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Polyonics, Inc. - Harsh Flux & Abrasion Resistance for Electronics

Harsh Flux and Abrasion Resistance: Polyonics offers label materials specifically designed to withstand the highly active ORH1 fluxes and high-pressure washes used in harsh PCB manufacturing processes. (read more)

Polyonics, Inc. - Automotive under-the-hood labeling requirements

Automakers require durable under-the-hood labels that remain firmly affixed for the life of the part, to accurately track their products and to provide critical safety and operational information. (read more)

Polyonics, Inc. - Flame Retardant Label Materials for Aerospace

Polyonics offers the XF-603 label material as a polyimide based replacement for Tedlar, providing aerospace manufacturers with a reliable and cost-effective alternative. (read more)

Polyonics, Inc. - Issues with extreme static charge and high temps?

Engineered TapesMask, insulate, bond and protect. Solve issues with extreme static charge, high temps and other harsh environments. (read more)

Polyonics, Inc. - chemistry and coating expert for OEM designers

Performance Label and Tag Materials. Polyonics is the specialty chemistry and coating expert for label, tag and tape converters, specialty die cutters, OEM designers and specification engineers. (read more)

Polyonics, Inc. - Tag and Label Materials for Metal Manufacturing

Polyonics® HIGHdegree label and tag materials are specially engineered to stand up to the punishing demands of metal manufacturing factories and foundries. (read more)

Polyonics, Inc. - Durable Labels for demanding PCB manufactures

Polyonics® understands the intricacies of PCB manufacturing and designs and manufactures label materials specifically for these harsh
environments. (read more)


POLYONICS XF-581 is a 1 mil (25 µm) polyimide film with a high-temperature, permanent,
pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and a high opacity, semi-gloss white topcoat specifically designed for
thermal transfer printing and applications requiring low outgassing. (read more)

Polyonics, Inc. - Uniquely Engineered Tapes for Extreme Applications

Our tapes are designed to mask, insulate, isolate, bond and protect your sensitive, precise and expensive components and devices. (read more)

Polyonics, Inc. - Polyonics HIGHdegree Label and Tag Materials

Tag and label materials for metal manufacturing factories and foundries. (read more)