Established in 1875, Braun Brush Co. is among the oldest brush manufacturing companies in the United States. They remain a family owned business operated by Lance Cheney, great-grandson of founder Emanuel Braun. They manufacture brushes using all known brush making techniques and provide standard and custom designed products for a wide range of industries. 

Braun Brush manufactures and provides a wide range of products for all industries and professional service providers. Braun will refurbish or replace your existing brush with the same or improved materials.  You will find a full selection of brushes constructed using all types of manufacturing methods: from the newly patented heat fused metal free brushes, hand epoxy set brushes to traditional twisted in wire tube brushes.

Industries Braun Serves:

Food Service/Baking  – Providing Food Service companies with FDA accepted brushes, Braun’s methods of epoxy setting natural and synthetic material has made it the standard for bakers brushes wholesale and retail for over 100 yrs.
Food Beverage/Dairy Processing – Beer & Wine brushes, pipe & tube brushes. 
Medical/Pharmaceutical – Offering replacement brushes for packaging equipment, brushes for cleaning and plant maintenance or specialized medical use brushes.
Aerospace/Automotive – Ranging from marking brushes to special needs polishing brushes, Braun is dedicated to delivering a quality brush for specific needs of their customers.
Facilities Maintenance/Janitorial - Replacement brushes for sweepers and scrubbers, tennis court maintenance brooms, squeegees, carpet and floor care brushes.

Braun Brush Co. Braun Brush Co.
Braun Brush Co. Braun Brush Co.
Braun Brush Co. Braun Brush Co.

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