Test Module / Sub-system Battery Monitors and Testers

Constant Current DC Load Banks -- LB-125-300-CC
from Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC

The Eagle Eye Constant Current DC Load Banks are designed for discharge testing, battery capacity testing, acceptance testing, battery maintenance, and other testing of DC systems. The LB-Series load banks are portable, economic load banks with reliability and ease of use in mind. The intelligent... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Module
  • Voltage: 1 to 125
  • Test Capability: Charge or Condition
  • Features: Alarm or Alarm Relay
Continuous Load Units -- CLU
from Albér

These DC load units, which have automatic control and can interface with the BCT-2000, may be used in both constant power or current applications. Covers are available for DC load units. The Continuous Load Unit (CLU) provides the load during a capacity test. It may be used with the BCT-2000, the... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Module; Handheld or Portable Tester
  • Current: 50 to 2250
  • Test Capability: Voltage; Current
  • Voltage: 21 to 270
Battery Monitoring System -- CellQ1
from BTECH, Inc.

The CELLQ1 is competitively priced for use on gensets, spare batteries and small dc plants in any configuration and arrangement. The CELLQ1 is ideally suited for applications that support remote telecommunications, ups systems, station battery systems and switchgear. Measurement Capabilities: 2... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Module
  • Input Voltage: 24 to 240
  • Test Capability: Voltage
  • Operating Temperature: -5 to 75