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Category: Flow Meters
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The headquarters facilities are in Bentivoglio, about ten kilometres north of Bologna, Italy.

The headquarters consist of three factories set side by side, plus other service buildings (an internal restaurant and technological centres). The total covered space measures 38,000 square metres, surrounded by 30,000 square metres of gardens, plus yards and parking lot.

This is the location of the central research and development, design, production, marketing and education/training organizations.

The manufacturing organization has two major components:

•  the Product Manufacturing Center which produces standard products
•  the Application Manufacturing Center, which produces customized systems to be integrated into customers' facilities
•  Marposs operates with the most advanced equipment to assure the quality of its products

For instance, the assembly of printed circuits is performed on a completely automated SMD line, integrated with opto-electronic systems which assure optimum levels of quality together with a high degree of operating flexibility. Testing is made with advanced technologies and machines: full circuit inspection using mobile inspection probes perform boundary scan-type tests, the only ones capable of performing high reliability tests on printed circuit boards with complex integrated circuits.

Both Manufacturing Centers work in tight cooperation with the R&D department and with the three commercial divisions:

•  the Machine Tool Division operates in the world of measurement and control on machine tools
•  the Standard Component Division works in the field of standard gauges and components for the gauge makers
•  the Special Application Division covers the area of customized gauging stations (manual benches and automatic machines) tailored on the specific customers requests

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