Plastic / Rubber Industrial Metal Detectors Datasheets

Magnetic Inspection Probe
from Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

IMI's PROBE magnetic inspection tools allow quality assurance people to inspect incoming or outgoing material/batches/shipments for ferrous metal contamination. They are used to determine if ferrous particles exist in non-ferrous material. This extremely powerful Rare Earth magnetic tool captures... [See More]

  • Application: Logging / Wood; OEM / Industrial; Plastic / Rubber; Wood Fibers
  • Capabilities: Non-Magnetic
  • Detector Type: Hand Held
  • Display: None
Bunting® Metal Detection System -- MDHS Series
from DME Company

Reliable Automatic Detection and Rejection of Metal Contaminants. The Bunting HS Series Metal Detector is an electronic metal detection and separation system designed to automatically detect and reject all metals in free-flowing, gravity-fed bulk materials, such as plastic granules, flakes, pellets,... [See More]

  • Application: Chemical / Material Processing; Food / Beverage; OEM / Industrial; Plastic / Rubber
  • Process Material: Powder / Bulk Solids
  • Detector Type: InLine/FreeFlowing
  • Sensing Width / Diameter: 1.96 to 8
E-Z Tec® 9000 Metal Detector -- PT 111 UK
from Eriez

E-Z Tec © 9000 Metal Detector – a high sensitivity balanced coil metal detector for use in a variety of industries including plastics, recycling, wood and textiles. Investing in metal detection is important to safeguard against machinery damage, production downtime and loss of product... [See More]

  • Application: Ceramic / Glass; Chemical / Material Processing; Food / Beverage; Logging / Wood; Mining / Quarry; OEM / Industrial; Plastic / Rubber; Recycling; Textiles
  • Capabilities: Non-Ferrous; Non-Magnetic
  • Detector Type: InLine/Conveyed
  • Process Material: Powder / Bulk Solids