Bulk / Microbulk Food and Beverage Gases

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Bulk Industrial Gases -- Carbon Dioxide
from Linde North America, Inc.

Carbon dioxide has many applications based on its varied properties. It is widely used in food processing for freezing, cooling, preservation or pH control. It is also used to blanket chemicals, control pH in water treatment, shield metal welding, stimulate biological growth, improve oil and gas... [See More]

  • Supply Options: Bulk / Microbulk
  • Composition: Pure
  • Industrial Gases: Carbon dioxide
  • Product Form: Bulk Gaseous
Bulk Industrial Gases -- Hydrogen
from Linde North America, Inc.

Hydrogen is used in vast quantities as a raw material for production of ammonia, methanol, hydrogen peroxide, polymers and solvents. It is also used to hydrogenate many animal or vegetable oils and in the production of vitamins and other pharmaceutical products. Hydrogen is also used in metal... [See More]

  • Supply Options: Bulk / Microbulk; Cylinder Gaseous
  • Composition: Pure
  • Industrial Gases: Hydrogen
  • Concentration: 100 to 100