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O'Keefe Controls Co. - Accurate, Consistent Process Control — Worry Free!

When accurate speed control and timing is paramount to process performance, O’Keefe Controls Co. Tamperproof Flow Controls are specified again and again. Offered in numerous configurations and connections, they are packed with performance features. (read more)

O'Keefe Controls Co. - Tamperproof Checked Orifices — A Genius Solution

When precise fluid metering is needed with no backflow, O'Keefe Controls Co. Tamperproof Checked Orifices are the genius solution. These flow controls consist of an integral check valve and a fixed precision orifice incorporated in a single construction, offering several advantages when used in process control systems. (read more)

O'Keefe Controls Co. - Ball Type Check Valves Excel in High Pressures

Utilized across a wide variety of small industrial applications to prevent unwanted reverse flow, O'Keefe Controls Co. Ball Type Check Valves feature a metal seat, making them excellent for high-pressure applications. (read more)

O'Keefe Controls Co. - Miniature Long Life Threaded Insert Check Valves

Need a fluid checking function in a miniature setting? Designed to thread into some other existing device like a valve, manifold, or vessel wall, O'Keefe Controls Co. Threaded Insert Check Valves are ideal when size and weight are a consideration in the design. (read more)

O'Keefe Controls Co. - These Check Valves Last — Over Many, Many Cycles

In fluid control applications where preventing reverse flow is vital, O'Keefe Controls Co. line of small Disk-Type Check Valves is a robust option. Boasting several unique features, these durable devices are designed to last over many, many cycles. (read more)

O'Keefe Controls Co. - Precision Flow Control for Low Flow Rate Systems

O’Keefe Controls Co. Precision MICRO-ORIFICES® make accurate flow a certainty. The miniature orifice sizes are especially useful in applications where the flow rate is very low, such as leak testing, calibration standards, and more. (read more)

O'Keefe Controls Co. - Sapphire Orifices - wide size selection offered

O’Keefe Controls Co. Precision Sapphire Orifices are available in a notably large selection of orifice sizes within an extremely narrow range. They also boast exceptionally tight flow tolerances. (read more)

O'Keefe Controls Co. - A Versatile Workhorse in Precision Flow Control

Extremely accurate, repeatable Precision Metal Orifices provide superior flow control for a variety of liquids and gasses, at a wide range of temperatures and pressures. (read more)

O'Keefe Controls Co. - Non-Electrical Level Controls - A Smart Solution

When liquid level control applications have risk of explosion, O’Keefe Controls Co. non-electrical Pneumatic Level Controls are a smart way to solve the problem. Learn about their many advantages. (read more)

O'Keefe Controls Co. - Reliable Non-Electrical Level Control

O'Keefe Controls Co. Pneumatic Float Valves are the proven solution for level control applications where risk of explosion is a consideration. Their unique construction and versatility makes them suitable for many applications, across industries. (read more)

O'Keefe Controls Co. - Easy, Leak-Free Fluid Connections into Enclosures

When connections are needed for fluid pathways into equipment enclosures, or between a valve manifold and its various control devices, O'Keefe Controls Co. Miniature Bulkhead Connectors solve this vital need. (read more)

O'Keefe Controls Co. - Finding the Right Leak-Free Connection is Easy!

O'Keefe Controls Co. Miniature Stainless Steel Fittings are available in several harder-to-find configurations. This makes it easy to find the right connectors between the various fluid pathways in a miniature fluid system. (read more)

O'Keefe Controls Co. - Protect Critical Components from Damage

Miniature In-Line Screens offer another level of particulate control for a fluid control system. Available with particle retention size as small as 10 microns, the durable stainless steel screens protect critical components from damage or reduced performance due to clogging or reduced flow rate. (read more)

O'Keefe Controls Co. - Mini Wire Screens - Another Level of Protection

Critical components often need additional protection beyond a filtration system. O’Keefe Controls Co. Miniature Stainless Steel Wire Screens are available in bound and unbound configurations for integration directly into your device or system. (read more)

O'Keefe Controls Co. - "Set It and Forget It" Precision Process Control

In OEM applications where system parameters are well known and consistency and repeatability are valued, O'Keefe Controls Co. Tamperproof Flow Controls offer the ultimate "set it and forget it" solution. (read more)

O'Keefe Controls Co. - One device — Two separate metered flows!

O'Keefe Controls Co. Bidirectional Fixed Flow Controls provide separate metered flows in opposite directions — in the convenience of a single construction. (read more)

O'Keefe Controls Co. - Prevent the Unwanted Ingestion of Solid Particles

Where there is a requirement to ensure that only clean fluid enters into a component or system, O'Keefe Controls Miniature Fine Screen Breathers are a proven solution. (read more)

O'Keefe Controls Co. - O’Keefe Controls Co. ISO 9001:2015 Certified

O’Keefe Controls Co. remains part of the elite group of companies, across 170 countries worldwide, that adhere to the established standards of ISO 9001:2015. (read more)