as many months. The new tool also makes it easier and faster to support electrical axes in the field.


SBSI vision sensors are designed specifically to enhance the engineering productivity of OEMs. The sensors feature fast and easy set-up, integrated lighting, and are EtherNet/IP enabled for networking with Rockwell control architectures.


Festo engineered the new mobile app with unbeatable features and ease of use for accessing product information and securing FAST delivery.


Festo modular automation systems help laboratory equipment manufacturers lower engineering costs and bring products to market faster. (Festo SLAS Booth #537)


Festo continues to expand product stocking capabilities and application expertise closer to customers in automation growth areas in western states.


Offering fewer part numbers, a lower list price, and higher functionality compared to the unit it replaces, this new flagship pressure sensor from Festo is arguably the highest value machine and cell level pressure sensor on the market.


Featured solutions meet the highest international standards for process automation safety in emergency shutdown conditions and hazardous environments. (Festo Booth 743)


Festo showcases a modular X/Y planar gantry that is capable of screw driving, gluing, insertion, and picking and placing; a new flexible platform conveyor; an innovative vision sensor, a new high force/high accuracy servo controlled press subassembly.


The intelligent energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M from Festo automatically monitors and optimizes compressed air use by a machine and also alerts plant personnel to system leaks.


Festo and Graybar recently signed a national distribution agreement.


This proof of concept will lead the way to future developments reports Festo, an OPAK partner. Festo and Siemens have also collaborated on an Industry 4.0 inspired machine transport solution – the Multi-Carrier System.


Festo showcases new technology such as an all-in-one DC servo motor/drive for fast precise motion control and a host of training options offered by Didactic, the company’s training arm. (Festo Booth #910).


Visitors to Festo Booth 3767 can interact with an automated fermentation process, view a media valve demonstration, and discuss the company's latest top-down/bottom-up diagnostics capabilities.


-Leadership in Solar is an industry recognition program to acknowledge solar industry excellence across all segments of the industry. The Solar Power World User Community has cast its votes, and Festo was selected as a winner in the components category!


Summit Media Group’s Automation World Magazine is pleased to announce the First Team category Leaders in the 2013 Leadership in Automation Program.


Motion systems based on nature’s designs, high speed robotics, desktop handling systems, and the Bionic Handling Assistant as seen on PBS’s Nova are all featured by Festo at SLAS (Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening).


Festo introduces the new CPXFB36 node for EtherNet/IP communications. The CPX-FB36, which is the next generation replacement for the Festo CPX-FB32 communication


Iowa Fluid Power, also serving western Illinois and Missouri, will represent the complete line of Festo pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components, and controls.


Markets served by these distributors include packaging, robotics/palletizing, oil and gas, mining, solar, material handling, food processing, dairy and farm, semi-conductor, timber, land transportation, automotive, and printing/converting.


Festo has assembled a range of downloadable material on international safety standards and procedures designed to help OEMs ensure cost effective safety engineering for machines and systems


Festo pneumatic and electric actuation and control components and systems are designed to improve the overall productivity, flexibility, and performance of automated systems. (Festo Booth #2572)


Festo Hosts a Two Day Event to Promote Manufacturing Opportunities in the United States


The mechanical dragonfly flies like an airplane, helicopter, and glider and is controlled from a smart phone. This marvel of engineering from Festo is a stunning follow up to the bionic Smart Bird


The new regional service center, scheduled to open in 2015, will assemble and distribute products to customers faster and more efficiently than ever before, while serving as a showplace for the effectiveness of Festo automation solutions.


Summit Media Group will donate the 2013 David A. Harvey Memorial Scholarship to Chicago’s Austin Polytechnical Academy Advanced Manufacturing Career Program. The scholarship will be awarded during The Automation Conference, May 14-15 in Chicago.


Festo announces the addition of Powermatic Associates, Pleasanton, California, to its distribution team. Powermatic will offer the full range of Festo pneumatic and automation products in northern California and the Reno, Nevada area.


Festo will showcase its next generation solutions for laboratory automation and screening. The SLAS 2013 workshop will cover recent advancements in three key areas of lab automation and a discussion of new Piezo-valve-based technology for gas control.


The GACCs recognize outstanding German subsidiary companies that demonstrate excellence in their workforce training, especially for young people.


Festo Corporation, the United States arm of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automation equipment, is celebrating 40 years of advancing automation.