Rental / Lease Instrument Calibration Services

Flow Calibration Services
from Sierra Instruments, Inc.

Sierra provides accurate calibration services for mass flow meters and controllers, insertion thermal flow meters, vortex and ultrasonic flow meters. We have a wide range of NIST-traceable primary standard assets including: closed loop gas flow calibration, piston & bell provers, water flow... [See More]

  • Services: Onsite Calibration; Calibration Services; Calibration Documentation Provided; Online Documentation Services; Bench; Quick Turnaround; Installation / Start-up; Rental / Lease
  • Capabilities: Process / Analytical; Flow Instruments
  • Company Information: Across Sierra's two divisions, flow measurement and automotive test, striving for the ultimate in accurate and repeatable measurement and control is the name of the game. Our mission is an uncompromising focus on quality, delivery, people, innovation and customer support. We believe that by always staying true to our mission, we will build highly creative and productive relationships with our customers that endure.
  • Location: Headquarters located in Monterey, California
Antenna Calibration
from A.H. Systems Inc.

Annual recalibration is important to ensure repeatable and reliable data. At our facility, we calibrate our own antennas, as well as, most other brand antennas in accordance with ARP, ANSI, and IEEE specifications. Calibration data can be provided for 1, 3 and 10 meter distances up to 40 GHz. All... [See More]

  • Services: Onsite Calibration; Calibration Services; Calibration Documentation Provided; Quick Turnaround; Troubleshoot; Rental / Lease
  • Capabilities: Electrical / Electronic; RF / Microwave Instruments
  • Company Information: A.H. Systems Inc. provides repair and calibrations for any antenna, at almost any frequency range. They can provide 1 meter, 3 meter, and 10 meter calibrations, and any combination between, depending on the specification you need to satisfy.
  • Location: Located in Chatsworth, CA
Solar Light Co., Inc.
from Solar Light Company, Inc.

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  • Services: Onsite Calibration; OEM Authorized Shop; Calibration Services; Calibration Documentation Provided; Bench; New Products; Quick Turnaround; Rental / Lease; Preventative Maintenance
  • Capabilities: Specialty; Light Instruments (Fiber Optic Testers, UV Meters); Weather Instruments / Solar Radiometers; Ultraviolet Light Meters and Instruments
  • Company Information: At Solar Light they have been performing calibration of UV and Visible light instruments for over 40 years. All of their calibrations are performed to NIST traceable standards. A 72 hour Expedited Calibration Service is available.
  • Location: Located in Glenside, Pennsylvania, USA