Products/Services for Infrared Imaging Sight Glass

    Infrared Windows - (33 companies)
    ...of special panes of transparent, infrared material set in a frame. The transparent IR window material allows thermal imaging of the component inside the electrical enclosure or equipment. Different materials for infrared windows are selected...
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    Window Shape
    Connection Type
    Circular Diameter, Oblong Length
    Infrared Thermometers - (136 companies)
    Spot infrared thermometers that measure the temperature of a small area on a surface. Infrared scanning systems that scan a larger region. Infrared thermal imaging cameras that measure the temperature of many spots over a large area to generate...
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  • Noncontact Infrared Temperature Sensors-Image
    Noncontact Infrared Temperature Sensors - (394 companies)
    ...materials such as ceramic, concrete, glass, paper, plaster, and stone), and can zero-out to temperature on one side (inside) to get the differential. Noncontact infrared temperature sensors with laser spot aiming or sighting use a laser to indicate...
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  • Industrial Thermometers-Image
    Industrial Thermometers - (401 companies)
    Industrial thermometers are basic bulb style thermometers designed for use in many industrial applications. Traditional liquid-in-glass design is typically used due to low cost and ease of use. How to Select Industrial Thermometers. What...
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    Quartz Tube and Rod - (29 companies)
    Quartz tube and rod are hollow or solid stock shapes of fused quartz materials. They are used in laboratories, semiconductors, sight glasses, and level gages. Quartz tubes and rods are also used in X-ray tube, optical, lamp, pharma, vacuum tube stem...
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    Optical Lens Assemblies - (158 companies)
    Optical lens assemblies are composed of a number of lenses mounted for a particular imaging function. These can include telecentric lenses, collimators, beam expanders, zoom lenses, etc. Optical lens assemblies are composed of a number of lenses...
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    Binoculars - (70 companies)
    ...binoculars include two side-by-side tubes fitted with lenses pointed in the same direction, they provide a three dimensional image that allows the viewer to accurately estimate distances. Heavy-duty devices for military and defense applications...
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    Optical Sights - (15 companies)
    ...which is usually designated with a colored laser dot. Infrared sights use thermal imaging technology and represent an alternative to night vision goggles. Specialty optical sights are also available. Telescopic sights provide either fixed or variable...
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    Sight Windows - (190 companies) interiors, and/or vacuum environments. They are also referred to as sight glass and are often replaceable or removable. Fluid clarity, color, level, and flow can be monitored through the window. Sight windows often include only the window...
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    Thermal Imagers - (346 companies)
    Thermal imagers detect heat patterns in the infrared wavelength (1 micron to 100 micron) spectrum. Thermal imagers detect heat patterns in the infrared wavelength spectrum. Thermal imagers rely on the emission of thermal or infrared energy by all...
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  • Intraoperative Imaging and Image-Guided Therapy
    …tracker types, 266 tracking technologies, 263–265 variable definition, 266, 267 visualization, spatial relationship, 269–270 electromagnetic, 11 image guidance, 25 resection, 790, 791 workstations, 253, 254 Navigator, 655 Near- infrared fluorescence (NIRF) activated probes … 236–238 intraoperative and endoscopic imaging , 238 IRDye® 800CW, 238 … wireless headsets, 608 description, 604 human-machine interface emergency stop switch, 607 height-adjustable and PHANTOM hand controllers, 606 LMD-2451MT HD medical monitor, 605 motion scaling and tremor filtration, 607 MRI display, 606 polarized glasses , 605–606 sight , sound and surgery touch…
  • Markenadäquate configuration of Live Communication instruments
    In image 24, the detailed structure is the represented Eye of Trackers. .... The apparatus is with a scene camera (A)1006, a sensor for the communication with the infrared light markers (B), a sensor for the detection of the view movements (C), glass (E) and infrared illumination diodes (F) reflective the infrared-light beams…
  • Shock Wave Science and Technology Reference Library, Vol. 5
    We use alumina anvils, which are not only much stronger than toughened glass , but also transmit in the infrared up to around 5 μm, allowing IR imaging to determine temperatures. .... While this may look, at first sight , like a pure impact experiment, it is actually rather more…
  • ISOGAL: A deep survey of the obscured inner Milky Way with ISO at 7 and 15 micron and with DENIS in the near-infrared
    The absorption in these clouds also provides a means of measuring the infrared extinction curve along diverse lines of sight . .... Many specific ISOGAL results have already been pub- lished, including: i) first imaging results (P´erault et al. 1996); ii) a study of late-type giants and long–period and semi–regular variables in Baade’s Windows ( Glass et al. 1999, Glass & Alves 2000, Alard…
  • Standard (yearbook)
    The image performed imaging at infrared camera is being performed 映像化 in display installed on dashboard of before cab as position, basically not preventing the driving operativity of driver. .... due to viewpoint of type, type the special screen is provided and projects etc, each automotive ME force projects the image in film which improves the visibility of windshield that display method adopts … of confirmation of forward view is due to naked…
  • Meeting in Israel on Optical Engineering, 7th, Tel Aviv, Israel, Nov. 12-14, 1990, Proceedings
    Consideration is given to submicron thin-film metal-oxide-metal infrared detectors, elements with long-focal depth and high-lateral … multiple-beam gratings for far-IR applications, line-of- sight alignment of a multisensor … surgery system, and composite image joint transform correlator. .... is also given to unusually fast energy transfer in solid state crystals and glasses , pattern recognition with…
  • Integrated Spatial Databases
    Using two cameras situ- ated on both sides of the projection table, the tracking system simultaneously tracks the real-space 3-D position of two infrared LEDs, one fixed on the shutter glasses , the other one at the tip of the stylus. .... This information is passed to the rendering software that calculates the corresponding images . .... In this environment, immersion into the virtual world is limited to the sight pyra- mid defined by…
  • Military Applications of Infrared Techniques
    Mounted in the cockpit of the F-104, the IR sight re- ceives infrared energy through a small window unider the windshield canopy. .... The target is presented, as a vis- ual display, directly onto the combininlg glass in front of .... The pilot sees the display in the same position as the visual image of a target would…
  • Hyperspectral imaging applied to end-of-life concrete recycling
    [2] Hyvarinen, T., Herrala, E. and Dall’Ava, A., “Direct sight imaging spectrograph: a unique add-on component brings spectral imaging to industrial applications,” Proc. SPIE 3302 (1998). .... [4] Farcomeni, A., Serranti, S., Bonifazi, G., “Non-parametric analysis of infrared spectra for recognition of glass and glass ceramic fragments in recycling plants,” Waste Management 28, 557-564 (2008).
  • Active condensation detection based on FTIR principle
    The condensation detection is made at state be non contact to glass of condensation detection based on F T IR principle and the condensation detection system can be built without preventing the view of driper. .... Through establishment to upper part in car of nearby infrared camera using for condensation detection. .... Assumes if in acquisition image windshield, dashboard.