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Rotork plc - Valves for Chemical, Process & Industrial

Rotork creates value by partnering with our customers in the chemical, process and industrial markets to deliver intelligent flow and process automation solutions that maximises their operational reliability and efficiency.

With a comprehensive product portfolio and over 60 years of experience, Rotork’s expertise helps to deliver improved safety, greater productivity and red... (read more)

Rotork plc - Manage Flow of Liquids WIth Our Quality Products

Customers worldwide rely on Rotork for innovative, high quality engineered and dependable solutions for managing the flow of liquids and gases in the water and power industries.

Rotork products control thousands of valves in the water and wastewater industry. Our flow control products are used in potable water treatment including filtration, desalination and distribution. We are i... (read more)

Rotork plc - Best Actuation Products For The Oil & Gas Industry

Rotork specialise in producing actuators and related flow control equipment for every part of the oil and gas industry, including production, processing, distribution and storage. Our products control hundreds of thousands of valves in plants across the world. Our products are designed to withstand the harsh environments and extreme conditions to which they are routinely exposed.

... (read more)

Rotork plc - Modern Battery Technology

For a site to be productive, profitable and efficient, the assets that operate within it must be continually available, even if power is lost. This white paper will examine the role that improvements in battery technology can offer to keep a site operating at its optimum level. The value of battery technology within electric valve actuation is substantial. Flow control assets are often a... (read more)

Rotork plc - New features added to industry-leading actuators

Rotork adds new features to the intelligent IQ3 Pro range

Rotork is excited to announce that new features have been added to the industry-leading IQ3 Pro range of intelligent actuators.

The new features include increased speeds for the IQT3F Pro electric modulating actuators, independent open/close speeds for part-turn actuators and closed-loop control for the multi-... (read more)

Rotork plc - Reduce site downtime -intelligent asset management

Analysing performance data stored inside actuators can help reduce site downtime and operational risk (read more)

Rotork plc - Rotork acquires Hanbay, Inc.

Miniature electric actuators offer compact profile (read more)

Rotork plc - Rotork IQ3 Pro with full mobile App integration

Connecting with our digital future

The IQ3 range is renowned for being one of the most robust and intelligent actuators in the industry, and Rotork is excited to introduce the new IQ3 Pro with full mobile App integration. This evolution enables the continual development of new features that drive digitisation and future-proofing of electric actuation. (read more)

Rotork plc - Upgrades to actuators to decrease downtime

Rotork upgrades Gatwick fuel farm with intelligent actuators to decrease downtime

Rotork has helped upgrade and modernise a major Gatwick fuel farm, providing them with IQ3 intelligent actuators on Rotork’s Pakscan™ control network.

Pakscan™ control network.

Rotork has helped upgrade and modernise a major Gatwick fuel farm, providing them with IQ3 i... (read more)

Rotork plc - The role of flow control in desalination

Our planet’s surface is 71% water. This translates into approximately two sextillion litres of water which is approximately two hundred billion litres of water for every person on earth.

However, the reality is that one in three people do not have access to clean drinking water, and projections show that, at current trends, more than half of the world’s population will... (read more)

Rotork plc - Compact and robust electro-hydraulic actuators

Rotork enhances the Skilmatic SI range of electro-hydraulic actuators (read more)

Rotork plc - Actuators improve reliability and reduce emissions

Rotork electric actuators installed in glass factory help improve reliability and reduce emissions

Electric actuators have been installed at a glass factory in Turkey, allowing for efficient combustion and reduction of emissions.

A glass plant in the Mersin area of southern Turkey, run by Şişecam, installed 33 ROMpak electric actuators. The ROMpak units replaced e... (read more)

Rotork plc - Rotork supplies actuators -Northern Lights Project

Rotork electric actuators selected for Norwegian ‘next generation’ carbon capture storage project.

Rotork has been awarded a contract to supply IQ3 and Skilmatic SI range actuators to an essential and unique industrial decarbonisation project in Norway.

Northern Lights is developing the world’s first open-source CO2 transport and storage infrastructure. It... (read more)

Rotork plc - How to reduce maintenance spend and downtime

All industrial, manufacturing and utility provision sites have large numbers of essential, complex and specialist equipment. These assets require dedicated maintenance and service plans to make sure they continue working as they are supposed to, at all times. This is the case irrespective of industry; oil and gas sites, wastewater plants, chemical production sites and power stations (to... (read more)

Rotork plc - Case Study - Inefficient actuators upgraded

Inefficient actuators upgraded to Rotork intelligent electric actuation at a water adventure site

IQ3 actuators from Rotork have improved and modernised the flow control system at a white water centre in the north-east of England, UK.

The Tees Barrage International White Water Centre is an activity and sports site. Visitors can go white water rafting, canoeing, kayak... (read more)

Rotork plc - Versatile actuators now have a part-turn option

Rotork extends the versatile CK range of actuators by launching a part-turn option

The innovative Rotork CK range of modular electric valve actuators has been extended to include a new part-turn variant, known as the CKQ. The entire range has a modular design that provides flexibility and high degrees of configurability, enabling a fast order turnaround and quick del... (read more)

Rotork plc - Pneumatic actuators - critical safety functions

Rotork provides critical fire safety duties on Turkish subway

Rotork has installed over 150 RC200 pneumatic actuators to perform critical safety functions on a railway line in Turkey. Actuators operating fire dampers on an extension of the Kadıköy Kartal Tavşantepe metro line to the Sabiha Gökçen airport in Tukey has ensured the safety of passengers. The... (read more)

Rotork plc - Retrofit of legacy actuator provides critical data

Retrofit of legacy actuators provide Indian airport with critical performance data

An aviation fuel station at a major Indian airport has been enhanced with the installation of intelligent electric actuators from Rotork. The customer wished to upgrade to the latest in intelligent actuation technology, benefitting from the ability to gather data to plan for maintenance activ... (read more)

Rotork plc - Valve positioners-enhanced hardware & diagnostics

Improved YT-3400 valve positioners from Rotork deliver enhanced hardware and diagnostics

Rotork has improved its range of smart positioners to offer enhanced diagnostic and operating abilities. Valve positioners adjust an actuators position based on a control signal to meet specific process parameters (such as flow, pressure or temperature). This precise control of a valve... (read more)

Rotork plc - Pneumatic actuators - rugged, compact design

GP (pneumatic) and GH (hydraulic) range scotch yoke actuators are designed to provide a rotary, quarter-turn movement for either on/off or modulating duty. The rugged yet compact design is available with two different yoke designs. The classic symmetric yoke delivers peak torque at both ends of stroke. Alternatively, they can be supplied with canted torque arms designed to deliver peak t... (read more)

Rotork plc - Supply Flow Control Solutions - Case Study

Rotork supply flow control solutions to Wessex Water for multi-million upgrade project

Supporting UN Sustainable Development Goal 6, Clean Water and Sanitation, and keeping the world flowing for future generations.

Intelligent electric actuators have been ordered by Wessex Water to support a £50 million project to reconstruct the Durleigh Water Treatment Centre... (read more)

Rotork plc - Creating clean and renewable energy, with Rotork

Huge hydro-electric power plant, creating clean and renewable energy, supported by Rotork actuators

Supporting UN Sustainable Development Goal 7, affordable and clean energy, and keeping the world flowing for future generations.

Rotork has been selected as the provider of electric actuators at a large hydro-electric power plant in China. The giant Baihetan Dam hydropower pl... (read more)

Rotork plc - Control flow at water resource recovery facility

Rotork provide control of flow at water resource recovery facility

Rotork IQT part-turn electric actuators have been specified for use at the Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) in East Lansing, Michigan USA. This activated sludge/tertiary filtration plant has the capacity to process approximately 18.75 million gallons of water every single day and provides wastewater treatmen... (read more)

Rotork plc - Actuators used for precise oil & gas flow control

Electric and fluid power actuators from Rotork have been installed on a new Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel in Brazil. (read more)

Rotork plc - Backwards compatibility of 60 years - IQ3 actuator

Lifetime Management, the innovative service and maintenance programme from Rotork, has been enhanced by the launch of IQ3 SET, offering backwards compatibility to the 1960s. Lifetime Management helps you to manage the risk associated with ageing assets. It includes tiered maintenance options, upgrade services, planned shutdown support and life cycle services. The backwards compatibility... (read more)

Rotork plc - Rotork announces the appointment of Kiet Huynh CEO

Rotork plc ("Rotork"), the global flow control and instrumentation group, announces the appointment of Kiet Huynh as Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”). Kiet is currently Managing Director of the Group’s Water & Power and Chemical, Process & Industrial (“CPI”) divisions. He joins the Rotork Board and assumes the role of CEO with immediate effect.

In (read more)

Rotork plc - Rotork helps to modernised Spanish coking plant

Rotork fluid power and electric actuators installed at modernised Spanish coking plant

Rotork electric and fluid power multi-turn and part-turn actuators have been installed at a Spanish coking plant.

More than 100 Rotork IQ3 and IQT3 intelligent electric actuators and GT, LP, CP and GP pneumatic actuators have been installed at ArcelorMittal’s coking plant in... (read more)

Rotork plc - Rotork assists BAE in upgrades to Royal Naval Base

Rotork assists BAE Systems in upgrades to Portsmouth Royal Naval Base

Rotork has worked with BAE Systems to upgrade a series of A-range actuators to IQ3 actuators at Her Majesty’s Naval Base Portsmouth (HMNB Portsmouth).

HMNB Portsmouth is one of three naval bases in the UK that is run by the Royal Navy. Around two thirds of the Royal Navy’s surface ships... (read more)

Rotork plc - Low Power Consumption Electric Actuator

400 Series DC electrical actuators use the reliable Planetary Torque Control System (PTCS), providing a highly efficient, low consumption actuator optimised for solar energy supply.

The robust 400 Series actuator enclosure ensures reliable operation in varied industries such as Water, Waste Water, Irrigation and Power Generation.

The low power consumption characteristic ena... (read more)

Rotork plc - Robust, dependable and compact part-turn actuators

Part-turn Electric Valve Actuators

Reliability in critical flow control applications (read more)

Rotork plc - Flexible, low voltage actuators

Rotork releases AC version of PAX1 linear actuator

The wider PAX range is made up of a variety of linear actuators and motorised regulators. PAX1 units are flexible, low voltage actuators that are ideal for use in remote explosionproof locations. They offer a thrust output of up to 2,890 N (650 lbf), enabling control of most regulators, small valves and pumps. They are capable of... (read more)

Rotork plc - New agreement to supply products to Anglian Water.

Anglian Water returns to Rotork after signing new framework agreement

Rotork is pleased to announce the award of a new framework agreement for the supply of its products and services to Anglian Water, who supply water and water recycling services to more than six million customers in the east of England and Hartlepool.

The Anglian region stretches from the Humber est... (read more)

Rotork plc - New Local Hand Station Optimized - Hazardous areas

New local control solution available from Rotork

Suitable for all markets, the new Local Hand Station is an actuator control panel optimised to control actuators or field devices located in hazardous or inaccessible areas. (read more)

Rotork plc - Rotork Site Services - On Time, Every Time

Rotork understands the value of its prompt and punctual customer site services and aims to supply its customers with superior flow control solutions, by providing high quality, innovative products and superior service - on time, every time.

Whether you have an actuator requiring on-site servicing, a custom design service requirement or a new actuator installation, we can deliver t... (read more)

Rotork plc - CK modular design electric valve actuators

Technologically innovative while incorporating proven engineering, Rotork watertight CK range actuators are suitable for all valves in non-hazardous locations. (read more)

Rotork plc - Manage risks of aging assets - Upgrade Services

Upgrade services are part of our commitment to support our customers through periods of change. Also known as “Retrofit”, Upgrade Services involves the removal and replacement of an actuator in an existing application. This includes the installation and/or commissioning of the actuator. The measurement and sizing of the existing situation in the field, design and manufacture... (read more)

Rotork plc - Reliability Services part of Lifetime Management

Reliability Services is part of the Lifetime Management suite of services.

It is a tiered approach to maintenance, with three tiers that provide progressively increased levels of coverage and support. Our tailor-made programmes increase reliability and availability by reducing maintenance downtime, with associated reductions in cost. Our optional extras give customers the f... (read more)

Rotork plc - Rotork launches Lifetime Management services

The new Lifetime Management service changes the way that Rotork Site Services (RSS) operates, with a stronger focus on ensuring the most appropriate response based on the criticality of the customer’s application.

The new four tiered approach proves optimal for identifying the unique needs of a customer and providing appropriate support. These tiers are Health Checks,... (read more)