7-16 RF Filters and Microwave Filters Datasheets

Interference Filters
from Kaelus

Kaelus Interference Mitigation products provide rejection in the uplink frequency band in a small, cost-effective package. Manufactured to offer outdoor and indoor configurations, Interference Filters improves network performance in environments with a highly congested RF spectrum. Optimize your... [See More]

  • Connector: 7/16
  • Fc: 850 to 900
  • Filter Type: Bandpass (optional feature); Band Reject (optional feature)
  • Bandwidth: 873 to 960
1 kW UHF DTV Bandpass Filter -- BN 61 63 45
from Spinner Atlanta

Temperature compensated, coax technique, for indoor application [See More]

  • Connector: 7/16
  • Filter Design: Adjustable Filter
  • Filter Type: Bandpass
  • Fc: 470