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  • Audio Cables-Image
    Audio Cables - (295 companies)
    Audio cables transmit audible signals such as voice and music. They are designed to minimize noise and interference that can impair sound quality. Audio cables connect an audio source such as a stereo or microphone to an audio receiver or output...
  • Audio and Video Connectors-Image
    Audio and Video Connectors - (357 companies)
    Audio connectors are used to affix cables to other audio equipment, providing electronic signal transference and grounding protection. Applications for audio connectors can be general purpose, telephone, or microphone. Most audio connectors...
  • Audio Headphones-Image
    Audio Headphones - (103 companies)
    Image Credit: | Audio headphones are small speakers worn over the ears to isolate sounds for the listener. Audio Headphone Technology. Audio headphones use three basic technologies: standard, wireless, and infrared. Standard...
  • Audio Mixers and Consoles-Image
    Audio Mixers and Consoles - (190 companies)
    Audio mixers and audio consoles are units that combine signals from microphones and/or line level sources to produce a combined signal or signals. Audio mixers and audio consoles combine signals from microphones and/or line level sources to produce...
  • Audio Analyzers-Image
    Audio Analyzers - (44 companies)
    Audio analyzers measure the noise and audio spectrum of output from an amplifier or a stereo. Types of Audio Analyzers. There are three basic product types: analog. digital. converter-based. Analog audio analyzers use analog hardware to generate...
    Digital Audio Systems - (143 companies)
    Digital audio systems electronically record and store audio signals such as voice, music, alarm, and security messaging for broadcast, editing, monitoring, and playback. A digital audio system is an electronic device designed for combining, routing...
    Audio Transformers - (121 companies)
    Audio transformers improve sound quality by removing interference from audio signals. This interference, or ground noise, is caused by voltages from other devices and produces a humming or buzzing sound. Typically, audio transformers are encased...
    Audio Amplifiers and Preamplifiers - (374 companies)
    Audio amplifiers and audio preamplifiers are used to increase the amplitude of sound signals. Preamplifiers or preamps are designed to amplify low-level signal from a high-impedance device such as a microphone or instrument pick-up. After...
    Voice Loggers and Audio Recorders - (94 companies)
    Audio recorders / voice loggers are used to locate, retrieve, duplicate and/or distribute audio voice or data information from single system environments to large multi-channel networked systems. Voice loggers and audio recorders are used to locate...
    Audio Microphones - (407 companies)
    Audio microphones are designed for sound reception and recording applications (speech and music). How to Select Audio Microphones. Image Credit: PCB Piezotronics, Inc. and RDI. Audio microphones are designed for sound reception and recording...

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