LEMO™ Connector Piezoelectric Drivers and Piezoelectric Amplifiers Datasheets

Compact Piezo Amplifier / OEM Module -- E-836
from PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

Open-Loop Driver. PCB-Mount Possible. 100 mA Peak Current for Dynamic Piezo Operation. Integrated High Voltage Power Supply, requires one 24V Source to Operate. Low Noise, High Stability. Full Overcurrent, Short-Circuit and Temperature Protection [See More]

  • Electrical Connector: BNC (Coaxial) Connectors; LEMO; Soldering Pins, Barrel Connector
  • Input Impedance: 200 to 1000
  • Input Voltage Range: -2 to 12
  • Output Voltage: -30 to 130
PZJ-S Series -- HZJ-0.12BS100
from Matsusada Precision, Inc.

Displacement control, compact, constant voltage control possible [See More]

  • Electrical Connector: LEMO
  • Output Voltage: 120
  • Input Voltage Range: 104 to 126
  • Maximum Peak Current: 300