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  • Adaptive Flux-Weakening Controller for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives
    Opti- mized machine control is obtained both within the base speed range, for example, with maximum-torque-per-ampere (MTPA) control [1], or loss minimizing strategies [2], and in the constant Volt -Ampere (VA) power region … be adopted [3]–[ 36 ]. .... Among PM machines, interior permanent mag- net synchronous motors (IPMSM) are often considered for those applications where wide constant power speed range is required, that is, automotive traction, spindle drives, and for certain home appliances, for example, washing machines [3]–[7].
    This 26 kW ( 36 Hp) ZEBRA battery provides power to a 300- volt electrical bus. .... The electrical power from the battery flows through an IGBT power inverter to a 55 kW (75 Hp peak) permanent magnet brushless DC motor (BLDC), which is part of the car’s electric drive train, which was designed by Zytek Electric Vehicles Ltd.
  • Electrathon vehicle design
    However, most standard DC motors come in 180 or 90 volts and aremuch too heavy (ranging fiom 27 to 36 kg) for our application. .... The permanent magnet motor was chosen for use in the Electrathon vehicle.
  • CR4 - Thread: Soup up a 24 V. Scooter...
    36 VOLTS : makes me think you have a scooter with a DC motor . .... But what type: series, parallel. compound, with permanent magnets , brush less?
  • Advances in Materials, Processing and Manufacturing
    The specification of electric machine were as follows: permanent magnet , brushless, 36 volt DC, 250 Watt, commonly used in SUN RACE electric bicycles. .... This type of electric machine might functioned as an electric motor which produces torque.
  • 42 Volt Architecture on Powder Metallurgy - Opportunities
    Power Generation and Storage DC/DC Converters, Inverters for 14 Volt Lighting(P/M) 36 V Battery Power Storage Integrated Starter Alternator (ISA) (P/M) Regenerative Braking with … Provisions for Dual and Third Voltage Powertrain Systems Three types of ISA motors are possible with power .... 2 Permanent Magnet - Most efficient because it does not require an external field excitation.
  • Arbitration of Multiple Control Strategies for Mobile Robots
    Three lead acid gel cell batteries provide 80 amp -hours at 36 volts , and allow the Sentry to patrol for up to 16 hours. .... Drive and steering motors are DC permanent magnet servomotors, powered by pulse -width modulated (PWM) amplifiers.
  • E-Racer, a joystick controlled go-kart
    The drive motor used is a direct current permanent magnet motor . .... It runs on 36 volts DC and draws up to 38 amps.
  • Magnetostatic MEMS relays for the miniaturization of brushless DC motor controllers
    Instead, four permanent magnets that generate fields comparableto the motor magnets (approximately 2500 gauss) are attached to an aluminumplate which is mounted to the motor shaft. .... Winding currents for this motor range from 80to 500 mA for DC voltages from 5 to 36 volts at up to 2000 RPM.
  • Electric vehicle project for introduction to engineering Creation Experiment III
    The Motor is made by NPC Robotics model NPC- 4200(Black Max) (Figure 5) with max operation voltage of 36 volts and power of 3.8HP. .... This is a permanent magnet brushed DC motor that allows forward and reverse movement.