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Rotork plc - New agreement to supply products to Anglian Water.

Anglian Water returns to Rotork after signing new framework agreement

Rotork is pleased to announce the award of a new framework agreement for the supply of its products and services to Anglian Water, who supply water and water recycling services to more than six million customers in the east of England and Hartlepool.

The Anglian region stretches from the Humber est... (read more)

Rotork plc - New Local Hand Station Optimized - Hazardous areas

New local control solution available from Rotork

Suitable for all markets, the new Local Hand Station is an actuator control panel optimised to control actuators or field devices located in hazardous or inaccessible areas. (read more)

Rotork plc - CK modular design electric valve actuators

Technologically innovative while incorporating proven engineering, Rotork watertight CK range actuators are suitable for all valves in non-hazardous locations. (read more)

Rotork plc - Rotork Site Services

Rotork understands the value of its prompt and punctual customer site services and aims to supply its customers with superior flow control solutions, by providing high quality, innovative products and superior service - on time, every time.

Whether you have an actuator requiring on-site servicing, a custom design service requirement or a new actuator installation, we can deliver t... (read more)

Rotork plc - IQT Electric Part-turn Valve Actuators

3rd Generation IQT Intelligent Electric Part-turn Valve Actuators (read more)

Rotork plc - Remote Hand Station

The Remote Hand Station enables safe and secure local monitoring and control of Rotork IQ3 actuators installed in inaccessible locations. (read more)

Rotork plc - ELB Line Break Detection System

Rotork’s ELB (Electronic Line Break) is a robust self-contained electronic pipeline monitoring system designed for use in the gas & oil industry. (read more)

Rotork plc - CMA Compact Modulating Control Valve Actuators

CMA series modulating actuators deliver a series of sizes suitable for linear, quarter-turn and rotary control valve and pump applications requiring precise position control and continuous modulation. (read more)

Rotork plc - HOB/MPR Hand Operated Bevel Gearbox

Cost effectively designed commodity hand operated bevel gears suited for sluice gates, gate, and globe valves. (read more)

Rotork plc - Rotork launches Lifetime Management services

The new Lifetime Management service changes the way that Rotork Site Services (RSS) operates, with a stronger focus on ensuring the most appropriate response based on the criticality of the customer’s application.

The new four tiered approach proves optimal for identifying the unique needs of a customer and providing appropriate support. These tiers are Health Checks,... (read more)

News articles and press releases for Rotork plc:


Rotork multi-turn electric actuators have been installed to control rainwater retention along a new road which has been built in Poland.


Over 80 Rotork CP, GP and RC200 pneumatic actuators have been installed on well pads in Alberta, Canada where they will be part of an in situ steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) oil sand extraction project.


Rotork is pleased to announce the award of a new framework agreement for the supply of its products and services to Anglian Water, who supply water and water recycling services to more than six million customers in the east of England and Hartlepool.


More than 270 Rotork process control actuators have been ordered for an LNG project in Australia.


Over 300 Rotork K-TORK pneumatic vane actuators have been installed at one of Florida’s largest low-pressure ultrafiltration (UF) membrane plants.


More than 300 Rotork actuators have been specified for use on an Indian pipeline almost 700 km in length.


Hundreds of Rotork multi-turn and part-turn IQ electric actuators and gearboxes have been installed as part of a US water filtration plant upgrade.


Rotork recently installed and commissioned CVL linear control valve actuators at Didcot B Power Station, which supplies electricity to the National Grid.


A Danish wastewater treatment works has moved from manual to automated valve actuation after ordering Rotork CK range electric actuators complete with integral Centronik control modules.


The fireboats used by the Marine Division of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) use Rotork’s IQ range of part-turn intelligent electric actuators to keep the city safe.


A Rotork electro-hydraulic actuator has been installed at an energy generation company’s hydro-electric plant in the heart of a Spanish mountain range.


Rotork hydraulic actuators have been specified for use in the redevelopment of the Bokor oil field off Sarawak, Malaysia.


Suitable for all markets, the new Local Hand Station is an actuator control panel optimised to control actuators or field devices located in hazardous or inaccessible areas.


Rotork has won a significant order for CK modular electric actuators to provide an environmentally friendly and safe solution for the disposal of final effluent in Turkey.


Electric and fluid power actuators from Rotork have been installed on a new Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel in Brazil.


Rotork electric and pneumatic actuators have been installed to help deliver fresh drinking water to neighbourhoods in Germany.


Rotork IQ3 electric multi-turn actuators have been installed at a waste incineration and power generation plant in Bao'an, a district in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, which is set to become the world's largest waste-to-energy plant.


Rotork IQ3 intelligent electric valve actuators with Pakscan digital control network have been selected by Horizon Tangiers Terminals S.A. for the automation of their strategically important terminal in Morocco.


The launch of the optional Mechanical Position Indicator provides increased flexibility as an option to the electric actuator range.


Rotork linear actuators have been selected to control the flow of hydrogen gas at a fuel cell power plant in South Korea.


Rotork’s Pakscan™ control system will be used to control hundreds of additional intelligent Rotork IQ actuators at a new petroleum terminal in Malaysia.


Rotork has increased the versatility of the CK range of modular electric valve actuators with the introduction of the CK Atronik.


Rotork intelligent electric actuators are controlling penstock gates at a sewage treatment plant (STP) in Australia.


Rotork intelligent full-turn electric actuators have been supplied for upstream shale gas production wells in the USA.


Rotork intelligent electric actuators have been chosen to increase the number of wirelessly controlled actuators at a liquid storage provider in the UK.


Rotork has launched the latest generation of its innovative monitoring and control system for valve actuators and plant equipment.


Rotork IQ3 intelligent multi-turn electric actuators have been specified for use in solar powered control stations for water gathering pipelines in the USA.


The Rotork Client Support Programme has been chosen by the Hengyuan Refining Company Berhad for the asset management of Rotork valve actuation equipment at its Port Dickson refinery.


Rotork IQ intelligent electric valve actuators are recognised for being technically advanced, robust, reliable and user-friendly. These qualities have now been further enhanced with the option of a bespoke plug and socket electrical connection.


Rotork has extended its CMA range of compact modulating actuators with new sizes specifically designed for reliable automation of larger linear control valves.


Rotork has received major contracts to supply electric and pneumatic valve actuators and valve gearboxes to Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) Refinery Co. Ltd. for flow control in its new refinery and petrochemicals complex.


Rotork IQ3 electric actuators are being used to control the flow of crude and product oil at a refinery in Zhoushan, China.


Rotork has completed a contract to supply fully automated pneumatic control systems on high capacity biomass rail freight wagons supporting the decarbonisation project at Lynemouth Power Station in Northumberland.


As part of a major modernisation programme at the Kilkit Water Treatment Plant in County Monaghan, Irish Water has installed Rotork’s intelligent CKc range of modular electric actuators at the site.


The Rotork Electronic Line Break (ELB) is a robust, self-contained system that combines pipeline pressure monitoring with intelligent valve control.


Rotork IQ intelligent electric valve actuators with Rotork Pakscan two-wire digital control provide key valve automation functions for two solar power plants in Spain.


The introduction of an in-house hydrostatic test facility at Rotork Singapore is making an important contribution to winning new contracts.


Minimising the emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from oil tankers during the fluctuating ambient conditions experienced during sea voyages is vitally important from both environmental and commercial points of view.


The Guangdong Panyu Sewage Treatment Plant in China has installed Rotork CK Range electric valve actuators to provide reliable and economical plant automation encompassing isolating and modulating valve control.


Flow Control News from Rotork


Now under construction, Iraq's State Company of Oil Projects' (SCOP) Karbala Refinery will use state-of-the-art refining processes and automated control to maximise production of liquefied gas, petrol, gas oil, fuel oil, jet fuel and asphalt.


In a recent application, the introduction of Fairchild electro-pneumatic transducers has improved the performance of die casting machinery and reduced overall costs.


Recent rehabilitation at the drinking Water Treatment Plant #2 in Olathe, Kansas, USA, has included the installation of Rotork IQ3 intelligent electric valve actuators to replace electric actuators from another manufacturer.


The Rotork CK range of modular electric valve actuators have replaced obsolete actuators to provide a reliable and economical upgrade on irrigation gate valves on the Rio Grande River in New Mexico.


Rotork Gears has introduced the SPI Smart Position Indicator, designed to provide a vastly improved, more robust, reliable and accurate solution compared with previously available equipment.


Rotork has received an order for 220 pneumatic actuators for the NASR Phase II Full Field Development Project in the UAE.


Rotork CK range modular electric valve actuators have provided a reliable and economical automated flow control solution for a hydroelectric generating station in Mexico.


Rotork fluid power valve actuators have been ordered for multiple applications at a new grassroots refinery under construction in the Middle East.


The upgrade at the Rio Manso WTP at Brumadinho in the south east of Brazil involved the building of an additional filter plant, the replacement of obsolete actuators on existing plant and the introduction of a Profibus digital control network.


Opened in 2014, the 2.1 kilometre bridge also carries two 400 mm diameter district heating pipelines which are now protected by an emergency shut-off system incorporating Rotork pneumatic actuators.


The Viseu Sul WWTP in Portugal’s Viseu County is the first in the country to adopt advanced membrane filtration (MBR) wastewater treatment technology.


RWE Aberthaw Power Station in South Wales is now one of the most efficient coal fired power stations in the UK, through the use of automation that includes Rotork valve actuation.


Rotork Japan has supplied IQ3 intelligent valve actuators for the automation of what is said to be the world’s first seven-way control valve.


Designed for use in the oil and gas industries, the Rotork ELB is a robust, self-contained instrument that combines pipeline pressure monitoring with intelligent valve control.


Drax Group, the largest conventional power station in the UK, is converting to burning sustainable biomass in place of coal – a process which has seen the station transform from the UK’s largest emitter of CO2 to Europe’s largest decarbonisation project.


VTTI B.V., the worldwide independent provider of energy storage, has awarded a Client Support Programme (CSP) contract to Rotork for the maintenance of critical valve actuation assets at the VTTV Oil Storage Terminal in Cyprus.


High temperature specification Rotork RC200 scotch-yoke pneumatic actuators have been ordered for a vital fire safety duty in new subway tunnels under construction for the Istanbul Metro.


Rotork Schischek compact explosionproof valve actuators have been selected as the reliable solution for a critical petrochemical analysis process.


Following extensive testing, leading glass container manufacturers are specifying the Rotork CMA electric actuator for a critical valve control function in the glass making process.


As part of its digital strategy, Rotork has upgraded its website for global flow control products and services to meet the needs of visitors with mobile devices.


A new Rotork IQ3 intelligent electric actuator will improve flood protection in a vulnerable area of a coastal town in west Wales.


Following a formal tender process, Scottish Water has awarded the framework agreement for new valve actuators to Rotork UK.


At the beginning of 2014 the Madeira River, the largest tributary of the Amazon, reached record heights and caused the worst flooding for a century across large areas of north-west Brazil


Rotork has introduced a new model in its IQ range of non-intrusive intelligent electric actuators with an optimised combination of valve stem diameter acceptance and torque output...


Rotork Skilmatic electro-hydraulic valve actuators have been ordered for increased safety ESD (Emergency Shutdown) duties on two new oil pipelines in China.


A new publication from Rotork Hiller describes the benefits of the maintenance programme which the company performs for nuclear power industry valve actuators.


Rotork CMA and CVA electric process control valve actuators were selected for their proven field performance.


Following an in-depth Modest Integrity Assessment (MIG), EDF Energy has approved Rotork IQ3 non-intrusive intelligent valve actuators for balance of plant applications within its nuclear power stations.


Rotork Fairchild has refined its proven I/P (electric current to pressure) transducer technology to develop new models which exceed recently released government requirements for allowable natural gas emissions.


Soldo Controls, the specialist manufacturer of position feedback devices in the Rotork Instruments Division, has introduced a high temperature extension to its LSB range of compact limit switchboxes for valves and dampers.


The new HOS/MPR multi-turn spur gearboxes from Rotork Gears are designed for the manual operation of gate, globe, sluice and penstock valves with torque demands from 508Nm to 15,917Nm.


Global flow control company Rotork has announced the acquisition of the Bifold Group Ltd. (Bifold), a leading manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic instrument valves and components.


An extended scope contract performed by Rotork Site Services has successfully delivered full automation of a flood alleviation scheme protecting the historic town of Cardigan in West Wales.


The acquisition of M&M International Srl (M&M), a subsidiary of Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc, adds a complete range of solenoid valve products to the Rotork Instruments division.


Following formal pre-qualification and tender processes, Rotork UK has been awarded a new and exclusive valve actuator supply framework agreement with South East Water for a period of three years, with the option to extend to five years.


Following an accidental fire at the IOCL Jaipur Terminal, an extensive review of safety measures recommended by the MB Lal Committee has resulted in the introduction of failsafe actuators for critical tank farm applications.


Rotork CMA electric control valve actuators have delivered an efficient and reliable process control solution at remotely sited shale gas installations in the USA.


Rotork UK has announced the opening of a new Service Centre in Glasgow to provide enhanced, faster and more economical support for its flow control products in Scotland.


The latest addition to the market-leading range of gearboxes manufactured by Rotork Gears is a rugged, industrial grade product designed for use with motorised quarter-turn valves and dampers.


The introduction of the new Rotork IQT electric valve actuator brings the advanced functionality and asset management capabilities of Rotork’s 3rd generation intelligent technology to the direct-drive operation of part-turn valves.


Rotork IQ3 non-intrusive intelligent electric actuators have been chosen to replace unreliable actuators for the operation of radial gates on an important river management weir on the River Thames.


Rotork has increased its range of flow control products and services for the worldwide marine and offshore industries with the acquisition of Masso Ind s.p.a., an established and respected manufacturer of innovative shipboard valve remote control systems


Rotork has announced an extensive advancement of CMA electric actuation technology for the operation of process control valves, introducing new options to meet evolving customer and market requirements.


Air volume control is the key to delivering cost effective and environmentally friendly ventilation in modern buildings and industrial facilities.


The launch of the Rotork CQ Compact introduces a range of fully concentric, balanced design pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators that deliver a reliable and efficient self-contained solution for applications demanding functional integrity and safety..


Rotork’s innovative CVA electric control valve actuator technology has successfully delivered an improvement in performance with reduced operating costs for the vital gas blending process on a European natural gas distribution network.


The Metropolitan Copenhagen Heating Transmission Company (CTR) has selected Rotork IQ3 valve actuators to replace actuators from another manufacturer that have suffered permanent damage from the effects of hot water.


The Shan-Jing Gas Pipeline network is one of China’s key national projects, supplying natural gas from the western province of Shaanxi to the capital city of Beijing.


Rotork’s innovative CVA electric control valve actuators are enabling the Sydney Water Corporation in Australia to control the pressure in the city’s water supply network with greatly increased response and accuracy.


Thames Water is the UK’s largest water company, providing essential services for 15 million customers in London and the Thames Valley.


Rotork has received orders for over 700 of its latest IQ3 non-intrusive intelligent electric valve actuators with Pakscan P3 two-wire digital control systems for the Pengerang Terminal on the south east coast of Malaysia.


Rotork CVA electric control valve actuation technology is helping Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) to increase efficiency and reduce energy costs at its Wakefield production plant.


Market leading actuator manufacturer and flow control company Rotork plc has expanded its range of instrumentation products with the acquisition of Young Tech Co. Ltd. (YTC).


Environmental legislation demands ever stricter efficiency and control of emissions from industrial boilers, furnaces and other power plant processes.


A gold mine in Nevada USA has been able to take advantage of wireless Pakscan digital control for newly installed IQ intelligent electric valve actuators on the water filtration plant.


The overriding majority of valve actuation applications in today’s industries are fulfilled with standard products. In some cases an actuator may need to be modified to suit specific operating requirements...


Rotork Gears, the valve gearbox and valve accessory division in the Rotork group of flow control businesses, has successfully completed a landmark contract in the history of the Chinese subsea valve industry.


Rotork has announced the acquisition of the GTA Group, comprising of GT Attuatori Srl, GT Attuatori Europe GmbH and Max Process GmbH. GT Attuatori was established in 1963 and is a leading manufacturer of rack and pinion pneumatic valve actuators.


Rotork flow control products have been selected for applications throughout the giant Queensland coal seam gas-to-LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) projects in Australia.


The swift delivery of a total of 82 large GP Range pneumatic valve actuators has assisted the completion of a natural gas pipeline owned by the Gas Authority of India Ltd many months ahead of the originally planned schedule.


Rotork Fairchild, a member of the Rotork group of flow control companies, has increased the high pressure capacity of its compact leak-free pneumatic regulators for instrument and industrial control applications with the introduction of a new HPP range.


Rotork Gears, the specialist valve gearbox manufacturer in the Rotork group of flow control companies, has introduced the NTBG series of bevel gearboxes, designed specifically to comply with the Russian GOST-R Standard.


Rotork Valvekits, the Rotork flow control group’s specialist valve mounting kit company, has been appointed as the UK stockist and distributor for the well established Centork range of valve positioners.


The Rotork Pakscan wireless valve control system is described as a “perfect fit” for a petroleum tank farm automation project in the USA.


Rotork valve actuation and two-wire digital control technology has been chosen for a major upgrade and automation programme at the Tupras Izmit refinery in Turkey.


Rotork Gears reports that international markets have reacted positively to the introduction of its range of 242 Series manual gear operators and orders have been received.


Rotork-Hiller, the specialist manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators for the nuclear industry, has successfully completed the full qualification of a new scotch yoke rotary pneumatic actuator to the latest industry standards.


Rotork flow control products have been selected for applications throughout the giant Queensland coal seam gas-to-LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) projects in Australia.


Hundreds of Rotork electric actuators are being installed on the Royal Navy’s giant new aircraft carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, both of which will be 920ft long and weigh in at 65,000 tonnes full displacement.


These apparently random statistics are all connected with a giant oil storage project in Central China created as part of a key national energy programme to provide crude oil reserves for national and commercial consumption.


The Rotork SVM (Smart Valve Monitoring) system has been selected to provide a networked solution for digital valve monitoring and partial stroke testing on a large scale oilfield installation in the Middle East.


Rotork Fairchild has launched a new range of compact high pressure pneumatic regulators for instrument and industrial control applications.


The new CVL-5000 actuator extends the scope of Rotork Process Controls’ innovative CVA electric control valve actuator range to enable the automation of larger valves and valves with higher pressure ratings.


The robust GO Range now provides a more compact and reliable solution for automating heavy duty valve applications found in the gathering, transmission, compression and storage of gas.


Rotork Process Controls has launched a new range of compact, robust and reliable electric actuators for control valves, regulators and other continuous modulating applications.


Rotork electric and electro-hydraulic valve actuation and Pakscan control technologies have been specified for a major petroleum storage tank farm expansion project at Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates.


Global flow control engineering group Rotork has announced the introduction of the third generation of its flagship IQ range of intelligent non-intrusive heavy duty electric valve actuators.


Flow control specialist Rotork has extended the capabilities of the globally acknowledged Pakscan digital control system with the addition of a wireless option.


Rotork’s latest electric control valve actuation technology has been selected for the automation of metering pumps in Group 2C hazardous areas in an automation project at an oil refinery in India.


Rotork’s innovative CVA electric actuator has been specified for critical valve control duty on high temperature gas turbine pre-heater equipment supplied to the power generation industry.