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JETSEAL, Inc. - Metal C-Seal

JETSEAL manufactures a superior quality, cost-effective solution that is available in various cross-sections and virtually any diameter and material. We offer C-Seal configurations in the circular ring and rectangular forms, both customizable to your specifications. (read more)

JETSEAL, Inc. - Metal E-Seal

E-Seals are designed for low to moderate force conditions and high spring back. JETSEAL manufactures two standard types of metal E-Seals, the JE series and JH series. We offer E-Seals capable of sealing both liquids and gases in almost any diameter and in single or two-ply cross section. E-Seals are also available as Multi-Convolution Seals. (read more)

JETSEAL, Inc. - V-Seal

JETSEAL’s V-Seals are an effective metallic seal and are suited for critical, low leakage applications. We are able to engineer the optimum seal characteristics by adjusting the thickness at the cross section. Precision machined or roll-formed, V-Seals can be custom designed for high clamping force loads and hard cavity metals or low clamping force loads and soft cavity metals like... (read more)

JETSEAL, Inc. - Lever Seal: Metal E-Seal

JETSEAL is on the cutting edge of sealing technology with the uniquely designed and patented Lever Seal. The Lever Seal is superior to other “high deflection” seals available. Due to its unique stress-distributing design, the Lever Seal can handle three times the flange movement of a single-ply standard E-Seal with the same sealing capability without modifying the original ca... (read more)

JETSEAL, Inc. - Multi-Convolution Seals

Multi-Convolution Seal rings are designed for low to moderate sealing force conditions and high spring back. JETSEAL manufactures Multi-Convolution Seal rings for high cyclic deflections, high temperatures and high pressures.

Our Multi-Convolution Seals are capable of sealing both liquids and gases in almost any diameter in a single or two-ply cross section with 2 to 13 convolutio... (read more)

JETSEAL, Inc. - Axial C-Seal

Axial C-Seals are a highly specialized seal for use in low actuation, limited linear and rotary motion environments. They seal against both the ID and OD of the application hardware. Ideal applications for the Axial C-Seal range in size from .310” up to 8" in diameter. (read more)

JETSEAL, Inc. - Omega Seal - a good choice for vacuum seals

The Omega Seal is a good choice for the most demanding high pressure gas or liquid applications. The Omega Seal is also a good choice for vacuum seals.
Our Omega Seal offers the lowest leakage rate of all seals available, and is an optimal solution for applications that remain undisturbed for long periods. It's knife-edge seal contact feature concentrates load force to create an e... (read more)

JETSEAL, Inc. - U-Mega Seal

U-Mega Seals combine the load performance of the Omega Seal and the sealing characteristics of the C-Seal to achieve high reliability for an extremely low leakage seal. The U-Mega Seal profile is used in special critical applications for extremely low leakage applications. These parts may be highly loaded and plated. (read more)

JETSEAL, Inc. - Super C-Seal

Our patented metal Super C-Seal ring is designed as an alternative to spring loaded C-Seals for applications requiring higher spring back and a tighter seal than regular C-Seals. In fact, the uncoated Super C-Seal or spring loaded C-Seal can directly replace an existing C-Seal with no modifications to the cavity. (read more)

JETSEAL, Inc. - Non-Circular Metal Seals

Non-circular shapes that meet unique applications (read more)

JETSEAL, Inc. - AS1895/7 and AS1895/23 seals

JETSEAL’s AS1895 metal seal rings meet or exceed OEM specifications. JETSEAL is an industry leader in resilient metal seals providing sealing solutions for aircraft, space, and other industries demanding absolute dependability in quality, reliability, and performance. (read more)

JETSEAL, Inc. - Industrial Sensor Pass-Through

JETSEAL’s patented Sensor Pass-Through greatly reduces set-up time for sealing instrumentation wires. The uniquely designed Sensor Pass-Through allows up to 130 test instrumentation wires or pressure tubes to be easily sealed with no leakage. It has no sharp edges or threads that can damage instrumentation and is ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code rated to 850°F (454°C)... (read more)

JETSEAL, Inc. - Aerospace Sensor Pass-Through

JETSEAL has designed its patented Sensor Pass-Through for use in the aviation industry. Designed to fit in smaller space envelopes, these efficient units can accommodate up to 105 wires. Our smallest profile measures 1.34” (34mm) in diameter by 0.35” (9mm) high and holds 12 senor wires. It is capable of zero leakage up to 850° F (450° C) and 500 psi (40 bar). (read more)

JETSEAL, Inc. - Substitute C-Seals in Metal O-ring Applications

The patented seal is designed as an alternate to spring loaded C-Seals for applications requiring higher spring back and tighter seal than regular C-Seals. (read more)

JETSEAL, Inc. - Demanding applications served by JETSEAL's V-Seals

The most demanding applications are best served by JETSEAL's V-Seals which combine the advantages of compactness, lowest leakage rates, high pressure capability and high spring back.
Because the V-Seal may be designed to generate high contact stress, it is a good solution for very demanding, low leakage rate applications where the joint will remain undisturbed for long periods. (read more)

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