Silicate Glass GC Columns Datasheets

Base-Deactivated Guard/Retention Gap Columns
from Restek

Tested with a basic amine test mix. Excellent inertness for basic compounds. Recommended for use with Rtx ®-5 Amine, Rtx ®-35 Amine, and Stabilwax ®-DB capillary columns. Batch test chromatogram included. Maximum temperature: 315 °C. [See More]

  • Construction Material: Silicate Glass; Other; Fused Silica
  • Column Length: 5
  • Column Type: Capillary
  • Inner Diameter (ID): 250 to 530
Deactivated silica tube -- C-260G495P
from Carl Stuart Co.

Thermo Scientific [See More]

  • Construction Material: Silicate Glass
  • Column Type: Capillary