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  • HEPA Filters and ULPA Filters-Image
    HEPA Filters and ULPA Filters - (152 companies)
    High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and ultra-low particulate air (ULPA) filters are air filters designed to trap a vast majority of very small particulate contaminants from an air stream. HEPA Basics  ...
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    Air Filters (industrial) - (871 companies)
    ...following the air stream, come in contact with media fibers and remain trapped there due to Van der Waal force, which describes the molecular attraction present. Diffusion is effective when filtering very small particles and is often employed by HEPA...
    Filter Housings - (129 companies)
    Filter housings are vessels that hold replaceable cartridges, elements, bags or media. They hold one or many filters at varying pressures. Filter housings are vessels that hold replaceable cartridges, elements, bags or media. They hold one or many...
  • Dust Collectors and Dust Collector Filters-Image
    Dust Collectors and Dust Collector Filters - (744 companies) designed for quiet operation for applications and environments where low-noise is desired or required. High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are replaceable extended-media dry-type filters in a rigid frame having a minimum particle...
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    Activated Carbon - (96 companies)
    Activated carbon filters and activated carbon filter media are also used in odor control and reverse osmosis applications. Most activated carbon is made of bituminous coal or lignite, a low-sulfur coal with high moisture content. The material source...
    Fans and Blowers (industrial) - (1469 companies)
    ...they are to be placed or mounted. These include duct fans and blowers, roof and ceiling ventilators, wall and panel mount fans, pressure and volume blowers, freestanding fans, and plenum fans. Duct fans and blowers are designed for in-line duct mounting via...
    Inline Heaters - (43 companies)
    Inline heaters instantly heat fluids that are passed through the device. Upon exiting the heater, the fluids are consumed for their intended use and are not re-circulated. Inline heaters are usually electric and feature a high-output heat source...
    Hydraulic Filters - (416 companies)
    ...are often classified by where they are designed to be placed in a hydraulic system. The table below describes common filter types. Filter type. Description. Applications. Image. In-line. Placed directly on the fluid line; may be suction side (before...
    Water Filters - (303 companies) be replaced. Filters and their elements can be portable, reusable/cleanable and/or FDA compliant. Tank-mounted filters are attached to reservoirs. In-line filters interrupt a pipeline or hose. Applications. Water filters are used in residences...
    Signal Filters - (126 companies)
    Signal filters block or decrease (attenuate) unwanted frequencies or signal wave characteristics. There are several basic types of signal filters. Low pass filters block or attenuate signals at frequencies above a specified cutoff frequency...

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  • Design Review Report for formal review of safety class features of exhauster system for rotary mode core sampling
    Tank vapors and gases are drawn from the tank, through the flexible duct, then through the exhauster train by an inline , direct-driven, 200 scfm, exhaust fan before being vented to the atmosphere through a 4 - inch diameter, 15 foot high exhaust .... The exhauster train between the fan and the flexible duct consists of a heater section, a prefilter section, and a high efficiency particulate air ( HEPA ) filter set of sections.
  • Safety analysis report for the use of hazardous production materials in photovoltaic applications at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    …minimum ventilation of 2 volume changes/hour and a negative pressure of 0.5 inches of vater, A .... Area" containment devices should be evaluated to determine if an inline high efficiency particulate air. .... ( HEPA ) filter or scrubber is required to remove highly toxic substances from the air. .... 4 .
  • Characterization of the sources and processes of organic and inorganic aerosols in New York city with a high-resolution time-of-flight aerosol mass apectrometer
    Ambient air was sampled isokinetically into the HR-AMS from a 1.0 inch (outer diameter) stainless steel tube with an inline PM2.5 cyclone (URG-2000-30EH). .... The de- tection limits (DLs) of NR-PM1 species were determined as 3 times the standard deviations (3σ ) of the corresponding sig- nals in particle-free ambient air through a HEPA filter (Zhang et al., 2005b). .... 5-min DLs of organics, sulfate, nitrate, ammonium, and chloride are 57, 5, 4 , 23, and 5…
  • Secondary organic aerosol from α‐pinene ozonolysis in dynamic chamber system
    The chamber is formed from edge-welded, 1/18- inch thick stainless steel sheets and has outer dimensions of 6¢ · 4 ¢ · 4¢ (volume of approximately 2.48 m3 ) with a. .... pressed air dryer (Model 3Z528, Dayton Electric MFG Co., Chicago, IL, USA) and a cartridge air filter . .... A HEPA filter was used to intercept the particles before it finally reached the mass flow controller … valve (Hoke 2311F4B, Hoke Inc., Spartanburg, SC, USA), which was calibrated with an inline digital mass flow…
    …system was employed with mountings located on the right and left walls six inches before and after .... A 4 -tap configuration was unneeded since flow misdistribution should be at a minimal with a CoV .... Clean air was obtained by running compressed air through two, inline HEPA filters and a desiccant dryer.
  • Shopping In Drills & Drivers - Big Bruin
    DeWalt DCF895D2 - 20V MAX XR Lithium-Ion Brushless Impact Driver - 20 Volt, 1/4 Inch Hex Drive, 3 .... Milwaukee HAMMERVAC Dedicated Dust Extractor (2712-DE) features an inline dedicated design engineered to connect directly to .... Utilizing the same replaceable certified HEPA filter as other HAMMERVAC which filter 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3µm, means more compatibility on the jobsite. .... Page: ««First [1] 2 3 4 5 6 7 Last»» .
  • Decontamination demonstration facility (D. D. F) modularization/mobility study
    …areas as follows: 1) key assumptions, 2) facility description, 3) equipment description and 4 ) cost and schedule … on a single drop trailer for secondary roads (State Highways), is limited to 12 feet, 6 inches . .... To assure acceptably low release, the HVAC supply and exhaust systems must be HEPA filtered . .... be used as connecting modules enabling additional process modules to be attached either inline or at 90°…
  • Effectiveness of a Custom-fitted Flange and Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) System in Controlling the Release of Nanoscale Metal Oxide Particulates During Reac...
    The LEV system selected is commonly used during welding operations and it consisted of a six- inch (15-cm) diam- eter flexible duct attached to a HEPA - filtered air han- dler equipped with a carbon pre-filter (Model SS-400- PFS, Sentry … which contains par- ticulates and an inert gas–oxygen mixture, is treated via an inline 600-mesh screen .... VOL 16/NO 4 , OCT/DEC 2010 • .
  • CHEST Journal | Article
    While intubated, patients are suctioned using a closed inline catheter as needed. .... compressed air set to a pressure of 30 ± 5 lb per square inch at a controlled .... To minimize the possibility of exposure to biohazard material, a high-efficiency particulate air ( HEPA ) breathing filter (Iso-Gard HEPA Light Filter 28022; Hudson RCI; Durham, NC) was attached to the proximal end of the ETT to collect any material expelled. .... tube was immediately placed in a biohazard bag with sterile gauze wetted with 4 mL of saline…
  • 241-Z-361 Sludge Characterization Sampling and Analysis Plan
    …Tank 241-2-361 using SUMMA@Canisters connected to tubing extended to within 12 inches of the sludge .... The vapor samples were passed through in- line high efficiency particulate air ( HEPA ) filters before entering the canisters. .... 4 PPmv 0% LEL 1.51E-11 ~ C ~ / C C 1.02 E-10…

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