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Protomatic, Inc. has promoted these products / services:

Protomatic, Inc. - Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Company

What Does it Mean to Be a Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Company? (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Vision Systems, meet the Needs of Space & Military

Today’s world of metrology is diverse and sophisticated. In many manufacturing processes, there is and probably always will be, a place for tactile gages. Among those physical instruments are: calipers, bore, ring, plug, thread, radius, height gages, micrometers, and coordinate measurement machines. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Protomatic Stays Updated on Lithium-Ion Batteries

Protomatic manufactures tools, fixtures and prototype parts for the development, testing and production of lithium-ion batteries. By being so involved in the challenges and opportunities presented by those batteries, Protomatic is committed to staying abreast of the latest developments in the field. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Plastic Prescription

Plastic machining is more difficult than you would expect. The technology that is required to manufacture first-class plastic components at a reasonable cost pushes the state of the art for machines, tools, and fixtures. For example, holding the plastic workpiece so it doesn't flex during the machining process is somewhat of an art in itself. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Nickel-Based Superalloys

Nickel-based superalloys, such as Inconel, have an unparalleled combination of toughness, resistance to degradation and high-temperature strength. Utilized in aircraft turbines, rocket engines and other applications that demand maximum toughness, they are critical to the efficient operation of these delicate machines. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Differences of Common “T” Temper Designations for 6061 Alloy Aluminum

Manufacturing job shops typically interpret a material specification of “ALUMINUM 6061-T6” as allowing 6061-T6, -T651 or -T6511. All of these are acceptable tempers, and are permitted for most applications. But, from years of experience, this is not necessarily the best interpretation. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - CNC Components and Assemblies for Military

Protomatic's history of manufacturing custom CNC components and assemblies for OEM land vehicles, aircraft, and space vehicles has been a great source of pride in recent years. Therefore, we proudly offer support components for military ground vehicles, specializing in electronic chassis and brackets, custom connector components, plastic covers, and microwave applications. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Protomatic's Laser Engraving Capabilities Expanded

Protomatic now has multiple options to match your laser marking and light-duty, special-material cutting applications. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Heat Treating of Super Alloys, Understanding Terms

Understanding the terminology used on various (Blue) Prints and Material Certifications requires a solid mechanical engineering background or years of experience. The main reason is how much the terminology varies depending on manufacture, distributor and (Blue) Print specifications. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Aerospace Manufacturing w/ Prototyping Capability

Aerospace parts need to be manufactured with extreme precision to ensure they function the way they’re supposed to. There’s simply no room for error. Before these parts are put into long-term production, the specifications need to be confirmed through a prototyping process. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Small Hole Drilling is a Big Thing

Proven expertise in small hole drilling is another important difference between Protomatic and typical CNC job shops. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - CNC machine shop - medical & aerospace industries

Protomatic is a contract CNC machine shop specializing in the medical and aerospace industries. We know that the parts we machine are often critical to your product’s success. There is simply no margin for error. So, we take personal ownership in every project, from initial concept, prototype, pre-production and through production manufacturing. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Aerospace Prototypes - Accurate & Professional

Prototyping is a great way to ensure parts are always made exactly as needed in aerospace manufacturing. However, this requires consistency and dependability from the manufacturer, and Protomatic is the company for the job. Our extensive experience and capabilities have made us the go-to decision for prototyping in the aerospace industry. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Quality, Custom Parts – No Matter the Sizing

Protomatic is a machine shop that believes in providing our customers with the custom parts they need, no matter the sizing. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - All aluminum isn't the same. What is best for you?

Aluminum is one of the most universal materials and is widely used in many CNC machining applications. It is cost effective, easy to manufacture with many methods, has a good strength to weight ratio, and is naturally long lasting with low corrosion rates. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Precision CNC aerospace machining

Protomatic manufactures CNC aerospace and military components for OEMs. Specializing in many materials for aircraft and space vehicles. AS9100D, ITAR. (read more)

One of the specialty machining processes available at Protomatic is our carbon dioxide coolant. In many applications, the typical "flood coolant" is sufficient. However, in applications requiring high cleanliness, or high-performance machining such as medical implant parts, carbon dioxide coolant is a great alternative. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Precision Machine Shop Services

Precision machine shop services, CNC milling, Turning, CMM inspection, special finishing (blasting/polishing), laser engraving, assembly, contract manufacturing (assemblies and sub-assemblies), plastic and rubber molds, sheet metal, welding, plasma cutting. Specializing in medical and aerospace critical parts (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - The Most Common Metal Coatings and Finishes

While there is a wide array of metal coatings and finishes available, the following overview highlights many of the options that are most commonly used by design engineers. All have unique properties that can protect or optimize product performance; many reference a military specification; and most are processed by NADCAP suppliers (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - YAG Laser Marking - 2,3, 4 Axis

Laser Marking for most metals for flat (2D), complex (3D), and 4-Axis delivers accurate and repeatable results for two-sided parts. Laser marking for your part in all quantities from one to thousands. With a quick turn around, we can generate customized artwork or use your provided CAD/computer math data. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Fuel Cells

Protomatic has long been involved in manufacturing biofuel components for fuel cell and power distribution. We manufacture custom direct-inject biofuel components, manifolds, and covers as well as modifying engines for improved performance and engineering sensor monitoring for research and development purposes. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Moving into Digital Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing requires analysis of data from a diverse set of industrial equipment on the factory floor. Uniform, robust communications are part of the necessary infrastructure for modern business systems and 21st-century decision-making. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Contour Inspection Capability

Protomatic has the capability to measure texture, form and contour simultaneously with our Taylor-Hobson Form Talysurf Intra. The "Tally Surf" measures complex internal and external profiles non-destructively for critical applications. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Robot Improves Process Control

Our 24/7 robotic operation allows the CNC machine to utilize a single-cavity setup and achieve the performance of a manual multi-cavity setup. Round the clock run times result in better thermal stability which in turn improves the quality of the part. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Protomatic exceeds ISO requirements

Protomatic established ISO-9001: 1994 QMS in 1997, and acquired ISO 9001 designation in 1999. Since then, we have aggressively improved our QMS due to new guidelines and most importantly to stay competitive in the industry. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - A CNC Part Is not Done Until it is Finished

Using the proper finishing process is critical to any CNC machined part. Of course, one major benefit is the parts just look better. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. CNC Machining of Small Parts.

Technically small parts are hard to make. As you get smaller, challenges arise. Deburring, machine accuracy and tool quality are just some of the problems that are experienced when making small part features. Protomatic has the equipment, tools and expertise required to successfully manufacture the tiniest of parts. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - How a PFEMA Can Help Manage Risks for ISO

What is a PFEMA?

PFEMA stands for Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis. It is a document that states all the possible ways a process or product can demonstrate a manufacturing or product weakness, and provides a solution to prevent the potential problem. The document is comprised of two major sections called Risk and Mitigation. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Where The Machining Industry Is Headed

The Modern Machine Shop Top Shop Conference was full of new ideas and concepts. The attendees were some of the best in the machining industry, and their insights regarding the changing trends of machine shops were extremely interesting and educational. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Get the Most from Your Capitol Equipment

For capital-intensive businesses such as a CNC job shop, staying up to date on equipment is critical to success. Knowing about or finding the right tool for the job is crucial to cost, quality and delivery. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. -  Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing Methods?

3D printing allows for the production of parts with complexity that can’t be matched by traditional manufacturing methods. It can be used to produce impossible-to-machine features, like parts without seams or joints. Complex geometric or organic shapes are often only possible to produce using additive manufacturing methods, as is true for hollow parts. (read more)

Precision is of utmost importance when manufacturing mission-critical Parts. Protomatic Aerospace assures quality with several inspection techniques including an Optical Comparator, the Nikon VMC-3020 vison based system and the Keyence IM-6020 (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Cosmetic Finish Techniques

For parts requiring a cosmetic finish, Protomatic, Inc is well versed in using systematic processes for making parts picture perfect. Included in our process technique is part design/process design, part material and hardness, blank manufacturing quality, tool design, fixture design, machine condition, gauges and technique, lubricant chemistry, and the machinist . We machine soft aluminu... (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Full Inspection Services

Protomatic offers full inspection services with CMM capabilities on all of your dimensionally critical parts. Consistency is ensured with climate and dust-controlled manufacturing practices. Gauges are monitored using "Gauge Tracker" and are calibrated to NIST and/or ISO 10012. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - CNC Job Shop for Aerospace

Precision CNC contract manufacture focused on precision components for the Aerospace Industry. Specializing in small to medium sized turned and milled multi axis components. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Surgical Tools

Protomatic works with medical OEMs, since we are familiar with utilizing GMPs for Class 1, 2 and 3 medical components for every application. We provide components for optical, dental, and other applications in the medical field. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Protomatic Medical

For more than thirty years, Protomatic has been involved in the medical industry providing CNC precision machining services and custom components such as laboratory equipment, surgical tools and operating equipment as well as components for the optical and dental fields (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - CNC Job Shop for Medical

Contract CNC manufacture that specializes in the manufacture of medical devices. Machining capablities include, 2-8 Axis Lathe, 3-5 Axis Milling, Vision based inspection with Coordinate Measuring Machines, specialized finishing equipment, specialized inspection capabilites. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Prototype Services

We help our stressed customers bring their new concepts to market. We have a proven track record of helping domestic customers develop their napkin sketches into a feasible design and prototype leading to a marketable product. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Rapid Prototyping

Protomatic excels at rapid prototyping - the process of converting CAD drawings to physical parts for the purpose of creating conceptual models. We build highly detailed prototypes from plastic or composite materials which can then be utilized to demonstrate and test product designs before moving on to the manufacturing phase. (read more)

Protomatic, Inc. - Automotive Design, Prototype, and Production

Protomatic offers in-house design support, prototyping, production and assembly of custom parts and systems manufactured for many companies within the automotive industry. We have the capacity to handle a single prototype as well as large production orders specializing in CNC multi-axis vertical machining centers, C-Axis CNC lathes for precision turning, welding, plasma cutting... (read more)