Manual (Footswitch / Pendant / Pushbutton) Clinching Machines

ASTRACLINCH Alligator V4 Clinching Machine
from Norlok Technology, Inc.

Extremely light, hand-held, articulated Alligator machines from ASTRACLINCH, workhead weight 7-8 lbs (3.2-3.6 kg), cycle time 0.6-1.0 seconds, capacity 2x16 ga (0.120 ”) total mild steel. Applications include stud-to-track joining in both load-bearing structures and for partition walls, and... [See More]

  • Automation / Control: Manual
  • Technology: Manual; Air or Pneumatic
  • Sheet Thickness: 0.0400 to 0.1200
  • Frame & Head Type: Handheld