Knurling Cold Forming and Cold Heading Services

Cold Formed Parts
from Tengco, Inc.

Tengco is an Importer/Distributor supplying Custom Manufactured Cold Formed metal parts. Our capability ranges from standard stock fasteners to high volume proprietary cold formed specials. For over 35 years, we have developed a worldwide network of high end cold heading factories that can... [See More]

  • Secondary Operations: Assembly; Grinding; Drilling / Tapping; Welding; Coating; Surface Finishing; Knurling; Machining; Custom Packaging; Heat Treating / Stress Relieving
  • Capabilities: Cold Forming; Cold Heading; Orbital Forming; Thread Rolling; Other; Private Labeling
  • Company Information: Tengco Inc. is an Importer/Distributor supplying Custom Manufactured Cold Formed high volume fasteners. Our worldwide network of factories has tooling experts to develop metal cold formed specials including bolts, nuts & pins.
  • Materials: Aluminum; Cu / Cu Alloy; NickAlloy; AlloySteel; SS; Zinc
Vallorbs Jewel Company
from Vallorbs Jewel Company

Vallorbs is a full service Swiss Screw Machine Shop. Servicing the industry for over 70 years we have enjoyed an enviable reputation for producing precision, award winning, Swiss Screw Machine Products at the most competitive costs. We have the equipment and experienced technicians to produce... [See More]

  • Secondary Operations: Grinding; Drilling / Tapping; Surface Finishing; Knurling; Machining
  • Certifications / Standards: MIL-SPEC; Nuclear Spec 10CFR50; ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 2008
  • Company Information: Vallorbs, a VAL-CO Co., is a manufacturer of Precision Swiss Screw machine products and turned parts up to 32mm for more than 70 years. Industry applications include nuclear, agriculture, medical, aircraft, electronics and instrumentation among others.
  • Capabilities: Thread Rolling