Ceramic Electrical Insulators Datasheets

Steatite Base Type Corrugated Insulator -- 6-55
from BRIM Electronics, Inc.

Steatite for high-strength, and relatively high voltage applications. White outer surface glaze to retard moisture absorbtion and reduce dust & dirt accumulation. Corrugated for a longer leakage path. Grade L5. RoHS compliant. [See More]

  • Material: Ceramic; Steatite
  • Service: Indoor Insulator
  • Type: Base Type Corrugated
  • Operating Temperature: ? to 1000
Severe-duty Ceramic Electrostatic Precipitator, Durapure™
from CoorsTek

CoorsTek serves several energy-based markets with a wide variety of components from severe-duty pump and pulsation equipment to components for next-generation fuel cells and solar manufacturing. Product Applications. Providing maximum strength and volume resistivity, even at high temperatures for... [See More]

  • Material: Ceramic
Metal Base Standoff Insulators -- 10-176
from Daburn Electronics & Cable

Made of hi tensile strength, low absorption ceramic, fully glazed corrugated surface. Provides longer leakage path. Drawn metal bases. [See More]

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Type: Stand-off Insulator
Standard Standoff -- 50303
from Superior Technical Ceramics Corp.

Sharp edges at the ends may be broken to prevent chipping. Thread may be countersunk a maximum of 1/16" deep to prevent chipping. .006"/ inch max camber allowance. Threads must accept a Class 1 metal screw to the above minimum thread depth. Threads will be perpendicular within 2 degrees of ends or... [See More]

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Type: Stand-off Insulator