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METCASE - 7 Step Guide To Specifying Customized Enclosures

Fabricated metal enclosures are quicker, easier and more cost-effective to prototype than plastic cases: you don’t need new tooling every time you design a new housing. So you can specify fully customized aluminum enclosures in very small batches. Here’s the best way to start… (read more)

METCASE - How To Mount Your Non 19" Equipment In A Rack

New universal cantilever shelves from METCASE enable electronics equipment without built-in 19” fittings to be added to racks or cabinets quickly and easily. These 2U shelves are ideal for a wide range of applications including networking and communications equipment, industrial computers, sound and studio systems, laboratory instruments and industrial control systems. (read more)

METCASE - Tough, Modern Aluminum Enclosures For Terminals

Electronics designers specify METCASE’s tough UNIDESK aluminum enclosures for desktop and wall-mount applications too challenging for plastic housings. These robust sloping-front enclosures are ideal for office systems, point-of-sale, medical devices, industrial/machine control, security, access control and many other types of electronics and electro-technical terminals. (read more)

METCASE - Select 19" Enclosures That Are Up To Standard

All METCASE 19” standard and customized enclosures now conform to the latest DIN 41494, IEC 60297-3 standard for the mechanical structure of electronics equipment. (read more)

METCASE - Instrument Enclosures In Just The Right Colors

METCASE’s advanced TECHNOMET instrument enclosures can be specified in custom colors – even in low volumes. Options range from trim and bezel highlights to bespoke colors for the whole enclosure. (read more)

METCASE - Have These Instrument Enclosures To Specification

METCASE’s popular UNIMET and UNIMET-PLUS desktop and portable instrument enclosures now feature new improved bezels – enhancing their aesthetics and making them even more customizable.

They can now be offered in custom heights as well as bespoke widths and depths. It makes them two of METCASE’s most customizable models. (read more)

METCASE - Your 10.5" (42HP) Subracks/Chassis Have A New Home

Metal electronic enclosures specialist METCASE has launched a new 10.5-inch version of its advanced TECHNOMET 19” desktop mini-rack enclosures. (read more)

METCASE - Popular Enclosures for Gas Analysis Electronics

METCASE’s portable instrument enclosures and 19” rack cases have become increasingly popular with electronics engineers designing new gas analysis equipment. A key reason is that the enclosures can be ordered fully modified, ready for the production line. (read more)

METCASE - Improving A Highly Popular Instrument Enclosure

METCASE has updated its highly popular UNIMET electronic instrument enclosures with improved earthing facilities – speeding up installation times. The update brings UNIMET into line with other advanced instrument enclosures in the company’s range, such as the TECHNOMET series. (read more)

METCASE - New Expanded Enclosures Digital Printing Service

Metal enclosures manufacturer METCASE has further invested in new technology to meet growing demand for cases and front panels printed with photo-quality legends, logos and graphics. (read more)

METCASE - Popular Universal Housings With Faster Assembly

New improved UNICASE aluminum instrument enclosures from METCASE are now even quicker to assemble – thanks to redesigned chassis profiles and a new assembly tool (available as an accessory). (read more)

METCASE - 19" Desktop Rack Enclosures - Even 16U Is Possible

METCASE TECHNOMET 19” desktop mini-racks are now available in custom heights and depths to suit the customer’s rack mounted equipment.

These advanced mini-racks are designed for mounting standard 19” subracks, chassis and front panels. (read more)

METCASE - Now You Get 5U 19" Rack Enclosures As Standard

METCASE has added 5U as a standard height to its TECHNOMET 19” range of mini-racks for table-top instrumentation. They are now available in all heights from 3U to 6U as standard. (read more)

METCASE - For When Your Equipment Comes Without Rack Mounts

Metal enclosures manufacturer METCASE has launched new universal cantilever shelves that will fit any standard 19” rack or cabinet. They enable the easy installation of any electronics equipment that does not have built-in rack mounting facilities. (read more)

METCASE - A Smooth Top Makes A Great Impression Here

METCASE has launched a new version of its COMBIMET 19” rack cases. It has a wraparound top that offers superior aesthetics and easier access to components. (read more)

METCASE - Now You Are Demanding Ever Deeper 19" Rack Cases

METCASE has seen rising demand for 28” deep custom versions of its bestselling COMBIMET 19” enclosures.

Two years ago METCASE confirmed 24” deep custom COMBIMET as a standard size; now it could make the 28” deep version standard too if demand continues to rise. (read more)

METCASE - Your 19" Subrack/Chassis Belongs Right In Here

METCASE now offers a wider range of standard and customized 19” aluminum enclosures for desktop and portable instrumentation. Our new TECHNOMET 19” mini-rack enclosures and proven INSTRUMET 19” cases offer solutions for test and measurement, laboratory instrumentation, networking and communications, industrial computers, sound/audio systems and industrial control. (read more)

METCASE - Save Time With Ready-To-Use Aluminum Enclosures

METCASE manufactures an extensive range of high quality aluminum enclosures for a wide variety of electronics equipment and applications. Our engineers employ the latest manufacturing technology, using diecasting, extrusions and sheet aluminum to create our modern range of highly versatile enclosures. (read more)

METCASE - When You Need A Wall-Mount Enclosure In Metal

Modern and robust aluminum enclosures for indoor wall or machine mounted electronics equipment. Can be supplied fully customised to customer requirements.

Modern range of wall mount enclosures for indoor applications including security equipment, building access systems, machine controllers, timers, detectors, monitoring systems and much more. (read more)

METCASE - Mount Your 19" Subracks/Chassis Right In Here

Modern aluminum 19" enclosures for rack mounted electronics

Comprehensive range of modern and stylish rack mount enclosures which conform to DIN 41494 and IEC 291-1 standards. Enclosures are available in 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U and 6U sizes. They are manufactured from aluminum components designed to allow easy assembly of the electronics. (read more)

METCASE - Have Your Enclosures Exactly As You Specify Them

METCASE offers fully bespoke electronic enclosures service. These are created using our standard case components such as diecastings and extrusion profiles or from fully fabricated sheet metal components. (read more)

METCASE - Only Great Footwear Makes the Right Impression

METCASE TECHNOFEET - stylish and modern round plastic feet with or without tilt legs for fitting to any metal or plastic enclosure with a wall thickness of up to 0.12" (3 mm). Include non-slip rubber inserts. Part of a full range molded and self-adhesive enclosures feet kits. (read more)

METCASE - Fast, Colorful Enclosures Digital Printing Service

Our digital printing service provides a fast and easy solution to printing photo quality graphics, control legends, logos etc. onto front panels and enclosures. (read more)

METCASE - Made To Your Specification Rack Cases (1U - 3U)

Highly versatile range of rack mount enclosures in sizes: 1U, 2U and 3U. Features a diecast front bezel with removable front panel. Can be supplied fully customized. (read more)

METCASE - Rack Cases You Can Access While Still In The Rack

Modern 2U and 3U high 19" rack mount enclosures with modern diecast front bezel and removable front panel (no need to dismount the enclosure from the rack). (read more)

METCASE - Faster installation in a 1U housing from the start

Versatile range of 1U height 19 inch rack mount cases for modern communications, networking, laboratory, AV and sound studio electronic equipment. (read more)

METCASE - You get the right choice of 3U Rack Cases here

METCASE manufactures three ranges of elegant, versatile 3U x 19" rack cases in aluminum. All three conform to DIN 41494 and IEC 291-1 standards. 3U = 5.25" (133.35 mm). (read more)

METCASE - Modern 10.5" or 19" Rack Enclosures, You Decide

Highly attractive aluminium 10.5" and 19" wide rack enclosures for desktop electronic systems. Suitable for mounting 3U subracks, chassis and front panel. (read more)

METCASE - Now You Can Have Tough And A Sloping Front Panel

Modern tabletop electronic enclosures

Sloping front enclosures for desk mounted terminals, data entry or communications equipment. The Unidesk series of sloping front desktop enclosures can also be sealed to IP 54 DIN VDE 0470 Part 1, EN 60529 and IEC 529. (read more)

METCASE - Great Things Often Come In Small Housings

Highly attactive small aluminum instrument enclosures for compact desktop electronics. (read more)

METCASE - Professional Housings For Your Desktop Electronics

Modern Desktop and Portable Instrument Enclosures

Stylish, robust and versatile aluminum design in six standard sizes With or without a bail arm for portable use. (read more)

METCASE - Ensure A Perfect View Of Your Front Panel Controls

With 18° inclined front panel for a perfect viewing angle

METCASE has launched a new sloping front version of its advanced TECHNOMET desktop instrument enclosures. TECHOMET SL is designed for applications including medical and laboratory instruments, test and measurement, industrial control and communications. (read more)

METCASE - The Right Rack Housings For Your 19" Equipment

Smart desktop mini-racks (3U to 6U) for housing 19" systems

METCASE has created a new 19” mini-rack version of its advanced TECHNOMET table-top instrument enclosures. (read more)

METCASE - Metal Wall-Mount Housings You Can Fully Specify

Wall mount enclosures for indoor electronics

• Very modern design in three standard sizes
• Total access to the electronics during installation and servicing (read more)

METCASE - Specify Your Sloping Front Enclosures In Any Width

UNIDESK’s smart design makes it easy to supply in custom widths

METCASE can supply its modern and robust UNIDESK aluminum sloping front enclosures in custom widths to suit customer requirements. (read more)

METCASE - 19" Rack Cases Are Going Really Deep These Days

COMBIMET is now available in a super-deep size

METCASE has launched a new extra-deep 24” version of its bestselling COMBIMET 19” enclosures which are perfect for server rack type applications. (read more)

METCASE - Everything We Know About Instrument Enclosures

The latest and most advanced range of instrument enclosures from METCASE
The all new TECHNOMET range is a big step forward in the design of standard desktop and portable instrument enclosures. (read more)

METCASE - Great Feet For Your Equipment Housing, At Last!

METCASE offers a comprehensive range of feet for fitting to enclosures and equipment housings. These include molded feet with or without tilt legs and self-adhesive feet. All provide anti-glide positioning on a desk or work surface. (read more)

METCASE - How To Find The Right 1U Rack Case For Your System

Smart modern 19" enclosures for 1U rack mounted electronics
METCASE manufactures three ranges of elegant, modern 1U x 19" aluminum rack cases. All three conform to DIN 41494 and IEC 291-1 standards. 1U = 1.75" (44.45 mm). (read more)

METCASE - Make Your Electronics Equipment Even More Portable

Comfortable bail arms for carrying and canting on a desk

METCASE’s advanced new TECHNOMET instrument enclosures can now be ordered with bail arms for portable electronics applications. (read more)

METCASE - Now You Can Specify These 19" Rack Cases In 5U

METCASE's COMBIMET is now available in all sizes from 1U to 6U

These modern and versatile rack mount enclosures are available in all sizes from 1U to 6U — now including 5U as standard. Previously 5U was available only as a custom size. (read more)

METCASE - 19" Desktop Rack Enclosures To Your Specification

METCASE’s advanced TECHNOMET 19” mini-rack enclosures are now available with a wide range of customization options.

TECHOMET 19” table-top enclosures are designed for mounting standard 19” subracks, chassis and front panels. Applications include test and measurement equipment, laboratory instruments, industrial computers and control systems. (read more)

METCASE - Specify 19" Rack Cases Exactly As You Need Them

Highly versatile range of 19" rack mount enclosures in a huge range of sizes and options from 1U to 6U as standard. Larger heights available on demand. (read more)

METCASE - 19" Front Panels Complete Your Rack Installation

19" standard front panels in 10.5" and 19" widths

Manufactured in 3 mm anodized aluminum

Heights from 1U to 6U (other sizes to order)

Conform to DIN 41494 and IEC 297-1

Ventilated 1U version

Punching and digital printing services available. (read more)