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Panametrics - Water and Wastewater Solutions from Panametrics

The water industry currently endures significant challenges caused by rapid urbanization, climate change and rising customer demands. Operators must ensure a sufficient water supply while managing resources by tracking and maintaining network efficiency, identifying leaks, and improving network segmentation while maintaining availability. (read more)

Panametrics - Leveraging Diagnostics Eight-Path UT Flow Meters

Eight-path ultrasonic flow meters give you all the data you need to make informed decisions, minimize risk, and reduce the uncertainty inherent in flow measurement. But making that data actionable takes a solid understanding of the enhanced diagnostics these meters have to offer. (read more)

Panametrics - [WEBINAR] Save Energy with UT Clamp-on Flow Meters

How can your building be more energy efficient without the need for refurbishment?

One common need which builders, contractors and management companies often overlook is the implementation of flow meters.

Clamp-on flow meters can bridge the gap of traditional meters if they were never installed during the start of a project, or if the building is too old for this type of te... (read more)

Panametrics - Learn about Panametrics Application Stories

Panametrics, a Baker Hughes business has been a pioneer in the sensor technology industry for more than 60 years. With an innovative culture, we continue to develop solutions for moisture, oxygen, liquid flow, and gas flow measurement. Our proven technologies are widely known across many industries including oil & gas. Some of our other technology breakthroughs include: (read more)

Panametrics - [WEBINAR] Optimize your complete flare operations

Meet your daily flaring needs with Panametrics flare.IQ for emissions control, digital verification and our new FlareCare supporting service agreements. Learn more at our webinar Optimize your complete flare operations. (read more)

Panametrics - 5 Reasons to Consider the Panaflow Z3 ultrasonic

5 Reasons to Consider the Panaflow Z3 ultrasonic

(1) Maintenance-free with removeable sensors

(2) No restriction in the process

(3) No pressure drop or drift

(4) Reliable and robust with high accuracy

(5) Significant reduction in total cost of ownership. (read more)

Panametrics - Oxygen measurement in hospitals

The NHS in the United Kingdom was looking to equip hospitals with flow measurement for the main oxygen supply to assess the capacity for emergency response. Currently the system uses a pressure method from the cryogenic oxygen tanks. This method feeds a notification to the supplier to schedule supplies. (read more)

Panametrics - Flow Measurement for Food Beverage

Panametrics clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters measure Non-Intrusively and Non-Invasively. For this reason, they are variable and hygienic metering solutions for the food, Drinking Industries
(read more)

Panametrics - Save Energy with Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meters

How can your building be more energy efficient without the need for refurbishment?

One common need which builders, contractors and management companies often overlook is the implementation of flow meters. (read more)

Panametrics - Refinery Solutions from Panametrics

Discover next generation solutions for minimal risk and maximum performance (read more)

Panametrics - Transit-time for accurate flow measurement.

Ultrasonic technology is the fastest growing flow measurement today. So why is it replacing other technologies? (read more)

Panametrics - Advantages of Ultrasonic Metering

PanaFlow HT SIL Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

The PanaFlow HT brings you the advantages of ultrasonic metering and takes on the difficult, bottom-of-the-refinery measurements (read more)

Panametrics - Custody transfer flow measurement

Sentinel meters offer peace of mind to pipeline operators (read more)

Panametrics - PanaFlow Vortex Flow Meter

Widely chosen by customers for its reliability and accuracy, the vortex flow meter also serves as a standard for steam applications due to its ease of installation and low maintenance costs (read more)

Panametrics - highly versatile, high performance flowmeter

The DigitalFlow GF868 from Panametrics is a highly versatile, high performance flowmeter capable of many configurations with a large display and ample space for complicated wiring. (read more)

Panametrics - Panametrics Portable Flow Meters

The portables line from Panametrics, a Baker Hughes business, offers both ultrasonic liquid and gas clamp-on flow meters: (read more)

Panametrics - Panametrics Flare Flow Measurement

The standard bearer in ultrasonic flare mass flow measurement (read more)

Panametrics - Panametrics PanaFlow LC

Improved accuracy with enhanced signal processing
Wider flow range for diverse flow measurements
Latest digital communication protocols (read more)

Panametrics - MV80 Inline Vortex Flow Meter

Our PanaFlow vortex meter offers a multivariable design that contains shedding velocity with RTD temperature sensors and a solid-state pressure transducer for measuring mass flow rate of steam, gases and liquids. (read more)

Panametrics - XMO2 Thermo Paramagnetic Oxygen Transmitter/Analyzer

Our Panametrics hydrogen analyzers improve process efficiency, optimize reactors and provide greater confidence for petrochemical, power generation and combustion efficiency applications. The solid-state analyzer design uses no moving parts, ensuring an accurate and reliable measurement even in difficult high-noise environments. (read more)

Panametrics - Aurora TDLS Moisture Analyzer

The Panametrics TDLAS portfolio, featuring the Aurora product line, consists of hygrometers with intuitive interfaces that are easy to configure and operate. The rigorous testing process of our state-of-the-art tunable diode laser technology proves it can withstand the harshest elements (read more)

Panametrics - PT900 Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

The TransPort PT900 uses a rugged and intuitive smart device/tablet and includes a new compact clamping fixture along with wireless capabilities. Its easy-to-use design gives operators confidence that their measurements are accurate. (read more)