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Murata Electronics has promoted these products / services:

Murata Electronics - Smallest/Highly integrated LTE Cat M1/NB1 modem

The world’s smallest available CAT-M1/NB1 module measuring 11.1x11.4x1.4 mm is less than half the area of many other commercial solutions.These flexible and optimized solutions enable LTE connectivity for multiple vertical markets, including ultra-small Asset Tags, pharmaceuticals/healthcare devices, wearable devices and GNSS trackers. The collaboration with Altair, an indus... (read more)

Murata Electronics - Fast OS Boot x Wi-Fi Link Solution

The low power solution combining fast OS boot and Fast Wi-Fi link

This is a low power consumption solution for IoT products combined with Ubiquitous AI corporation's fast OS boot solution "QuickBoot" and Murata Wi-Fi module "Type-1PJ" supporting fast Wi-Fi link specification "IEEE802.11ai". (read more)

Murata Electronics - The NFZ03SG SN Series of audio line noise filters

The NFZ03SG_SN series makes use of Murata’s proprietary material technology to suppress audio distortion that occurs when audio circuits are used. In recent years, high sound quality has been emphasized as one of the selling points of smartphones, portable audio devices, and audio quality levels that have been a significant feature. In order to counteract noise, the audio circuits... (read more)

Murata Electronics - DLW32MH-XK2 series of common choke coils

The DLW32MH_XK2 series of common mode choke coils support 100Base-T1interfaces for automotive applications. In the automotive market, there has been an acceleration of the trend toward automated driving. To achieve this, there has been an increase of electronic device units and an increase in the importance of lightweight wire harnesses that connect the various units, and growth i... (read more)

Murata Electronics - 1W regulated SMT DC-DC converter

The NXF1 series is an exciting new product which builds on Murata’s unique embedded magnetic core technology.The typical applications for these converters are in systems where agency-recognized isolation is required where tight output regulation is needed in power for remote pressure, hall-effect, mass airflow and other sensors. Markets addressed include alternative energy/solar po... (read more)

Murata Electronics - High current (up to 6A) chip ferrite beads

The 6A ferrite bead is a series of chip ferrite beads that are used in the automotive powertrain safety application. This product has a rated current of 6A and also an impedance of 70Ω, the highest in the industry. In addition, it is expected to provide a high degree of noise immunity. By using the BLM21SP series on power lines which are liable to generate noise, they also can assi... (read more)

Murata Electronics - XM Series RF Switch

XM Series is RF Switch based on SOI "Silicon On Insurator" and GaAs "gallium arsenide" process. It is suitable product for Radio Frequency applications such as Cellular or ISM band widely. (read more)

Murata Electronics - Lead Type EMIFIL®

Murata offers a variety of lead type EMI suppression filters. They can be widely used as high-performance general-purpose EMI suppression filters. (read more)

Murata Electronics - SN24R420-4 Wireless Sensor Node

The unique low-power architecture used in the SN24R420-4 provides years of battery operation. Sensor data and battery status are automatically transmitted based on user-configurable conditions, simplifying application software design. The wireless sensor node can be configured over-the-air or through its serial port. (read more)