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Festo Corporation has promoted these products / services:

Festo Corporation - Guided actuator DFM

Place your trust in precise guidance and great absorption of torques and shear forces - coupled with a sturdy, compact design. The guided actuator DFM is suitable for clamping, lifting and stopping tasks. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Servo Motor EMMT-AS

The servo motor EMMT-AS for demanding and dynamic applications is characterized by very good controllability and path accuracy for positioning tasks and the space-saving single-cable solution significantly reduces installation effort. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Piezo valve VEMP

Small, lightweight piezo valve for proportional control of pressure or flow. Suitable for use in mobile devices, e.g. in medical technology. When combined with a sensor, it can be used as a control valve. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Proximity switch SDBT-MSX

The first proximity switch with automatic switching point setting makes commissioning easier than ever before. With its detection range of 20 mm, it is easy and reliable to install, especially in applications where mounting is difficult. SDBT-MSX is ideal for all standard applications, especially in factory automation and the electronics industry/small parts handling. (read more)

Festo Corporation - CPX-AP-A

Modular and lightweight IO system in IP65/IP67
Highly flexible remote IO system with maximum performance
Can be expanded and easily combined with CPX-AP-A and CPX-AP-I to form an integrated system (read more)

Festo Corporation - Mini slide DGST

The most compact slide actuator on the market. Integrated pneumatic shock absorber and sensor holders, integrated base cushioning. And best of all - slide and yoke comprise one single part - torsion-resistant with unrivalled precision. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Compact cylinder ADN-S

Smaller systems yet greater performance. This balancing act is not a problem with the compact cylinders ADN-S. They are extremely small and light and deliver excellent performance with small movements. All thanks to the one-piece, compact housing. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Proportional flow control valve VEMD

The light and dynamic mass flow controller VEMD works extremely quietly, thanks to piezo technology. The integrated electronics and sensor record, control, and meter the flow rate of air and inert gases proportionally. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Servo drive CMMT-AS

Compact servo drive for point-to-point and interpolating motion, suitable for various Ethernet-based bus systems and can be integrated directly into system environments of different control manufacturers. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Digital Positioner, CMSH

Featuring 2-wire technology, HART communication, condition monitoring functions and a modular system with many variants, the new CMSH offers excellent flexibility for a great number of applications. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Flow Control VFOE

Big in performance, small in size

Compact machines require compact components. The new VFOE adjustable one-way flow control valve, with push-to-lock adjustment feature, is perfect for applications requiring compact components. Additionally, the VFOE has many variants, easy commissioning, extremely light weight and attractively priced. So many benefits in such a small package. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Round cylinder DSNU-S

The DSNU-...-S, our counterpart to the standards-based cylinder DSNU, is an even slimmer and shorter variant with the same stroke in each case. For even greater space savings. Sustainable and resource conserving. (read more)

Festo Corporation - CPX-AP-I: Decentralized automation with remote I/O

The new I/O system to IP65/IP67 allows powerful input/output
modules and existing valve terminal interfaces to be integrated
into the most important host systems. Based on the innovative
AP system communication from Festo and compatible with market
standards, CPX-AP-I ensures seamless communication from the
workpiece to the cloud – tailored to your nee... (read more)

Festo Corporation - Simplified Motion Series, SMS

The SMS consists of different electromechanical components with an application-optimized combination of motor and servo drive, known as an integrated drive. The actuators are ideal for simple movements between two mechanical end positions, without sacrificing optimized motion characteristics, gently cushioned travel into the end position, or simplified pressing and clamping functi... (read more)

Festo Corporation - MS2, Compressed air filter regulator valve

The MS2 Regulators and Filter/Regulators are high flow, very compact and ultra-light enabling up-close air management capability. (read more)

Festo Corporation - EGSL Series Electric Slide

Whenever there is a need for precise pushing motion or handling of work pieces, the electric slide series EGSL from Festo is the right choice for pick and place systems or planar surface and 3D gantries. (read more)

Festo Corporation - VZXF – a Heavy Duty Angle-Seat Valve

The VZXF is one of a number of new Festo process solutions that now gives customers a one-stop-shop for Festo high productivity and quality automated systems. Festo’s process offerings also include ball, butterfly, and gate valves, and associated automated controls. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Bellows Grippers for light assembly/Electronics

Festo Corporation - DHEB series bellows grippers provide a safe and gentle means of handling fragile work pieces for electronic and light assembly applications. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Electric Cylinder ESBF...Heavy Duty

Festo Corp - NEW, ESBF cylinder is capable of generating almost two tons (17,000 N) of feed force, making it possible to use in place of a hydraulic cylinder. The ESBF extends the range of Festo elctric cylinders beyond its DNCE electric cylinder range & provides a significant increase in maximum possible feed forces and speeds. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Bus Node... EtherNet/IP Communications

Festo Corporation - CPX-FB36, which is the next generation replacement for the Festo CPX-FB32 communication node, is ideal for production and process automation environments requiring diagnostics from the operational and master controller level on down to the field level. (read more)

Festo Corporation - DSBC Pneumatic Family of Cylinders

The new standard cylinder DSBC with the self-adjusting pneumatic end-position cushioning adapts optimally to changes in loads and speed. You save time and increase flexibility, and your process reliability grows. Its many variants, adaptation to ambient conditions and individual design allow it to be used flexibly. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Innovative EXCM, a Mini-H Gantry Handling System

Small XY planar surface gantry with rectangular working space offering extensive functionality with a highly compact design (read more)

Festo Corporation - VTOC Pilot Gas Valve Manifold

The VTOC valve manifold can be ordered in a wide range of configurations to accommodate gas box space limitations. Festo says these units are the highest density/smallest footprint pilot gas valve manifolds in the world. (read more)

Festo Corporation -  Pneumatic Valve Terminal VTUG

Festo Corp. - NEW compact, low-cost VTUG pneumatic valve terminal from Festo offers flexibility in the choice of control options, including simplified field bus connectivity and many other performance benefits. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Handling Guide Online

Project engineering of handling systems can be quite laborious: even for simple systems such as linear gantries. Festo has now developed an engineering tool with which you can obtain the right handling system quickly and easily: with the Handling Guide Online you can reach your goal in only three steps. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Semi-rotary drive, DRVS

The DRVS provides powerful rotation in a compact and lightweight package. The innovative SRBS sensing module is simple to install and enables fast and reliable teaching of the switching points. The housing and output shafts are sealed to protect from contamination in harsh environments. (read more)

Festo Corporation - VZWD Directly Operated Solenoid Valve

The VZWD is one of a number of new Festo process solutions that now gives customers a one-stop-shop for Festo high productivity and quality automated systems. Festo's process offerings also include ball, butterfly, and gate valves, and associated automated controls. (read more)

Festo Corporation - VZWF A Force Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve

The VZWF is one of a number of new Festo process solutions that now gives customers a one-stop-shop for Festo high productivity and quality automated systems. Festo's process offerings also include ball, butterfly, and gate valves, and associated automated controls. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Motor controller CMMP-AS-M3

The CMMP-AS- Preimum Servo Drive etends the existing line of preimium drives with improved performance including increased current-loop bandiwdth for smoother motions, more accurate motion profiles, incrased inertia rateios of 20 to 1, and higher accelerations and decelerations. (read more)

Festo Corporation - DGC-K Rodless Pneumatic Drive

Festo Corporation - Designed for simple drive functions where installation space is limited, the DGC-K also features an internal guide for simple drive functions in small installation spaces. When specified with the optional NSF-H1 food grade lubricant, the DGC-K pneumatic drive is ideal for food and beverage packaging applications. (read more)

Festo Corporation - ELGA-TB-G Electric Toothed Belt Axis

The electric toothed belt axis ELGA-TB-G from Festo enables design engineers to dispense with time-consuming in-house solutions and concentrate fully on their core activities. This speeds up the design process, and saves time and money. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Proximity Sensor Module - SMT-/SME-10M

Festo proximity sensors SMT-/SME-10M are applicable to a wide range of drive units and offer a new dimension of reliability and cost effectiveness. The long cylinder-style sensors detect the position of magnets fitted to pneumatic drives. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Solid-State Cylinder Switch SMT-8M-A

The SMT-8M-A delivers high reliability in many cylinder switch applications. (read more)

Festo Corporation - VZWP Servo Controlled Solenoid Valve

The VZWP is one of a number of new Festo process solutions that now gives customers a one-stop-shop for Festo high productivity and quality automated systems. Festo's process offerings also include ball, butterfly, and gate valves, and associated automated controls. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Parallel gripper DHPS / Three-point gripper DHDS

New compact standard grippers: without interfering edges for minimum space requirement (read more)

Festo Corporation - NPQP Polypropylene Push-Pull Pneumatic Fittings

When functionality and economics are important criteria in applications exposed to harsh cleaning detergents or in aggressive environments, the NPQP fitting series delivers a viable solution. These fittings are suitable to connect with flexible plastic tubing for a variety of pneumatic applications in such industries as food and beverage, packaging, bio-pharmaceutical, and process. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Compressed-air prep unit

The MS9 with 1-in. ports is the latest addition to the MS Series of air-preparation components. The modular units include pressure regulators, on/off and soft-start valves, filters, dryers, and lubricators, as well as modules with integrated sensors for remote adjustability and monitoring. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Valve series VS: The new generation

The VS is distinguished by its outstanding price/performance ratio, exceptional diversity, modern design, as well as robust and durable quality. Valves today require no limits with regard to performance data, proven technologies and materials, with a comprehensive range of accessories, numerous mounting options and easy operations (read more)

Festo Corporation - Solenoid valve VUVG

The VUVG is setting a new benchmark for solenoid valves. It makes applications easier and less expensive. Its small footprint with its high flow rate to small size ratio makes it the best in its class. And of course it is easy to order, install and commission. In other words, you couldn't choose a better valve. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Optimized Motion Series - Simpler and Easier

Optimized Motion Series is a low-cost system with optimized performance. A package that makes moving and positioning easier than ever. It comprises a mechanical system with permanently mounted motor and drive system (motor controller) with integrated web browser technology and matching connecting cables. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Ball Valve Assemblies Deliver Many Benefits

Festo now offers an entire range of ball valves, Namur solenoids, actuators, positioners, and sensors assembled and ready to install. (read more)

Festo Corporation - MPA-C Clean-Design Valve Terminal

This new valve terminal features an IP69K rating, NSF-H1 lubricant, fieldbus/Ethernet connectivity, and large cross section for pressurization and exhausting. (read more)

Festo Corporation - Festo Didactic for Skill Development & Consulting

Festo Didactic is a global leader in basic and further training in industry. As a provider of skills development for manufacturing and process automation, the services we offer range from educational equipment for training facilities to training and advice for industrial production companies. (read more)