Rectangular RF Waveguide Tees

E & H Plane Waveguide Tee -- QUH
from QuinStar Technology, Inc.

QuinStar Technology ’s E-plane tees consist of a length of standard flanged waveguide with a perpendicular E-plane coupling arm symmetrically located on the broad waveguide wall. Input power is divided equally and in opposite phase between the two outputs. Similarly, the H-plane tees feature... [See More]

  • Cross Section: Rectangular
  • Operating Frequency: 12.30 to 220.00
  • Type: E-Plane (optional feature); H-Plane (optional feature)
Waveguide Hybrid Tee -- 102-820A-6-6-6-6
from Advanced Technical Materials, Inc.

E- and H-plane tee, no internal tuning or matching [See More]

  • Cross Section: Rectangular
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Flange 1: CPRG (optional feature); CPRF (optional feature); Cover; Choke (optional feature)