Batch Laboratory Reactors Datasheets

DRB200 Digital Reactor Block for TNTplus: 12x13 mm Vial wells, 8x20 mm Vial wells, 115 VAC
from Hach

DRB 200 Dry Thermostat Reactor. Features and Benefits. Easy to Use and Fast. The Hach DRB 200 Dry Thermostat Reactor provides unique one-key operation. Programs for Hach procedures with digestion are preprogrammed into the instrument. And it's fast –the block heats from 20 to 150 °C in... [See More]

  • Reactor Operation: Batch
  • Temperature Range: 37 to 165
  • Reactor Design: Other Reactor Design; Dry Thermostat Block Reactor
  • Parameters Controlled: Temperature
External Bottom Mag Stirrer
from Fluitron, Inc.

Fluitron offers a wide variety of Laboratory & Pilot Plant REACTORS & SYSTEMS for almost any chemical reaction application. [See More]

  • Reactor Operation: Batch
  • Vessel Volume: 3.79
  • Reactor Design: Stirred Tank Reactor
  • Temperature Range: 500
from Mettler-Toledo, Inc.

The MultiMax ™ individual reaction parameter control, including temperature, stirring, and dosing, provides the precision and accuracy required for experiments, such as heat flow measurement, where high performance control is crucial to a study's success. The Interchangeable Reactor Boxes can... [See More]

  • Reactor Operation: Batch
  • Vessel Volume: 0.0100 to 0.2500
  • Number of Vessels: 2 to 16
  • Parameters Controlled: Speed; Temperature; Other; Dosing
BIOSTAT® Aplus Autoclavable Bioreactors
from Sartorius Group

BIOSTAT ® Aplus. "Plug in and Grow". BIOSTAT ® Aplus is a compact, autoclavable laboratory fermentor/bioreactor system suitable for a wide range of research, education and industrial applications. A number of easy-to-use, pre-configured versions are available for both microbial culture and... [See More]

  • Reactor Operation: Batch
  • Number of Vessels: 1
  • Reactor Design: Stirred Tank Reactor
  • Vessel Volume: 0.4000 to 5