Axial Magnetic Bearings

Custom Axial Magnetic Bearing
from Waukesha Bearings

The axial magnetic bearing positions a rotor axially using electromagnetic forces pulling in opposition on the collar. The bearing collar is a flat, solid, ferromagnetic disc secured to the rotor. Disc-shaped electromagnets are situated on either side of the collar and bolted to the machine housing,... [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Active; Axial; Custom
Magnetic Bearing -- MB-T-39-80
from SKF/Global

SKF Magnetic Bearings has supplied thrust bearings from 130 to 24,500 N (30 to 5,500 lbf), for shaft diameters ranging from 9 to 130 mm (3/8 to 5 inches). These are installed on machines that have rotational speeds ranging from 1,800 to 100,000 rpm. SKF also supplies canned thrust bearing designs... [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Active; Axial
  • O.D.: 71
  • Bore: 39
  • Width: 36