Schurter has promoted these products / services:

Schurter - EC12 PEM With Snap-In Mounting

SCHURTER expands its EC12 series with a version for snap-in mounting. The new variant is designed to save panel space otherwise consumed by a mounting flange. It also provides quick and easy, well-secured installation.

The compact EC12 with snap-in mounting has the same integrated features as the flange mount version: IEC C20 appliance inlet, high-performance single-stage filter a... (read more)

Schurter - MSS Metal Slim Switch for Stylish & Robust Design

SCHURTER introduces the MSS Metal Line Slim Switch, a flush mount pushbutton with a very shallow mounting depth and stylish design. (read more)

Schurter - 4750 Series IEC Strip-block, IEC connectors Type F

New 4750 Series Multi-feature IEC Connector Strip-blocks are Designed for Data Center Power Distribution (read more)

Schurter - NEMA Receptacles 5-15R with Expanded IDC Options

SCHURTER introduces a new version of its NR010 series NEMA 5-15R Receptacles, with IDC terminals for bussing insulated wires perpendicular to the Pin-Axis. The new version completes the range with both vertical and horizontal bussed wire options. All three terminals L, N & E can be bussed, or other variations thereof such as IDC for N & E only, leaving the line terminal independe... (read more)

Schurter - TTS Touchless Switch Series Now w RGB Illumination

The new SCHURTER TTS RGB adds technical finesse to the original TTS switch series introduced in 2021. The TTS series provides contactless switching, highly precise operation, and now customizable colors. With the new RGB ring illumination, the stylish and robust TTS switch series adds a multicolor palate to its existing bi-color options. (read more)

Schurter -  SCHURTER EC12 PEM w EMC Filter Adds CQC Approval

SCHURTER’s EC12 series Power Entry Module (PEM) has received the CQC approval mark, which is mandatory for PEMs with EMC filters used in China. The widely accepted IEC Power Entry Module, with integrated C20 appliance inlet and 2-pole ON/Off switch, is ENEC approved up to 16 A at 250 VAC and cURus approved up to 20 A at 125/250 VAC. (read more)

Schurter - SCHURTER Adds Lower Trip Temp to RTS Thermal Fuse

SCHURTER’S Reflowable Thermal Switch, RTS, now includes a version designed to trip at >175°C, in addition to the existing variant set to trip at >210°C. The compact thermal SMD fuse protects power semiconductors by reliably and precisely interrupting a circuit at a pre-defined temperature. (read more)

Schurter - A Look Behind the Surface-Capacitive Hidden Switch

SCHURTER is pleased to introduce its new Capacitive Hidden Switch, series CHS, intended for use behind non-conductive surfaces. The new series expands on the potential applications for input systems by enabling interface designers more flexibility in custom panel design. (read more)

Schurter - DKIV-1 High Current Choke W/ Vertical Design

SCHURTER high current vertical choke, DKIV-1 is ideal for multistage filter applications where combined use of a vertical choke and a horizontal choke reduces interference of corresponding magnetic fields. With max. rating of 50 A, DKIV-1 chokes offer small footprint for THT terminals on PCB. Open design contributes to light weight and heat dissipation. Temperature range -40 °C to +1... (read more)

Schurter - Switches That Disinfect Themselves!

Switches that disinfect themselves. Sound too good to be true? No. It is possible.
Antimicrobial coatings inhibit the growth of microorganisms and even kill them.
Perfectly suited for medical technology, sanitation areas, and the food service industry. (read more)

Schurter - FMBD EP Double-Stage Flagship Filter

SCHURTER introduces the FMBD EP double-stage flagship filter family for 3 phases with neutral line systems. Thanks to its particularly compact dimensions and high performance, the new filter series is ideally suited for the tight space conditions in today's machine and industrial plant construction. (read more)

Schurter - TTS Touchless Switch for Hygienic Switching

TTS is for public use to prevent the spread of pathogens. Optical detection distance is 60-0.2mm. 20 million cycles, stainless steel IK09 and IP67. Red/green illuminated, momentary and latching action. (read more)

Schurter - Capacitive Touch Sensor Offers Latching-Action

SCHURTER launched its new CPS family of push button switches with capacitive touch sensor technology inside. The new switch family caters to the latest technology trend for robust momentary and latching push button switches while sporting an elegant modern look that makes them the perfect choice for use in applications wherever a high quality aesthetic appearance plays a role. (read more)

Schurter - SCHURTER Hospital grade V-Lock cordsets

The detachable hospital grade power cords are offered with IEC 60320 C13 and C19, 10 and 16A respectively, cord connectors on the equipment end and NEMA 5-15 on the plug end. The power cord, (6051.2121) with the C13 cord connector and SJT 3x16AWG cable, is rated 13 A/125 VAC. The power cord with the C19, (6051.2131) cord connector and SJT 3x14 AWG cable, is rated 15 A/125 VAC. (read more)

Schurter - Thermal circuit breaker, TA36 with modern design

SCHURTER thermal circuit breaker, TA36 functions as an appliance switch and thermal overcurrent protection device. The series offers 1-pole switch with overcurrent protection, and 2-pole switch with 1- or 2-pole overcurrent protection. There are 31 different rated currents, 0.05A to 20A. Operating temperature range is -30°C to +60°C. Meets UL 1077 & CSA C22.2.235. (read more)

Schurter - Power Entry Module Now with Side Flange Mounting

SCHURTER’s proven power entry module, series DD11, provides a high level of functional integration in the most minimal of package dimensions. Consisting of an IEC appliance inlet (C14), which is compatible with cord retention, 1- or 2-pole fuseholder, and power ON/OFF switch, the DD11 is now available with side mounting flanges in addition to the existing model with top and bottom... (read more)

Schurter - Metal Line Switches Loaded with Options

MSM metal line vandal-proof pushbutton switch with a 24 mm mounting diameter (read more)

Schurter - Compact 3-Phase High Performance EMC Filter

SCHURTER’s FMBC EP double-stage filters for 3 phase systems pack in high performance in a compact package. Standard types can be used over a wide temperature range from -40 °C to 100 °C. The filters are designed for currents from 16 A to 230 A at an ambient temperature of 50 °C. They have both ENEC and cURus approval and are recommended for applications up to 520 VAC or... (read more)

Schurter - Piezo electric switch pre-assembled with cable

SCHURTER’s new Piezo electric switch, PSE, is installation-ready with its pre-assembled 15-meter-long cable. The potted polyurethane cable offers installation flexibility with the highest IP67 protection according to IEC 60529 and IP69K according to DIN 40050-9. (read more)

Schurter - Single-phase EMC Filter Excellent Performance

AC 2-Stage, single-phase EMC Filter with excellent Attenuation (read more)

Schurter - SMD Circuit Protector Suitable as Fail-Safe Device

SCHURTER launches a pulse-proof SMD ceramic fuse with super time-lag tripping characteristics. The UMT-W is particularly suitable as a fail-safe device in demanding applications.The cuboid shaped (5.3 x 16 mm), extremely compact SMD fuse is available in five rated currents from 5 A to 20 A and reaches rated voltages of up to 125 V AC & DC with a breaking capacity of up to 1000 A. (read more)

Schurter - Automotive Fuse Safely Interrupts up to 1000 VDC

With the AEO 10.3x38, SCHURTER launches a high-performance fuse for particularly high voltages up to 1000 VDC and currents up to 50 A, which is particularly suitable for demanding automotive applications. (read more)

Schurter - 5-15R NEMA Receptacles

SCHURTER’s latest series of appliance outlets NR020 and NR021 combine classic features with new ones to meet increased fire protection and safety standards according to UL 498 Tamper Resistant, as well as facilitating compliance of receptacles used in Household and Commercial Furniture and Furniture Power Distribution Units (FPDUs), according to UL 962 and UL 962A. (read more)

Schurter - V-Lock Rewireable IEC cord connector

The new 4783 rewireable cord connector from SCHURTER is the first of its kind to combine a detachable IEC C13 cord connector with the proven V-Lock cord retention system, effectively designed to prevent the power cord from being pulled out of the inlet unintentionally. Available in black, white and grey for differentiating systems. (read more)

Schurter - SCHURTER Offers Wire Harness Service

SCHURTER offers custom wire harness service for its portfolio of IEC Connectors and Filter products. Customer specific requirements with a complete interconnection solution can be requested via the SCHURTER website. (read more)

Schurter - Single Phase Compensated High Current Choke

Allowable Operation Temp.

-40 °C to 100 °C (read more)

Schurter - Momentary Action Switches MTG Series

SCHURTER momentary action switch, MTG series, offers reliable tactile feedback on input, simple assembly and a long life time. The MTG features different heights, high quality gold and silver contacts with solder terminals. (read more)

Schurter - 1-Stage Power Filter for 3-Phase Systems

Terminals for three phases, neutral conductor and ground. (read more)

Schurter - Rewireable IEC connectors for custom cabling

Rewireable IEC cord connectors, series 4782 (C13, 70 °C) and 4781 (C15, 120 °C), offers gray, white and black versions allowing for distinguishing between multiphases in data centers. They are safety agency approved for the European, Chinese, Japanese and North American markets for 10/15 A at 250 VAC. (read more)

Schurter - Robust metal tactile switch with 16 mm mounting

MCS 16 momentary action switch with low mounting depth, IP67 and resistant against vandalism. (read more)

Schurter - Most Versatile Power Entry Module Yet - DG12

With the DG12, SCHURTER launches its most versatile power entry module with IEC inlet, integrated circuit breaker and a mains filter – with optional IP protection. Thanks to its extremely compact dimensions and a wide range of mounting options, it consolidates discrete power components into one space-saving unit suitable for a variety of applications. (read more)

Schurter - 6mm x 6mm Tactile push-button switches

SCHURTER's tactile switches are available in through-hole or SMD mounting with solder terminals. Switching current is 50 mA maximum with a switching voltage of 12 VDC maximum. They provide reliable tactile feedback on input, a simple assembly, and provide a long lifetime (greater than 105 actuations). (read more)

Schurter - Ganged IEC outlets are V-Lock cord set compatible

With the series 4751, SCHURTER is introducing a ganged IEC block style outlet. The new line provides an efficient solution for power distribution units and uninterruptible power supply units. (read more)

Schurter - Robust clip for 10.3 mm fuses with M5 mounting

SCHURTER high-performance series fuse clip, CSO for 10.3 mm diameter fuses, now includes an M5 screw and rivet mounting option in addition to M3, and versions for solder or through-hole mounting. The fuse clip series is known for excellent material properties suitable for applications with voltages up to 1500 VAC/VDC and currents up to 32 A.

The CSO series is characterized by a st... (read more)

Schurter - CFO 10.3mm Fuse Clip 1000VDC/600VAC Applications

The SCHURTER's CFO fuse clip is designed to accept fuses measuring 10.3mm in diameter. The low-profile clip mounts with M3 screws, rivets or with terminals for THT. Suitable for applications with voltages up to 1000 VDC / 600 VAC for currents up to 16 A (UL). The operating range extends from -40 °C to +125 °C. The CFO series is made of brass and are available with nickel or tin p... (read more)

Schurter - FMAD CP: 3-phase built-in filter with neutral line

FMAD CP is the latest 1-stage filter family for 3-phase systems, equipped with neutral line. The extremely compact and high-performance filters are ideally suited for use in tight spaces commonly found in machinery. The filter family is ideally suited for devices with high EMC loads at low or medium power. Typical applications include battery storage or charging stations for electric veh... (read more)

Schurter - New Protective Rear Covers for Power Entry Modules

SCHURTER’s new protective rear cover series, RC320, for Power Entry Modules (PEMs) are made of flame-retardant silicone rubber, flame class UL94 V-0. This flexible and durable material ensures an excellent fit and is temperature resistant up to 150°C. It is also free of halogens and is RoHS and REACH compliant. (read more)

Schurter - Universal Modular Fuse Approved Up To 10 A By VDE

Surface Mount Fuse, 3 x 10.1 mm, Quick-Acting F, 250 VAC, 125 VDC (read more)

Schurter - 400 VDC Coupler - GP21 GS21

SCHURTER GP21 plug connector and GS21 socket-outlet are UL approved IEC TS 62735-1 standarized DC coupler system. (read more)

Schurter - CDS1, an innovative capacitive input system

The CDS1 from SCHURTER is an innovative capacitive input system. It shines with intuitive operation and can be freely configured as desired. It is a true universal talent and can be used in an almost unlimited number of applications.The CDS1 offers a simple, elegant look combined with the technology that we are now used to from smartphones. A gentle tap or wipe is all it takes. (read more)

Schurter - SCHURTER Offers Medically-Approved Components

SCHURTER’s high-performance AC connectors, circuit protection, switches and EMC products safely and reliably optimize performance for critically needed COVID-19 medical equipment including ventilators, respirators, diagnostic, therapeutic and medical laboratory equipment. SCHURTER’s perfectly safe solutions are cost effective and intended for use in the highest-grade medical... (read more)

Schurter - Snap-in IEC Appliance Outlet J

The integration of light pipes in the appliance outlet provides status indication in smart PDUs. (read more)

Schurter - IEC Appliance Inlet C20 with Circuit Breaker

Panel mount: Screw-on version from front or rear side, snap-in version from front side. (read more)

Schurter - Filtered Power Entry Module Includes Ground Choke

IEC Appliance Inlet C20 with Filter and PE Choke, Front or Rear Side Mounting (read more)