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NKK Switches - Assortment of 8 Keylocks in Keylock Sample Kit

NKK's Keylock Sample Kit

Easy Ordering with Standard Part Number:

Our Keylocks Sample Kit contains a variety of models with high, medium, and low security levels. The kit offers an assortment of bushing sizes and multiple mounting options (PC board, panel mount, and snap-in types). Some models include a disposable boot that protects fro... (read more)

NKK Switches - Dual seal IP68 rated waterproof toggles

M and S Series dual seal IP68 rated waterproof toggles

These switches offer highly reliable protection with an inner and external o-ring, plus a waterproof boot at the base of the toggle. Typical applications include construction, transport, and medical machinery.

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NKK Switches - Emergency stop low behind panel depth pushbuttons

FF01 Series emergency stop low behind panel depth pushbuttons

NKK now offers a series of emergency stop (E-Stop) switches for applications requiring a dependable, failsafe control response. Protective guards and nameplates are available with both 25 and 30mm caps.

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NKK Switches - High-quality keylock switches set the standard

CK and SK Series Keylocks

NKK's high-quality keylock switches set the industry standard. Offered in ranges from high to low security, NKK’s keylock switches will fit your application needs. Choose between various mounting options with logic level to power ratings. NKK keylock switches are designed to perform in a variety of different applications such as automation co... (read more)

NKK Switches - Not sure what kind of switch you're looking for?

Find Your Match

Not sure what kind of switch you're looking for? With the complete NKK Switch Guide, we made it easy to find a switch based on your unique needs. Want a physical copy? Request our catalog by mail here.

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NKK Switches - Need a sample to complete your design?

Get a Sample

Need a sample to complete your design? We can help. Requesting a sample from NKK is easy and typically ships within 2 business days.

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NKK Switches - Illuminated Surface Mount Customization

Start customizing your KP04 with our Value Added Services.

  • Laser Etched Legends: For the KP Series, we etch legends on the inside of the cap to prevent wear. We recently acquired a new machine for laser etching that completes your job quickly and efficiently, even for high volumes.
  • Screen Print Legends: We recommend this printing for the KP04 fl...
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NKK Switches - Dual Seal Waterproof Toggle - Superb Quality

S-Series Dual Seal Waterproof Toggles

  • IP68 rated and salt spray tested per Mil-STD-810G.
  • Double protection with internal o-ring and external rubber washer.
  • Additional panel seal protection provided by waterproof boot built into base of toggle.
  • Sleek design with polished, chrome-plated actuator.

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NKK Switches - Complete all-in-one waterproof & dust-proof toggle

M-Series Dual Seal Waterproof Toggles

IP68 Waterproof Toggles

  • Highly reliable, double layer, waterproof toggle switch with an IP-rating.
  • Complete all-in-one waterproof and dust-proof toggle from NKK that no longer requires a separate waterproof boot.
  • Available in both single pole and double pole configurations, the Dual Seal M toggle sw...
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NKK Switches - Illuminated Surface Mount Pushbuttons

KP04-Series Illuminated Surface Mount Pushbutton Switches

Illuminated Surface Mount Pushbuttons

  • RGB LED with full color spectrum for unlimited, stable and consistent color options
  • Switch actuation synced with contact timing delivers color without delay for safe, reliable and intuitive operation
  • Choice of non-tactile or tactile/audible a...
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NKK Switches - Panel Seal Illuminated Pushbuttons

YB2-Series Panel Seal Illuminated Pushbutton Switches

Panel Seal Illuminated Pushbuttons

  • 3A Power Level & 0.4VA Logic Level; Bushing Mount; LED Illumination; Full Face and Illuminated Ring Options, IP65, cULus
  • 24mm square and 25mm diameter pushbuttons with the shortest above-panel dimension (1.8mm) in the industry for splash-proof design.<...
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NKK Switches - Reliable, Environmentally Friendly Tilt Switches

DSB-Series Tilt Switches

  • DSA Environmentally friendly; contains no mercury. High contact reliability due to sealed body.
  • The switch is triggered when tilted beyond ±10° of the horizontal. PCB adaptor available as an accessory.
  • DSB Photo interrupter, rather than contacts, ensures high reliability. 1M operations minimum. Fully sealed...
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NKK Switches - High quality at a low price - mini slide switches

CS-Series Miniature Slide Switches

  • High performance and high quality at a low price. Highly insulated molded cover and case withstands 12 kilovolts of electrostatic discharge (ESD), providing antistatic feature.
  • Cover and case are UL 94-V0 flammability rated. Epoxy-sealed terminals lock out flux, dust, and other contaminants.
  • Suited for a wide v
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NKK Switches - Subminiature Process Sealed Rotary Switches

NR01-Series Subminiature Process Sealed Rotary Switches

  • Light Operating Feel
  • Sliding Dual-Contact Mechanism for Improved Contact Reliability
  • Anti-lifting Design with Crimped Bracket Feet for Secure PC Mounting
  • Totally Sealed Construction

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NKK Switches - Rotary Coded Switches with compact dimensions

FR01-Series 10mm DIP Rotaries

  • Compact dimensions and low profile allow high-density mounting and close stacking of PC boards.
  • Highly visible legends and choice of screwdriver, shaft or dial actuators with arrow position indication provide trouble-free code setting. Knob actuator also available.

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NKK Switches - Extensive selection of Illuminated rocker switches


NKK offers an extensive selection of Illuminated rocker switches in various sizes, ratings, and terminations to allow for virtually unlimited configurations. Ultra-subminiature to standard and high capacity, process sealed options are available. NKK illuminated rocker switches feature a multitude of vibrant LED, neon, and incandescent illumination o... (read more)

NKK Switches - Rugged High Security Keylocks

16mm & 19mm High Security Keylocks

  • 3A Power Level; 16mm and 19mm Bushing Mount; Flat and Tubular Key Options
  • Highly insulating material for 16mm CKM models withstands 15 kilovolts of electrostatic discharge, thus providing an antistatic feature.
  • Rugged, die-cast housing, 19mm CKL models are designed for higher security requirements.<.../li>
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NKK Switches - Non-illuminated Keypads - easy to integrate

FM-Series 4 and 16 Key Non-Illuminated Keypads

  • FM-Series keypads are available in both illuminated and non-illuminated configurations.
  • Both models include adhesive backing for easy mounting and actuating domes, which offer crisp, tactile feedback to positively indicate circuit transfer.

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