Artist (Detail, Forensic) Paint Brushes and Applicators Datasheets

Artist Black Gold Angular -- 206A
from Braun Brush Co.

Black Gold brushes represent premium quality artist paint brushes which are designed to satisfy consumer's demand for a higher level of performance. All brushes are hand-crafted with kiln-dried handles, and seamless metal ferrules. The brushes are distinctive with their regal black ferrule and two... [See More]

  • Type / Shape: Artist (Detail, Forensic); Handheld Brush
  • Width: 0.1250 to 1
  • Brush Filament / Fill Material: Synthetic Filament; Nylon
  • Base / Handle Material: Wood
1805, #1 Artist Brush, Camel Hair -- 10587
from Maryland Brush Company, Inc.

1805, #1 Artist Brush, Camel Hair, Wood Handle, 7/16 inch Trim [See More]

  • Type / Shape: Artist (Detail, Forensic)
  • Brush Filament / Fill Material: Natural Bristle / Hair