Residential Deionizers Datasheets

Mini Water Softeners -- PWSMINI
from Watts

The Mini Water Softeners from Watts ® can be used for commercial tea or espresso machines and steamers or as a pretreatment for small reverse osmosis units for the home and office. The 4K and 8K mini water softeners eliminate the problems caused by hard water on tea and espresso equipment, and... [See More]

  • Market: Residential; Other; Commercial
  • Operating Flow Rates: 7
Salt Free Electrochemical Water Processors -- H2O-EC-1000
from ISC Sales, Inc.

Over time Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Carbonate accumulates in pipes as white flaky substance commonly known as limescale. Limescale is extremely difficult remove, increases energy costs, reduces water quality and causes equipment to break down over time. The best way to combat this problem is... [See More]

  • Market: Industrial; Residential
  • Operating Flow Rates: 18 to 30
LCTA-150 Twin Alternating Tank Softeners -- m2218se
from Reverse Osmosis of South Florida, Inc.

Ideal softeners when soft water is required 24 / 7, without interruption. Suitable for commercial applications ranging from 60,000 to 300,000 grains of hardness removal capacity, at flow rates to 49 GPM. Please contact us for models not listed. [See More]

  • Market: Medical / Food; Residential