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Siglent Technologies NA, Inc. - SIGLENT Introduces Two New RF Analyzers

SIGLENT offers two new Spectrum Analyzers with 7.5 GHz frequencies to meet the growing demand for testing circuit designs in 5G applications. Models SVA1075X and SSA3075X Plus start at $6999. (read more)

Siglent Technologies NA, Inc. - SDS5000 Scope has bandwidths of 350, 500 and 1GHz

The Siglent SDS5000X Oscilloscope is available with bandwidths of 350, 500 and 1 GHz and offers a maximum sample rate of 5 GS/s. It also features 250 Mpts of acquisition memory and a waveform-update rate of up to 110,000 wfm/s. (read more)

Siglent Technologies NA, Inc. - Benchtop DC Power Supplies to 220 W

Triple and single output supplies with USB/LAN communications and remote sense options (read more)

Siglent Technologies NA, Inc. - New Vector Network Analyzers 9 KHz to 8.5 GHz

The Siglent SNA5000A series of Vector Network Analyzers has a low noise floor and wide dynamic range for accurate measurements in many unique RF applications, including bandwidth, limit testing, scattering, differential and time-domain measurements, Q-factor, insertion loss, ripple test, and fixture simulation. (read more)

Siglent Technologies NA, Inc. - SDS2000X Plus Super Phosphor Oscilloscopes
  • 100 MHz, 200 MHz, 350 MHz ( upgradable to 500 MHz ) models
  • Real-time sampling rate up to 2 GSa/s
  • Record length up to 200 Mpts
  • Serial bus triggering and decoder, supports I2C, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN, CAN FD, FlexRay, I2S and MIL-STD-1553B
  • Provide 10 bit mode, Vertical and Horizontal Zoom
  • Capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch ge...
(read more)
Siglent Technologies NA, Inc. - Programmable Linear DC Power Supply -- SPD1168X

SPD1000X Programmable Linear DC Power Supply has a 2.8 inch TFT-LCD display, features remote computer control capability, and real time wave display. This single output design is focused on delivering high performance and ease-of-use in a small package. The SPD1168 features a high precision programmable output capable of delivering up to 16 V/8 A, the SPD1305X features a high precision p... (read more)

Siglent Technologies NA, Inc. - Programmable DC Electronic Loads

Siglent's new SDL1000X-E programmable DC Loads have input ranges of 150V/30A up to 300W and are ideal for testing batteries, power supplies, LED lighting, automotive electronics and more. Measurement resolution is 1mV/1mA to 0.1mV/0.1mA with adjustable rise times from 0.001 A/us to 2.5 A/us. (read more)

Siglent Technologies NA, Inc. - Spectrum Analyzers Powerful and Reliable

Siglent's innovative spectrum analyzers provide reliable measurement precision and a wide range of RF measurement functions. They incorporate all-digital IF technology and have frequency ranges from 9 kHz to 3.2 GHz for use for almost any application. (read more)

Siglent Technologies NA, Inc. - Digital Multimeters Accurate and Powerful

SIGLENT's SDM3000 series digital multimeters offer 4½, 5½ and 6½-digit resolution with up to 35 PPM DCV accuracy and a powerful feature set at an excellent price. (read more)

Siglent Technologies NA, Inc. - Digital Oscilloscopes Feature Rich and Affordable

With bandwidths from 70 to 300 MHz, low noise vertical scales down to 500 uV/div, and features like serial decoding and MSO capabilities, SIGLENT will quickly become your scope of choice. (read more)

Siglent Technologies NA, Inc. - SIGLENT's New 7.5 GHz Vector Network Analyzer

SIGLENT's new SVA1000X Series Spectrum & Vector Network Analyzers offer precision performance from 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz. These versatile instruments deliver reliable measurements for RF component/antenna characterization, interference/channel monitoring, and more. Optional functions include a distance-to-fault locator, EMI precompliance kit, and advanced measurement capabilties. (read more)

Siglent Technologies NA, Inc. - New HD Oscilloscopes Feature 12-Bit Resolution

Siglent's new SDS2000X HD Oscilloscopes include 100, 200, 350 and 500 MHz models with finer vertical resolution to analyze signal anomalies in power electronics, medical technology and IoT applications. The 2 GSa/s sample rates and low noise front end gives engineers a new tool to analyze the smallest signal details, and is especially useful when the zoom function is active. (read more)

Siglent Technologies NA, Inc. - Siglent's High-Resolution Oscilloscope - SDS6000A

Siglent's new SDS6000A Oscilloscopes includes 500 MHZ, 1 GHz and 2 GHz models with sample rates of 5 GSa/s. 16 digital channels plus 4 analog channels provide for convenient mixed signal analysis in one instrument. (read more)

Siglent Technologies NA, Inc. - Waveform Generators - High Fidelity / Low Jitter

Digital Frequency Synthesis (DDS) technology to produce high quality standard function and arbitrary waveform signals. They also provide a wide range of analog and digital modulation functions. (read more)

Siglent Technologies NA, Inc. - SDS6000A Digital Storage Oscilloscope

SIGLENT’s SDS6000A series Digital Storage Oscilloscopes are available in bandwidths of 2 GHz, 1 GHz, and 500 MHz. (read more)

Siglent Technologies NA, Inc. - SSA5000A Series Spectrum Analyzer

The SIGLENT SSA5000A spectrum analyzers are powerful and flexible tools for complex RF spectrum and signal analysis.  (read more)