Infineon Technologies AG has promoted these products / services:

Infineon Technologies AG - Dual H-Bridge Driver for Powertrain Applications

The TLE9202ED contains two independent general purpose 6 A H-Bridges in one Package. It is designed for (but not limited to) the control of DC motors or other inductive loads in automotive applications. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - Mini Intelligent Power Modules

The energy efficient CIPOS™ Mini module integrates various power and control components to increase reliability, and to optimize PCB size and system costs. This simplifies the power design and reduces significantly the time-to-market. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - High Performance Linear Voltage Regulator

High performance Voltage Regulator Family Increase power efficiency & application robustness (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - Fully Integrated Dual H-Bridge Driver

The IFX9202ED is a dual general purpose 6A H-bridge for industrial applications, home appliance and building automation, power tools battery management and medical applications, designed for the control of small DC motors and inductive loads is available from Infineon. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - 24GHz Radar Demo Board - Distance2Go

Infineon radar demo board based on the BGT24MTR11- FMCW & Doppler (distance, speed, and direction of movement detection) (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - LTE/3G Low Noise Amplifier

Low noise amplifier MMICs for mobile cellular systems: UMTS, HSPA/+ and LTE (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - RF Antenna Aperture Switch Up to 4GHz Applications

The BGSA141MN10 is a versatile Single-Pole Quad Throw (SP4T) / Single Pole Triple Throw (SP3T) / Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) and Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) RF antenna aperture switch optimized for low coff as well as low ron enabling applications up to 4.0 GHz. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - Linear Voltage Regulators for Automotive Industry

The Infineon OPTIREG™ Trackers are specially designed to supply the off-board sensors. High voltage accuracy and robustness of device implementation are the key benefits of Infineon voltage trackers. All voltage tracker products implement various protection features , such as: Over-Voltage, Over-Temperature, Reverse-Polarity and Reverse-Current. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - 500V-950V CoolMOS™ N-Channel Power MOSFET

Designed to attend to the growing consumer needs in the high voltage MOSFETs arena, the latest 950V CoolMOS™ P7 technology focuses on the low power SMPS market, addressing a range of applications, such as lighting, smart meter, mobile phone charger or notebook adapter, as well as AUX power supply and industrial SMPS. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - TMR-Based Angle Sensors for Automotive Application

Highest variety of magnetic angle sensors GMR, AMR and TMR - low end to high end, standardized and specialized for automotive, industrial and consumer

Our family of angle sensors is based on integrated Magneto Resistive (ixMR) technologies. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - AC-DC Integrated Power Conversion

Infineon latest 5th generation CoolSET™ offer high performance with the integration of latest 700V and 800V CoolMOS™ P7 power MOSFET family in both DIP-7 and DSO-12 packages. Both fixed frequency and quasi-resonant switching scheme have been enhanced from prior generation to offer greater performance and increase robustness. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - 600V CoolMOS™ N-Channel Power MOSFET

The high voltage superjunction MOSFET family for resonant topologies in high power SMPS applications. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - TO-247 4-pin Package with Kelvin Emitter

In standard through-hole packages, as for instance TO-220 or TO-247, each lead pad resembles a parasitic inductance. The TO-247 4pin package has an extra Kelvin emitter connection. This 4pin known also as Kelvin emitter terminal, bypasses the emitter lead inductance on the gate control loop, enhancing the IGBT's switching speed and decreasing the switching energy. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - CoolMOS™ P7 Superjunction MOSFETs

The CoolMOS™ P7 superjunction (SJ) MOSFET series is designed to address typical challenges in the various applications by delivering best-in-class price/performance ratio with excellent ease-of-use. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - 80 V DC-DC Buck IC LED Driver

Infineon's new 80 V DC-DC buck LED driver IC offers excellent dimming performance. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - World’s First Certified NFC Type 4B Tag

For seamless mobile connectivity: Infineon introduces world's first certified NFC Type 4B Tag. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - AMR-Based Angle Sensors

New AMR-based angle sensors from Infineon: best-in class angle accuracy at low magnetic fields. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - Highest Current Density IGBT in TO-247PLUS Package

Highest current density up to 75 A 1200 V IGBT or 120 A 600 V IGBT copacked with a diode in TO-247 footprint, 20% lower Rth(jh), 15% better heat dissipation, fast clip assembly. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - Safety First for Automated Driving Whitepaper

Automotive and Mobility Industry Leaders Publish First-of-its-Kind Framework for Safe Automated Driving Systems (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - Automotive Smart High-Side Switch

New high-side switches for energy efficiency and miniaturization. The PROFET™+2 family of single, dual and quad channel protected high-side power switches in TSDSO-14 exposed pad package provides state of the art diagnostics and protection features. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - RF SP3T switch with enhanced ESD level

The BGS13S4N9 RF MOS switch for cell phone and mobile applications with outstanding ESD robustness of 1kV. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - High-side switch w/ diagnosis and protection

High Current PROFET™ BTS7004-1EPP: 12V high side switch for loads in automotive and industrial applications. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - BGC100GN6: Antenna centric devices

A fully integrated bi-directional coupler IC. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - TRENCHSTOP™ advanced isolation

Industry leading IGBTs in fully isolated TO-247 package (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - Fixed frequency flyback controllers

Power delivery of up to 43 W with 800V variant. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - iMOTION™ IMC100 family

Sensorless FOC motor control without programming. (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - EconoDUAL™ 3 with integrated Shunts

Leading IGBT technology for medium power applications (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - EiceDRIVER™ SENSE: IGBT driver with 8-bit ADC

Isolated single channel IGBT driver for high voltage automotive applications (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - 700 V CoolMOS™ P7 - High voltage SJ MOSFETs

Developed to serve today’s and tomorrow’s trends in flyback topologies (read more)

Infineon Technologies AG - XMC4800 Automation Board-V2

Your complete automation kit gateway (read more)