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    Pressure Sensors - (1085 companies)
    Pressure sensors include all sensors, transducers and elements that produce an electrical signal proportional to pressure or changes in pressure. The device reads the changes in pressure, and then relays this data to recorders, controllers...
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    Pressure Reading
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    Pressure Gauges - (1133 companies)
    ...of other variables such as temperature. Types. Differential pressure is measured by reading the difference between the inputs of two or more pressure levels. The sensor must have two separate pressure ports; the higher of the two pressures is applied...
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    Accelerometers - (294 companies)
    ...accelerometer. Accelerometers can be constructed in various forms using different technological means. For specific types of accelerometers, please see the 'Sensor Types' section below. Applications. Accelerometers are used in a wide range of applications...
    Safety Airbags - (9 companies)
    Airbags are vehicle safety devices that deploy when an impact is detected to protect the occupants of the vehicle. Airbags are safety restraint devices, they utilize an accelerometer or impact sensors on a vehicle to deploy during an impact...
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    Tactile Pressure Sensors - (15 companies)
    Tactile pressure sensors are used to detect the pressure distribution between a sensor and a target. They are often used as robot grippers or flat tactile arrays. Flexible sensors can be molded to curved surfaces such as the human body. Solid-state...
    Pressure Sensor Chips - (49 companies)
    Pressure sensor chips are die, IC chips or sensing element devices that sense changes in pressure. They can be used as stand-alone devices or can be embedded in ceramic- or plastic-based packages such as surface mount or through-hole chips. Pressure...
    Pressure Switches - (750 companies)
    ...location. The average atmospheric pressure at sea level is 1013.25 mbar but changes in weather and altitude directly influence the output of the pressure sensor and switch. In this device, the input pressure is through the high port and the ambient...
    Pressure Transmitters - (623 companies)
    Pressure transmitters translate the low level output of a sensor or transducer to a higher level signal suitable for transmission to a site where it can be further processed. These devices include pressure sensors, transducers, elements...
    Pressure Controllers - (275 companies)
    Pressure controllers accept input from pressure sensors, transmitters, gauges, and other devices and subsequently control adjustment to the pressure to maintain or achieve the desired pressure level. Pressure controllers are used to regulate...
    MEMS Processing Equipment - (37 companies)
    MEMS production equipment is used to manufacture a wide variety of MEMS sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes used in inertial sensing applications, such as indicators to control the deployment of vehicle airbags. Geophones are another type...

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