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Omnetics Connector Corporation - Micro Circular Connector- tight space/rugged envir

Omnetics Micro Circular Series (spaced at .050" / 1.27 mm centerline-to-centerline) is ideal for tight spaces and rugged environments. This family of interconnect solutions features a mated length of less than 12.4 mm. (read more)

Omnetics Connector Corporation - Omnetics Expedited 3D Models - connector harness

Omnetics Expedited 3D Models with the designers in Mind…..

There are several key benefits of using 3D design and 3D modeling within todays interconnect world. Advantages include simplicity, automation as well as interactive analysis for the designers themselves. Unfortunately for connector makers, often lost in translation is the physical connector itself. Connectors, altho... (read more)

Omnetics Connector Corporation - Micro and Nano-miniature connector wiring systems

On any given day approximately 2,300 man-made satellites are orbiting the earth's surface. These satellites are responsible for relaying both analog and digital signals
carrying a plethora of voice, video and data-streaming to and from various locations worldwide. Each second, these satellites directly impact everyday luxuries we
enjoy, such as cellphones and email, to mo... (read more)

Omnetics Connector Corporation - HYBRID MICRO-D’s; A SPACE SAVER?

Omnetics Connector Corporation's high reliability Micro-D connectors are now available with mixed power/signal contact layouts to allow designers the ability to achieve their optimal layout and performance. (read more)

Omnetics Connector Corporation - USB 3.0 Quick Lock Connector


Omnetics New USB 3.0 Quick Lock Connector option delivers lightning speeds in a shell you might just recognize.

On first glance you will notice Omnetics' all new Quick Lock USB 3.0 connector is a little different than the rest. Gone are the flex pin contacts that so many are use to, still remaining, is the quality and... (read more)

Omnetics Connector Corporation - Micro Ratcheting Circular Connector

Omnetics micro circular connectors are Hi-Rel, lightweight, high density, built to exceed shock/vibration requirements of Mil-Std-83513.These connectors offer reliability, signal integrity, EMI prevention, and IP68 sealing. Omnetics connectors are proven in use for space, military, aerospace, robotics, and petroleum applications. (read more)

Omnetics Connector Corporation - Nano Strip connectors

May the “ Magnetic Forces ” be with you.

Omnetics’ Nano Strip connectors encompass an ultra-low profile and rugged form factor, making it an ideal interconnect solution for a number of design challenges currently plaguing today’s engineering community. From inside the box to board-to-board connections, this family of Nano-miniature connectors makes the toug... (read more)

Omnetics Connector Corporation - NANO-D PROVES SMALL IS POWERFUL

For years, standard D-sub-miniature connectors (MIL-DTL-24308) were the poster child in relation to overall ruggedness and reliability when it came to interconnect greatness. However, much of this has changed with the influx of today’s digital explosion.

an impact size and weight are pla... (read more)


These days, components of all sizes are constantly being assessed in an effort to scale down from larger design templates, and embrace today’s emphasis on miniaturization. Device portability, overall flexibility, as well as SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) continue to plague today’s design engineer. And throughout this evolution of miniaturization, connectors have always found t... (read more)

Omnetics Connector Corporation - Cable Harnessing - Custom Designed to Fit

For years, Omnetics has been known for their high quality singleended Micro and Nano-miniature connector solutions. Unfortunately, too often being lost in translation is the fact that Omnetics also harnesses strong capabilities as they relates to manufacturing standard and custom cable assemblies. (read more)

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