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  • Collision and proximity avoidance for robust behaviour of real-time robot applications
    Collision avoidance techniques were studied in the con- text of a reverse engineering platform, which integrates: • a short range laser scanning sensor • a 6-DOF vertical robot arm … the scanned part • a 4-axis CNC , able to create 3D…
  • Frontier and Innovation in Future Computing and Communications
    …Processor (CP), 88 Cold chain management, 203 FCQ for (see Floating continuous query (FCQ)) RFID tag application in, 204f sensor tag application in, 204f … fabricated data to, 441 Collision , 733 Color pixel recognition … 678 Computer numerical control ( CNC ) machine tools, 241 Computer…
  • Springer Handbook of Automation
    …RBFs 205 adhesive force 931 administration – healthcare 1390 administrative process 1629 Adobe Photoshop 30 Adobe Systems Inc. 29 adoption 1623 advance planner and optimizer (APO) 952 advanced CNC machine tool 849 advanced … 839 ad hoc wireless sensor network (AWSN) 343 affordable … 1182, 1192 air/ground communications system 1184 airborne separation assurance system (ASAS) 1211 aircraft collision avoidance system (ACAS…
  • Machine Vision Handbook
    …1138, 1255, 1406, 1546 – fitting, 270 – lens, 52, 1223 CMY, 143, 154, 442, 444 – primaries, 143 CMYK, 142–143, 153, 154, 442, 572 CMYKOG, 143, 154 CNC , 1359 Coarse, 616 Coarse … optics, 183, 184 Coated sensors , 417–418 Coatings, 28, 38 .... Cold start driver, 303 Colinear spots, 761, 765 Collapse image, 1352, 1379–1381 Collide , 2060 Collimated, 193, 1222…
  • Machine Tools for High Performance Machining
    To improve machining process reliability and facilitate the maintenance of ma- chines, several sensors and monitoring techniques can be managed by the CNC . .... Spindle consumption, collision detection, thermal growth of spindle and the bal- ance of the main spindle are…
  • Springer Handbook of Mechanical Engineering
    With the development of advanced open CNC systems, the control of grinding processes is nowadays includ- ing .... Sensors allow the detection of contact between grinding wheel and workpiece, collisions and wheel topographic conditions where necessary conditioning/dressing can be automatically activated [7.108].
  • Advances in Materials Processing Technologies, MESIC2011
    Each workpiece was 150 mm in length, of which 50 mm was used for clamping, 80 mm for machining, and 20 mm as a safety distance to avoid any collision with the sensors . .... All workpieces underwent straight exterior cylindering in one single pass on a CNC lathe Goratu GCRON04S.
  • Manufacturing Processes 2
    The damage to the machine resulting from the collision is the smaller the faster the correspondingly moved .... As previously used systems show, the sensor -bound reaction time of the monitoring system is negligible compared with the delay time caused by the PLC of CNC control.
  • A review of petri-net applications in manufacturing
    Jockovic has illustrated the use of PNs in the modelling and control of a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) consisting of robots, CNC machines, vision sensors and conveyors [14]. .... cell, and the higher level deals with decisions relating to priority sequencing for collision avoidance in cells.
  • Multi-Dimensional Laser Processing Systems
    as a collision sensor . .... the feedback signal which is used to initiate a "feedhold" signal from the CNC , close the shutter…