Abrasive Jet Machining (AJM) Waterjet and Abrasive Jet Cutting Services

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Waterjet Cutting Service
from Hoosier Waterjet

Water Jet Metal Cutting. Our Dynamic WaterJet offers superior edge quality compared to other production cutting methods. Our Dynamic WaterJet eliminates the need for expensive secondary operations that remove HAZ or clean an edge prior to joining. Waterjet cutting Stone service. From marble to... [See More]

  • Capabilities: Water Jet; Abrasive Jet Machining
  • Materials: Metals; Plastics; Rubber; Glass; Stone / Marble / Granite; Composites; Foam
  • Company Information:

    Hoosier WaterJet was established as a division of High Performance Alloys, allowing the company to position itself as an industry leader and to leverage the latest cutting technology. Our Dynamic Waterjet® from Flow provides an alternative to traditional cutting techniques, particularly when materials are sensitive to high temperatures generated by these methods.

  • Services Offered: Design Assistance; Low Volume Production
Waterjet and Abrasive Jet Rubber Cutting Services
from Vicone High Performance Rubber Inc.

Some of the manufacturing processes for fabricated parts are not the most economical or environmentally friendly, and can have a major impact on the environment, and your bottom line. Following the principles of ecodesign, Vicone strives to minimize its impact on the environment, and reduce your... [See More]

  • Capabilities: Water Jet; Abrasive Jet Machining
  • Materials: Plastics; Rubber; Composites; Foam
  • Company Information: Whether it's creating a part from scratch, optimizing an existing design or tweaking a design for optimal product performance, Vicone can support your design team and optimize your business strategy.
  • Services Offered: CAD / CAM Support; Design Assistance; Prototype Services; Low Volume Production; High Volume Production; Inspection / Quality Control