Two Center Guide Silent Chain

RamPower™ Silent Chain -- RP312
from Ramsey Products Corporation

RP or RamPower series silent chain was designed to operate on sprockets manufactured with an ASME Standard tooth profile. Available exclusively through Ramsey, RamPower offers twice the power capacity of SC series chains and speeds up to 7,000 fpm. RamPower has been successfully employed in... [See More]

  • Guide Type: Two Center Guide
  • Nominal Chain Width: 3
  • Chain Pitch: 0.3750
  • Tensile Strength: 22500
SC Silent Chain -- SC1232
from Ramsey Products Corporation

SC chain can accommodate speeds approaching 6500 fpm and loads in excess of 1000 hp. Utilizing the patented Ramsey roller bearing joint, SC chain is one of Ramsey ’s most popular industrial chains. SC series chains are available in center guide and side guide assemblies. Center guide... [See More]

  • Guide Type: Two Center Guide
  • Nominal Chain Width: 8
  • Chain Pitch: 1.5
  • Tensile Strength: 126000
Silent Chain -- ALLGUARD™ FX Series
from Ramsey Products Corporation

Ramsey's ALLGUARD conveyor chain is designed to extend chain life and improve product handling, especially in applications where conveyors run in contact with lateral guides or transfer plates. Using highly wear resistant links that cover and protect the sides of the chain, ALLGUARD runs in direct... [See More]

  • Guide Type: Center Guide; Two Center Guide; Side Guide