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Linde is a leading supplier of industrial, specialty and medical gases and engineering products and services in North America and worldwide. Their extensive operations:

  Offer an extensive range of process and application know-how and
  engineering excellence
  Serve more than 100,000 customers through 400+ sales, retail and
  production locations
  Are carried out by 4,000 expert and motivated employees, and a fleet of
  1,600+ delivery vehicles
  Produce yearly sales of over $2.0 billion in North America

It’s no exaggeration to say, then, that Linde’s gas products touch all our lives. At some point in the supply chain, Linde’s products and services are critical to the creation of all:

  Vehicles and fuels that transport us
  Structures that shelter us
  Technologies that connect us
  Food and beverages that sustain us
  Medicines and breathing gases that heal us

…and many other products and services that improve both their customers’ competitiveness and everyone’s quality of life.

The bottom line: Linde delivers optimal performance and profitability.

Linde improves the customer’s “bottom line” by bolstering their efficiency, performance and profitability. They draw upon their extensive engineering and process expertise to optimize critical processes, enhance applications and streamline operations – all with an eye to saving time and money and eliminating hassle.

Linde offers a wide range of designs, solutions, products and services (including compressed and liquefied gases, via tanker, rail, cylinder or pipeline). They’re also a recognized leader in the engineering, development, construction and operation of turnkey industrial plants.

The following industries benefit from Linde’s expertise:

  Chemicals   Healthcare
  Construction   Metals
  Electronics   Pharmaceutical and biotech
  Energy   Plastics and rubber
  Food and beverage   Pulp and paper
  Glass   Upstream oil and gas services

A Responsible Care Company.

Linde North America is a good corporate citizen, and it’s a responsibility they take seriously. They’re proud to be a certified member of Responsible Care®, a global initiative sponsored in North America by the American Chemistry Council (ACC).

As a standing member of the ACC, Linde North America is committed to ongoing improvements in health, safety and environmental responsibility. They’re also dedicated to maintaining open communication with and involvement in the communities where their employees and customers live, work and play.

Linde North America Inc.
Linde North America Inc.
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Linde North America Inc.
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